Sunday, November 12, 2006

History of Bellevue Baptist Church

This is an interesting article about the rich history of Bellevue by James R. Pirtle. Enjoy!


MOM4 said...

Thank you so much for putting such a positive item on this forum. The legacy that is Bellevue is the legacy we are trying to preserve.
We cannot compromise with the world and we must stand for the truth. Respect and honor and integrity are worth fighting for and it is what we are all about!

westtnbarrister said...

Thank you, Mr. Pirtle. I enjoyed this...again.

allofgrace said...

Thanks nbbcof for posting this. Thank you Mr. Pirtle for your labor of love, and for sharing it with me personally as well as with this forum. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful !!!

I have fond memories of Pollard preaching and one of Lee laying his hands on my cousin and praying a blessing on him as a baby, the fun of the activities building and always feeling at home, safe and loved.

Thank you for sharing the wonderful article.


Tim said...

This is the second time that I have read this. The first time that I read it, I wept over what has become of our church.

We our partakers of a legacy and have been given the responibility of not only maintaining but expanding upon our heritage. The means by which we accomplish this is what has come into question. Do we maintain the principles by which we have grown to this point thru multiple generations or do we adjust our practices to become more appealing to a new generation?

That, my dear brothers and sisters is what I believe has become the dividing point among the membership at Bellevue. Are we going to maintain a tradional church or are we transitioning to a progressive church?

Who said...

And while we celebrate the past, let us not neglect to give thanks for what the Lord continues to do in our midst.

In the 11:00 service where I counsel, we had MANY decisions for Christ today.

Nearly every seat was taken in the counseling room. I would conservatively estimate that 20 decisions for Christ were made in that service alone!

To God be the glory! Great things He hath done!

Tim said...


And this is exactly, what we believe, that the main thing should be the main thing. How long God will continue to bless our church with his presence and hand of mercy is for Him to decide and Him alone.

But we know that there have been many minisitries destroyed by arrogance and indifference and there are some of us that are not willing that it should happen at Bellevue Baptist Church. When you see a hollow tree, you know that it will soon fall.

Beyond that, we have been blessed with a heritage that has spanned many generations and multiple pastors and we must not set aside the principles that have sustained us thus far. Decisions without principles are as empty as hearts without God.

I rejoice for those that have come to a saving knowledge of Christ. I pray that those decisions have resulted in full hearts.

Anonymous said...

Derrick, thank you for sharing, my man. Too often we take for granted how God moves at Bellevue; this afternoon, I was reading about a church that was celebrating 49 professions of faith in Christ year-to-date.

We as a church are blessed in ways we cannot comprehend.

junior 5432 said...

Are you saying that the only thing that matters is that people are making decisions for Christ?

They are extremely important, but does that mean that it doesn't matter who you run over in the process?

I believe that Jesus is weeping for Bellevue and the ones who have something to cover up and also the ones who helping them keep it covered.

4:40 PM, November 12, 2006

Sounds like you might have already saved some seats down front for next week's supposed "Showdown," whoever you are. Did you use the hymnal-on-the-armrest method, claiming two seats with one hymn book, or did you use the drape-a-piece-of-clothing method?


P.S.: My friend Derrick comes here to tell you that in just one of this morning's worship services, over twenty people made some sort of decision for our Lord Jesus Christ, and you can't even pause the confrontation long enough to say "Cool!"?

Why is that?

Tim said...

junior 5432,

You are correct.

When the main thing becomes the only thing, then any thing not related to the main thing becomes nothing.

Tim said...


Yes we have "saved" the seats down front, we are working on proselytzing a few in the back as well.

Tim said...


Did you coin that phrase?..sounds familar

Tim said...


I wish to apologize for the statement that I posted earlier that you had responded to. I did not elaborate nearly well enough on what I was saying for it not to be misunderstood.

MOM4 said...

I am thrilled by the souls saved this morning. Please just remember Who saved them and that it had absolutely nothing to do with us (me, you or anyone else at BBC). The Lord works regardless of us, my pastor was in adultry when he preached the message when I was saved. Please remember to give credit to Whom credit is due. and that is Jesus Christ and Him alone!

MOM4 said...

Sister Pam
I so appreciate the words you speak. My tears flow as I read your posts as they are filled with kindness, gentleness and grace. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to be a witness to what you have seen. I am looking for the day our beloved Bellevue will return to it's former purpose, one of healing and love for each other. I am heartened so much that there are so many of us here who seek this as our goal. When we can bring forth the truth and see it under the mighty light of God's Holy Word, we will know that we are on the road that will bring Bellevue back to the days you have so tenderly described.
Proverbs 28:13

Anonymous said...

Other memories....

Does anyone remember Founder's Day where we all dressed in old timey clothes and had a big picnic. I think I was in 4th or 5th grade?

Does anyone remember the rickety elevator in front of the Pollard Chapel? Many a time it took me to the 3rd floor for Grace Place with Dan Carter, Greg McGregor, Chris Alsup and Joyce Isenberg.

Does anyone remember the guy attacking Dr. Rogers - Mrs. Gremillion, is this your same memory? - I remember Leonard Garland punching the guy (LG was a Golden Glove at one time) and Dr. Rogers prayed over him. Mrs. Margaret Lafferty told me a LONG time ago there was a guy that jumped out of the balcony to help Dr. Rogers.

Does anyone remember Mike Bratton running the TV camera in the balcony? :)

Anonymous said...


Body of Christ Day was awesome! I was still in grade school.



Custos said...

Forgive my ignorance, but is the the Mr Pirtle of Pirtle's Chicken? If so, congrats to him on two counts--his excellent document and his incredible chicken!

Anonymous said...

I have a personal copy of this "history" and have read it. I also have lived alot of this history. BBC has always been a "lighthouse" for Jesus. BBC has also know times of difficulty and God has ALWAYS been faithful and has brought His church through the storm and stronger on the other side. I am confident that He remains faithful.

Anonymous said...


This Jim Pirtle was a businessman, but not the chicken man. :) His kids went the same high school as my brother and I. Just a bit if trivia.