Sunday, August 31, 2008

Extravagant? Or embarrassing?

The past two Sundays have brought us some real gems. In the 9:30 service Steve Gaines referred to his version of something as the "Steve Gaines version." In the 11:00 service he said the "King Steve version," then quickly said, "Cut that."

From a sermon entitled "Extravagant Worship" we have these embarrassing (and admittedly embellished) moments:

About the Music

On Plagiarizing Sermons

On Leaving in a Hurry

Preaching to the Choir (and Orchestra)

From this Sunday night's sermon, entitled "Corrupt Priests, Crooked Politicians, and Courageous Preachers," we heard these:

this from the "King Steve version"?

This is just so wrong!