Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Would Jesus Say?

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This article from the Nashville Scene by Elizabeth Ulrich takes a long, hard look at the problem of sexual abuse in the SBC and the SBC leadership's continuing refusal to deal with the problem.

It seemed likely last summer when the SBC voted to appoint a committee to "study" the problem that it was little more than a means of temporarily appeasing the critics while those in leadership continue to turn a blind eye to the problem. And now... it sounds as if that really is all there was to it.

SBCOutpost has a discussion of the article

February 18th: New article in the Nashville Scene.

Update: Paige Patterson is scheduled to preach at Bellevue Sunday morning, February 17th. Steve Gaines is scheduled to speak at the SWBTS chapel on April 17th. If it bothers you that these men, who have willfully ignored the problem of pedophile/sexual predator ministers in the SBC, are continuing to make the lucrative speaking circuit rounds, then let your voice be heard! Contact the media in Memphis and the SBC. This seems to be the SBC's answer to the problem -- a single page of links to outside agencies and resources.

Channel 3 (CBS)

Channel 3 Press Releases

Channel 5 (NBC)

Channel 13 (FOX)

Channel 24 (ABC)

Channel 24's Jeni DiPrizio who did the "Preacher Pads" report.

Commercial Appeal

James Dowd with the CA.

Wendi Thomas with the CA.

Submit a letter to the
editor of the CA.

The Baptist Press

And while you're at it, you may want to drop a line to the pastor and pastor of students of the church that PW now is reported to be attending and ask them just how certain they are that their women and children are safe!

Dr. Ken Culver

Wayne Craig