Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Welcome to the "New and Improved" Blogger Experience!

Yes, folks. Blogger messed up the blog. It's been pestering me to convert to the new version of Blogger (which is out of the beta phase but shouldn't be), so finally last night I went ahead and did so, mainly so that the search feature would be available. Well, it worked BUT it changed over half your screen names to "anonymous"!

Come to find out, after the fact, that this is a known issue in the "new and improved" Blogger. See
this for the gory details. Whether there's a fix or not remains to be seen, but in the meantime you may want to put your screen name at the top of each comment.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Some have said the problem has to do with the version of Blogger that the commenter is using when the switchover takes place. Please take the following poll to better help determine the problem. Whether you're using the old Blogger or the new version is determined by how you log in. If you use your account, you're still using the old version. If you use your Google account, you're using the new version.


1. Why has it asked several times if I want to display nonsecure items? Is that OK???

Yes, it's aggravating, but apparently you can click "Yes" or "No" with no difference in results.

2. Why isn't the link for the blog still on the Saving Bellevue site?

It was a personal decision on the part of the owner of that site, and you would need to contact him about that. However, all you need to do is bookmark this site:
Please select the choice which describes your experience with Blogger.
I'm still logging in using my Blogger account, AND my screen name still appears on my old comments.
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I have switched to the New Blogger (formerly Blogger beta), AND my screen name now appears as "anonymous" on my old comments.
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today's Media Coverage - January 30, 2007

The Investigative and Personnel Committee Reports from January 28th are here and here.

The Commercial Appeal's story is

Channel 5's coverage is
here and here.

FOX13's coverage is
here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The latest from is
here and here.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Investigative Team and Personnel Committee Reports

Channel 5 is supposed to air a new story on today's 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 p.m. broadcasts.

Channel 3's Mike Matthews did an interview with David Brown this afternoon that is supposed to air at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 p.m.

From the January 28th BellevueToday:

"Following the evening Worship Service tonight, the Investigative Team and the Personnel Committee will give their reports regarding Paul Williams. Due to the delicate nature of some issues that will be discussed, it is recommended that children not be present during the report time."

And here they are.

So now that it's over, what are your thoughts?

Media Coverage:

The Commercial Appeal's story is

Channel 5's coverage is

FOX13's coverage is
here and here.

Channel 24's coverage is

The latest from is

Are you satisfied with the Investigative and Personnel Committees' reports?
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Press Release

Something's happening...

Check it out here.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rachel's Story - The Risk of Ignoring a "Moral Failure"

David Brown has requested that a story he received from a woman who for privacy purposes calls herself "Rachel" be featured in it's own topic heading. David introduces her to you here...

My dear brothers and sisters:

Much has been said in regards to the handling of this "moral failure." Most of you know I am critical of it.

I am attaching an
email from a hurting family. I received it this morning. I do have permission as you will see to publish it. It will rip your heart out. They are not members of Bellevue as I understand, yet the actions, or rather inactions, of Dr. Gaines have inflicted hurt on them. Every parent should read this and take heed. We must do EVERYTHING we can possibly do to protect our children. Any less is to fail them. And that is not acceptable.

Once again if you SUSPECT abuse you report it, immediately! Not six months later. The subject line in Rachel's email to me was this: "Just another example of how the Pastor's delay has hurt."

David Brown
SNAP coordinator of West Tennessee and Memphis

Related articles:

Voice to Stop Baptist Predators

Associated Baptist Press

Wendi Thomas in the Commercial Appeal

Stop Baptist Predators Blog

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today's Media Coverage - January 23, 2007

Good advice from "charlie fox" which I encourage you to read and heed:

"Certain posters OFTEN post for one purpose and one purpose only. OFTEN, their sole purpose is to be antagonistic. As long as y'all waste your precious time and talent feeding them, they will continue to play their game. If you ignore them, then they will soon go away. Y'all need to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on the problems at BBC and quit playing into their hands by playing their game. I know that it is hard to resist taking their BAIT, but you must RESIST THE TEMPTATION."

Today's news coverage:

The Commercial Appeal's coverage is here and here.

Channel 5's coverage is here.

FOX13's coverage is
here, here, and here.

Channel 3's coverage is here.

Channel 24's coverage is here.

WREC Radio (AM 600) - The Mike Fleming Show which airs from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily will likely have discussion. Live internet streaming can be accessed here.

The latest from Bellevue's site is here.

The latest article.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Paul Williams Fired

Today's news coverage:

The Commercial Appeal's coverage is here.

Channel 5's coverage is
here. Tune in at 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m.

FOX13's coverage is
here, here, and here. Tune in at 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Channel 3's coverage is here. Tune in at 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Channel 24's coverage is here.

WREC Radio (AM 600) - The Mike Fleming Show which airs from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily will likely have discussion. Live internet streaming can be accessed here.

