Friday, November 03, 2006

New Poll

Christians grow, or not, depending on a variety of influences. The current situation at Bellevue has affected many people in many different ways. This poll is intended to measure just how these issues have affected your walk.

Please read before answering:

When answering, please consider only the influence the Bellevue situation has had on your Christian walk, not whether you've become disillusioned with the church or any person. This is about the effect on your daily walk with and faith in the Lord only.

One answer per person, please.

Thanks to "mkw" for this poll suggestion.

Considering for a moment ONLY the issues facing Bellevue right now, how have these issues affected your Christian walk?
They've had a positive impact and strengthened my walk a lot.
They've had a positive impact and perhaps strengthened my walk a little.
They've had a negative impact but have weakened my walk only a little.
They've had a negative impact, and greatly weakened my walk.
They've made no difference.
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Dot said...

In my opinion:
What goes on in church, positive or negative, should not effect our walk unless our belief is in the church. We should be looking past the church to our great God. Does it upset us, of course. We are human and these are human issues. But our walk should be with the Lord, not the church and therefore should not be effected.

Anonymous said...


I voted and got this message at the top...

"We're sorry, you've already voted in this poll!"

I had not voted until then. Thought you'd want to know.

Thanks again for all you're doing.

allofgrace said...

I agree with truthhunter in that this has reminded me of the precious truths that we share, and the importance of getting our focus on the One who is in control of all these things....bbcmember...I also agree with you...whatever may be going on in our churches or our lives in general..we should always be looking to the Lord..I've enjoyed the exchanges I've been blessed to have since this blog was started. Blessings to all.

allofgrace said...