Thursday, July 09, 2009

Troublemakers in the Church... or How to Throw a Tantrum!

Sunday night's sermon by Steve Gaines was yet another sheep beater. Why is this man so angry? He loudly and angrily implores people to be "peacemakers," but his definition of a "peacemaker" seems to be someone who'll never question "Pastor" or his agenda, no matter how innocently or politely, and never express any sort of disagreement with "God's anointed and appointed authority," namely Steve Gaines. And if you dare question him or hesitate to swallow and follow like a lemming off a cliff, you're automatically labeled a "troublemaker."
Watch him in action.

It seems at least some of the staff is carrying the torch, too. See the June 29th and July 6th "Morning Mullings" articles. As someone who read both articles said, it's amazing how some use (and misuse) the Old Testament to support an agenda. "They write to please their king and because they are taught to think like him, they probably really believe it." Sadly, that's the only explanation I can think of.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Changes, Part Deux

More staff shakeups were announced at BBC last night. Phil Newberry, current Student Minister, says Steve Gaines approached him six weeks ago yesterday (that would have been May 20th) about becoming the "campus pastor" for the Arlington satellite. He said, "Jeanne and I began to pray through that. It took several weeks to pray through that. And a few weeks ago we accepted." (Several weeks + a few weeks = 6?)

Watch the video of Phil Newberry addressing the adults

See Phil addressing the students

Phil answers questions about the "11:11" service.

Phil discusses the Arlington campus.

So Phil Newberry is resigning as "Minister, Students" August 1st to become "Campus Pastor" for the new Arlington campus. According to Phil, Steve and David Coombs "shared their vision" and said they "prayed through it" and felt Phil was "the one to lead it."

Gregg Hauss is resigning as "Minister, Senior High" August 1st to go to the Arlington campus as "Discipleship Pastor."

"Pastor and David" instructed Phil to begin a nationwide search for the next student and senior high pastors. (So Phil was instructed to find his own replacement?) Phil says, "In the same meeting within the same 60 seconds, I boldly... and... correctly... said... 'The search is over. Don't have to pray about it. Don't have to seek anyone. I believe the student pastor to lead us into the next generation... the next... he'll be here for 30 years... okay... is Jason Pyron.' Love this man, and I promise you this. Forty-three thousand Southern Baptist churches... no need to look beyond the gift that we have in Jason and Dorie."

So glad at least Phil appreciated Jason and saw the wisdom in promoting someone already on staff! (And seriously, who wants to have to conduct a nationwide search for his own successor unless he's being promoted to "senior pastor"?) Jason Pyron seems to be a worthy choice whom the kids already know and like. So he will be promoted from "Minister, Middle School" to "Minister, Students" on August 1st.

That leaves the middle school and high school positions open. Regarding that, Phil says, "Monday, Jason, Pastor, and David interviewed a young man, and today (Wednesday) Jason, Pastor, and David interviewed a second young man. We believe God is in it for these two to come in and join our staff."

Jeff Howard is reportedly staying put as "Director, Student Discipleship and 6th Grade."

Leslie (Hollowell) and Jennie (McKay) will also continue in their current positions.

Phil says, "Ben Cole will be on board with us." (This is NOT the Ben Cole of "SBC Outpost" fame.)

There are four others leaving the student ministry staff at the "main campus" to go to Arlington which will, according to Phil, leave four positions to be filled.

1. Part-time children's director at Arlington will be Lana Kimery.

2. Julie Jordan, who has worked with Phil for 7 years, will be going to Arlington to be a "coordinator/secretary."

3. Ryan Wingo will be leading the music at Arlington. (How's that going to work out with the "11:11" thing back at the "main campus"?)

4. The new "student pastor" for the Arlington campus will be Scott Griffin. You may recall Mr. Griffin from his co-starring role in the 2006 and 2007 Part 1 and 2007 Part 2 Bellevue Intern Christmas Videos.

And who can forget Playing Dodgeball aka "Slacking Off at Work and Making Fools of Ourselves." Phil plays a cameo role in this one. (Will he have to give up that cushy office with the private bath when he goes to Arlington?)

Phil says, "Because of the new church start, we did not feel financially justified to bring someone in full-time, but we thought let's bring someone in part-time to work because students... those students by the way... will be plugged in and they'll have their own student pastor (who has hopefully matured a lot in the past 1 1/2 years), but when it comes time for Disciple Now, they're plugged in here. When it comes time for going to Gatlinburg and winter camp, they go with this group, all right? We ARE Bellevue. And so we're still much a part of the whole, but we needed someone to be the face of the student ministry at Arlington. And once again, we didn't have to look far for this. So, Scott Griffin, would you stand? Brittany? {applause} Praise God. We are thrilled to death... uh... when I pulled Scott aside a couple of weeks ago and asked him for the two of them to consider this, uh... I... uh... it was an obvious fit."

On a side note, Grant Gaines has written a paper...

Exegetical Critique of Multi-Site: Disassembling the Church?

He concludes...

In view of the fact that multi-site churches are outside the bounds of Scripture, why not plant churches and maintain close cooperation with an associational type of model? This practice has the potential to preserve many of the "benefits" of the multi-site approach, while simultaneously respecting the biblical nature of the local church as assembly.

While I don't agree with all his reasoning or even that multi-site churches are necessarily unscriptural (what does "liberalism" or the "Conservative Resurgence" have to do with multi-site churches?), I agree with his conclusion. Surely this must make for some interesting conversations whenever the "Gaines boys" get together!

A summary of the changes previously announced can be read on pages 4 and 5

Some of the areas the committee and staff are reviewing:

• Additional Bellevue campuses throughout the Mid-South area

• Evangelism opportunities and discipleship training

• Sunday worship and platform refurbishing and modernization

• Prayer Ministry/Center

• Student/College areas update and renovation

• West Foyer, Bookstore and Coffee Shop, with enhanced fellowship areas. (You forgot to mention the bistro.)

• Pastoral Care improvements for ministry and training

• Bellevue Woods’ alignment with the mission of the church

• Recreation/Fitness and enhanced senior adult activities. (Is this the water aerobics SG mentioned?)

• Enhanced use of the Appling Road campus by members and guests

• Student Building planning and development

And what, exactly, do they mean by "aligning" Bellevue Woods with the "ministry of the church"?

So for now, that's it. Who knows what the next phase will bring?