The latest from Bellevue's site is here.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Everything Else...

Please continue your discussions from the "About that 'Check'... " thread here.

A separate "favorite hymns" topic has been started below. Please try to keep that one "on topic."

This One's About the Music!

Let's take a break and talk about good music. What are some of your favorite hymns and gospel songs? Feel free to post lyrics, and a special prize... uh... gift will be awarded to anyone who can successfully post a link (a real one, not the "cut and paste" variety) to a MIDI file of his song.

Please keep the discussion in this thread "on topic." Another thread to continue "other" discussions has been started.

Here are some links for sites with MIDI files.

MIDI Explorer

Baptist Hymnal (1975 edition)

Allerød Gospel Choir (Denmark)

The Bread Site

The Cyber Hymnal

Thanks to "maybejustmaybe" for this topic idea.

Friday, January 19, 2007

About that "Check"...

Before you continue, I'd like to ask that you scroll down to January 7th's "Let's Continue... " topic and read the information in the top two sections (in bold red and orange, respectively). Then scroll back up to January 16th's "New Poll" topic, read and think about the comments referenced in the first sentence, and then continue. There was a lot of unnecessary trash that had to be taken out last night, and your cooperation in not adding to the volume would be greatly appreciated!

Many people have mentioned a "check" in their spirits about Dr. Steve Gaines and/or the things they perceived happening at Bellevue during the last year and a half. Whether you call it a "check" or a "catch" or a gut feeling or just a hunch, I've heard numerous people say they thought they were alone in their feelings and perhaps just imagining things. I've heard wives and husbands say they each felt "something" but didn't say anything to each other until months later. I felt it myself walking through the halls. There was "something" wrong, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I felt like if I even scratched the surface of all those smiling faces that I'd learn all was not right at Bellevue. Finally in August I began to learn the truth and discovered it wasn't "just me."

Here are several people's accounts of their own "checks." If you experienced this phenomenon yourself, please consider sharing when your "Aha!" moment came and what prompted it.

And a poll:

Have you felt a "check" in your spirit about Pastor Steve Gaines and/or the direction our church has taken any time since the middle of 2005?
Yes, I felt it before Steve Gaines came to Bellevue.
Yes, I felt it soon after Steve Gaines came to Bellevue.
Yes, but I haven't felt it until recently.
No, I've never felt any different than before.
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's Not About the Music!

This may sound familiar, but contrary to the claims of some critics, that isn't what this is about.

Here we read about a malady that seems to be affecting more and more pastors today, the "Man of God" Syndrome.

Channel 5's latest.

Sometimes you've just gotta laugh!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Poll

Everyone, please read the 9:05 a.m. and 9:33 a.m. posts by "charlie fox" and "imaresistor" and consider their advice!

Thanks to "bereans" for this poll suggestion.

Do you think that Steve Gaines intends to reinstate Paul Williams to a staff position at Bellevue? (Not whether he should but whether he intends to.)
Yes, to his current position.
Yes, but to a different position.
Free polls from

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Response to Dr. Pruett's Letter to the Deacons

This letter was written to the deacons by fellow deacon, Dr. Michael Pruett.

Several responses have been written, some of which are featured here.

1. "Concerned's" response.

2. Sister Pam Gremillion's response.

3. "Misdiagnosis"

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Today's Media Coverage - January 14, 2007

"Moral Failures Thrive in Silence"

Wendi Thomas wrote this article in today's edition of the Commercial Appeal.

"Report on pastor's 'moral failure' may come by Jan. 20"

Pamela Perkins wrote this article in yesterday's edition.

FOX13 News coverage is here.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Deny Some More...

Please continue your discussion from the previous thread here.

An interim report from Bellevue's "personnel committee" is now available here.

And stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Deny, Deny, Deny!

In this thread, rather than discussing PW or his family or what he might or might not have done, please concentrate on what the administration at Bellevue now seems to be doing (or not doing) about the situation.

Kevin Rardin, Assistant Shelby County D.A., is a regular reader of this forum and saw this post by "informedatbbc" last night, prompting him to call David Brown to dispute the assertion by two BBC staff members that there was no external investigation under way. Mr. Rardin confirmed that there is definitely an ongoing investigation being conducted by the Shelby County D.A.'s office, and Mr. Brown received this letter from the Tennessee Department of Children's Services dated December 24th stating that agency is also conducting an investigation. This is the postmarked envelope (personal information omitted) it came in.

I have reposted David Brown's comments from last night here, along with some from other posters in the first comment in this thread. Mr. Rardin informed David Brown that the administration at Bellevue is refusing to cooperate with his office or the Tennessee DCS in their investigation.

Everyone needs to call the church office at 901-347-2000 and politely ask these questions:

1. Why did Mark Dougharty and Jamie Fish state that there is no external investigation taking place?

2. Why did Mark Dougharty state to someone back in December that he'd been "interrogated" about the PW situation for two hours the previous day? (He didn't specify by whom.)

3. Why aren't all members of the church administration fully cooperating with the agencies which we know for a fact are conducting these investigations?

Finally, please call the D.A.'s office and DCS if you have any information relating to this case. If you have ever been counseled by Paul Williams and have any concerns whatsoever about the nature of the questions you were asked or anything else about your encounters with him, please do the following:

1. Call the church office and politely but firmly demand they release the file from your counseling session(s) to you or your designated representative.

2. Call the officials listed below, regardless of how minor or inconsequential your concerns may seem to the case at hand. They need to hear whatever information you can give them and will decide for themselves if it's relevant or not. Please do not call their offices simply to complain about Bellevue administrators not cooperating. That's not news to them!

Kevin Rardin is the Shelby County Assistant District Attorney and can be reached at 901-888-4300 or 901-545-5935.

Larry Griffin is with the regional office of the State of Tennessee Department of Child Protective Services (DCS) and can be reached at 901-258-0268.

Bellevue's Leadership Covenant

Note: There was a scheduled outage of from 9:45 to 11:45 a.m. today that ended up lasting until 2:00 p.m. They apologized for the inconvenience!

This is a copy of the "leadership covenant" that Bellevue required a parent/chaperone on a youth trip to sign. When she refused she was referred to Paul Williams. Before an appointment could be scheduled, PW was placed on paid leave for a "moral indiscretion," and no mention was ever made of the "leadership covenant" again. She was allowed to go on the trip without signing anything.

This document appears to be intended primarily for Sunday School teachers, but they seem to be using it for those seeking other positions or in this case, just a parent wanting to help chaperone a trip her child was taking with a youth group from the church.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Let's Continue...

Note: The purpose of this forum is for discussion of serious issues in a civil and respectful manner, which most of the people who've come here have maintained, and for that, I truly appreciate all of you and your efforts! However, the past two nights a small group of sheep not only chose to run amok but just about everywhere else sheep shouldn't tread. Let's just say I do not want to ever see a repeat performance of the last two night's sessions. I also do not need advice about which comments I should or should not delete and will not respond to any "encouragement" of that nature. I don't tell anyone else how to moderate any other forum and would appreciate the same courtesy in return. Any post containing the phrase hate-filled or grow up or the word precious, cookie, attack, or similar sentiments or silliness will be subject to deletion. I would also like to ask our serious posters to not respond to these sorts of comments in any way. In other words, don't feed the trolls!

Another note: We've seen this "troll" tactic before, and they've even threatened to change just a letter or two in the screen name to throw people off. So carefully read the screen name before responding. In fact, check the profile. If the name is familiar (or exactly the same but the message sounds out of character) and the profile view number is low, it could be an imposter. I've no doubt "blessne" is someone on the "pro-SG side" who is trying to make "us" look bad. Don't fall into their traps!

To those who are using these tactics, I would ask you, if we're such a small number of "disgruntled" members, then why bother with us? Surely we couldn't pose any threat to anyone.

Let me remind everyone with legitimate concerns to really think about the tone you use and not to throw out unfounded accusations or suppositions not based on fact. If you're angry when you write something, take the time to cool off before you publish it. It'll be much easier to separate the wheat from the chaff if you'll maintain a civil, respectful tone regardless of your opinions.

Now, having gotten those unfortunate but necessary statements out of the way, shall we continue?

I have received a couple of intriguing e-mails in the past week or so from someone with the partial e-mail address of "TLineman33." Unfortunately, this brave soul did not sign his or her name, but I get the impression he or she is not a member of Bellevue. However, I thought I'd share his or her rather interesting thoughts anyway.

The first was apparently forwarded to this mystery person by our own Grandma Billie and contained an attached letter which Mr. Dave Shreve, a Bible Fellowship teacher at Bellevue, sent to Mark Sharpe. In it Mr. Shreve states that he "doubts" he'll see the letter published on Mr. Sharpe's website. Since I'm not aware of Mr. Sharpe having a website, and since Mr. Shreve seems to desire his letter be published on such a site, I thought I'd oblige.

The second document consists of two letters from "Lineman33" which I think speak for themselves. The January 6th letter refers to the letter to Mark Sharpe from above.

Then yesterday at least two posters received this letter from "Will":

Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007
From: Wranglerguy8
Subject: Letter from Will
To: xxxxxxxx

I have been reading your posts on the anti-everything blog. You are one sick woman. I would tend to think you need to get some counseling for deliverance from your evil and wicked spirit.

You are a sad excuse for a believer.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Crystal Ball?

Please continue your discussions here.

I was shocked to learn this morning that this little corner of Blogland is being blogged about all over.

Thanks to "bin wonderin" for that information.

Someone with the screen name "closetotheinnercircle" posted this series of comments this week raising some insightful questions and making some interesting predictions. Now, this person doesn't have the track record of "blessmewiththetruth" and "uturn" (remember them?), but if anyone has any knowledge of any of the things this person posted, the floor is yours.

This is not an attempt to spread rumors, and while it may have been "close's" intent to do just that, it is not my intent here. Please limit discussion of the issues listed to facts or at least make it clear if you're only speculating about something. In other words, please refrain from running amok.

Jacksonville, FL Church Cover-up - Déjà Vu, Bellevue?

Story and video links to this story are here.

Commentary by Don Boys.

Trinity Baptist College forum.

More Jacksonville TV coverage.

This is part of a letter received from a group of concerned FBC Jacksonville members:

"We are a group of very concerned FBC Jax members because of recent changes since Mac Brunson came to the church in March '06. Absent the PW mess and the "itty bitty fence" fiasco, there are quite a few similarities between these two men who have taken over at FBC Jax and BBC. But that is not why I'm writing.

"One of our concerns that has surfaced in the last few days is whether Mac Brunson will still allow Steve Gaines to have a Keynote speaking slot at the Feb 2007 Pastors' Conference given the gravity of SG's situation at BBC. While we don't want SG to come, we would think that the concerned members of BBC also don't want FBC Jax to show support to Steve Gaines by allowing him to still have a prominent speaking slot. I would like to see a link at the site drawing attention to the fact that SG is still slated for a Keynote speaking slot at this Pastors' Conference attended by 5000+ pastors. Perhaps this would help some of the speakers to ask Mac Brunson to pull the plug on SG's slot."

"FriendinJax" wrote:

"Sorry to hear that the pastor at my church, Mac Brunson, didn't respond to your concerns about SG being on the Pastors' Conference agenda in February. I know that some FBC Jax church members have contacted Jeanie Blaylock at First Coast News, who is the reporter who broke the Messer/Trinity Baptist stories to let her know of the Bellevue/Gaines/PW situation. Jeanie is a member at FBC Jacksonville, and I hope she will be as upset as many of the FBC Jax members are about Steve Gaines having a prominent role at the Pastors' Conference. Perhaps her disgust over Messer's hiding of the truth [is such] that she will be disgusted with Mac for keeping SG on the agenda - and maybe she'll do a piece on it."

Mac Brunson's e-mail address is here for anyone who'd like to contact him regarding Steve Gaines' speaking engagement at the Pastors' Conference February 2-6, 2007. Choose "pastor" from the drop-down list on that page. You must sign your name if you expect a reply.

Ms. Blaylock's e-mail address is in the article in the first link above.

Note: January 4th's letters to the editor of the Commercial Appeal are here. You may recognize the names of a couple of the authors.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Today's Media Coverage - January 2, 2007


Please move down six threads to the "MABTS Emergency Board Meetings" topic to find the contact information for Mr. Gene Howard and let him know of your support for the seminary and Dr. Mike Spradlin.

Also, call the church at 901-347-2000 and MABTS at 901-751-8453 to let them know you support MABTS and Dr. Spradlin. Ask if Bellevue has plans to withdraw any funding from the seminary.

There's a link for a page with instructions for adding a "linkable" link to a comment in the list of links to your right. Please check it out!

Don Boys
certainly did his research for this one.

Recap of previous coverage:

The latest from Christian Worldview Network is here.

This blogger, wbishop1213, has a couple of interesting entries here. See December 23rd and 26th. has articles here and here.

The last three Commercial Appeal articles are here. Letters to the editor appeared on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 30th and are available through links on this page.

Channel 3's coverage is here and here.

Channel 5's coverage is here, here, here, here, and here.

FOX Channel 13's coverage is here and has links to other stories and the Wednesday night statement in the sidebar.

Channel 24 made this brief mention of the story.

The Baptist Blogger wrote a nice article about Mrs. Joyce Rogers here. has articles here, here, and here.

Several Bellevue threads are going in the "SBC News and Trends" section.

The December 19th Associated Baptist Press article is here.

The Baptist Press article from December 20th is here.

The December 20th Agape Press article is here.

Bloggers Wade Burleson and Dr. Danny Chisholm have also written about Bellevue.

Another article is here.

Read the latest (December 27th) from the former "formerly brainwashed Bellevuer" aka "never put your faith in men!" A link to his blog, "Bellevue Baptist Church - My True Story" is in the sidebar on this page.

WCRV Radio (AM 640) interviewed Dr. Michael Spradlin, President of MABTS, on Thursday. The 30-minute interview can also be accessed here.

Bellevue's website now has the 12-17 and 12-19 statements by Steve Gaines and the video from the 12-20 Wednesday night service here and a description of the Christmas Eve morning and evening services here.