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Jamie Parker Gone Going Still Going Gone

Note: For those of you searching for information on Jamie Parker (and you are legion), Jamie was the minister of music at First Baptist Church, Dyersburg, TN for a little over a year after he left Bellevue. (Apparently they don't ever update their website as he was never listed.)

As of January 1, 2011 he's at Cross Church (Ronnie Floyd) in Springdale, Arkansas. Watch.

May 2012: Jamie Parker is now at Bayside Baptist Church in Harrison, TN (suburb of Chattanooga).

It was learned this week that Minister of Music Jamie Parker is among the latest casualties left in Steve Gaines' wake. Without going into great detail (because no one but the parties involved knows all the details and that is not the purpose of this post) Jamie was reportedly informed by Steve Gaines in late March that he needed to seek other employment, but apparently it was understood he would be allowed to remain for a while until he could find another position. It was thought Sunday would be his last day, but that apparently changed.

The only question I have is what happened to that "covenant relationship" that Steve has stated he has with Jamie... the assurance that wherever Steve is, Jamie will always have a place? Steve brought Jamie from Gardendale with the promise of a secure future here. Jamie and Dana bought a large, beautiful home on several acres of land in the country thinking Jamie would eventually retire from Bellevue. Now they're stuck during the worst economic times in decades with a big mortgage and an uncertain immediate future.

It's no secret a lot of people were disappointed at the way Jim Whitmire was forced to "retire" when Steve Gaines came. No doubt that situation could have been handled a lot differently and much better than it was. Some said Jim was tired and needed to take it easy. So tired, I suppose, that when he left Bellevue he spent several months flying back and forth to Dallas every weekend to serve as interim minister of music at FBC Dallas, then took the full-time minister of music position at GBC, and now serves as full-time minister of music at FBC Jax. But life goes on.

Jamie came in January 2006 amid much fanfare and immediately made some changes in the music program which were unpopular with some. However, he seemed to hit his stride after a while and seemed to hit a happy medium with most people. In my opinion, Jamie is now being thrown under the bus, just like many fine staff members before him.

I think a lot of people saw this coming when Mark Blair was brought on board to handle "special productions." Then Mark was given even more responsibilities as evidenced by
this letter sent to the choir. I take no satisfaction in the fact I predicted this outcome six months ago. Almost two years ago we learned Steve Gaines was trying to blame the declining attendance numbers on the music. Then Jamie and the music department took the fall for the infamous dance routine. Ryan Wingo and his trademark guitar have been increasingly "front and center" in worship services.

There is no doubt Jamie Parker loves the Lord, is very talented, and God has a better place for him. Dana, with her beautiful voice and sweet spirit has been an asset to the church and choir and will no doubt be a source of strength and support to Jamie during these uncertain days.

To Jamie and Dana, I wish you all the best and want you to always remember that "all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." It probably doesn't feel like it right now, but God has bigger things for you than Bellevue. Take your talent, that winning smile, and those big dimples and go... serve... Him! Remember that men will always disappoint you but God never will. Stay strong and always stay faithful. God has great things in store for you both!

Who can forget this?

The purpose of this post is not to criticize Jamie Parker or this blog. Please use the comments section to express your appreciation for Jamie's years of service at Bellevue and your fond or funny memories of Jamie and Dana Parker.


Been Redeemed said...

The only reason I am sad that he is leaving is because NOW if we watch BBC we will have to wade thru the Wingo Band which is much worse. At least Jamie did have a tad of an inkling of training, mostly from his years under Jim Whitmire (although he may have done it kicking and screaming). I do believe that Jamie realized a while back that he had made some serious errors in judgement when he attached himself to the coat tails of Gaines.

Perhaps he has learned his lesson and will prosper elsewhere.

Perhaps his parents will as well.

Perhaps Gaines has run off another donor.

Reckon when, or if, he will "get it" that his methods are madness?

gmommy said...

I've been out of touch with Dana and Jamie for a while except for running into them once. They couldn't have been sweeter when I ran into them.

Not many appreciated the day JW's retirement was announced and the Parkers were reintroduced. That was tacky on the part of SG.Like so many other things.

I hope the Parkers WERE alerted back in March and that they did begin to make plans. If they were blindsided by SG I'm sad for them.

I can say that the entire time I was around Dana and Jamie (before they moved to Alabama)I never heard a mean word come from Dana's mouth.Both were kind and quick to help with anything. Jamie was very good to my son. Dana always had an innocence about her. Her faith was very strong. I will guess that even now they aren't blaming anyone.
Maybe they will be given a good enough severance package to be OK with their house. I can guarantee you that Dana got a decent deal on their house in comparison to the house SG bought. Dana was always good with bargaining!!

I hate that they were taken in by SG...many were. I hate that they are probably going thru MAJOR stress right now. I hate that they have been "thrown under the bus" as Nass put it. I'm sure they trusted SG and we did hear him say that he and Jamie had a covenant relationship. I'm sure to Jamie and Dana that meant something special.
I don't like that Jamie was on whatever show he was on way back when and talked negative about BBC's worship and Bro R. BUT...he was fooled by SG. We all keep learning and growing.
I hope they land on their feet stronger and wiser and with their eyes open.
I hope they don't allow SG to use them like puppets the way he did RM and so many others. I hope they won't sugar coat their leaving BBC the way SG will want them to.

New BBC Open Forum said...


You can do better.

New BBC Open Forum said...

RM = Rob Mullins?

gmommy said...

Yes...thinking of that painful speech he gave about leaving ...being called to another ministry and how it was obvious they didn't want to be up there saying what they were told to say.
SG even gave them that fake check.

SG thinks he is so much smarter than everyone else. He isn't.

Anonymous said...

Jamie and Dana are amazing God filled, God led, God ordained people who do not deserve anything that Gaines has done to them. Gaines is to be prayed for as he is in trouble within himself. God has a plan. Pride comes before the fall and Gaines may be experiencing all of that soon. However, God is in control and when He closes a door He opens a window. God will take care of Jamie and Dana and they will be greatly missed at Bellevue.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Yes, gmommy. That unfortunate Sunday evening in 2006 came to mind as I wrote this post. I just wanted to dispel any preconceived notions or yet-to-be stated claims that this particular staff departure is voluntary. It's not.

Anonymous said...

Jamie and Dana, Dr. Rogers used to say "When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade." I hope by God's grace you will be able to take what seems a great tragedy in your lives and turn it into a triumph -for your ultimate good and His glory. He is faithful and He will see you thru. If He's allowed this door to shut, He has an even wider door for you to walk thru. May God bless you richly wherever He leads you next, is my fervent
prayer for you and your family.

"In the day when I cried, You answered me, and strengthened me with strength in my soul. Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you will revive me. The Lord will perfect that which concerns me."
(Psalm 138:3,7,8)

oc said...
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TN Lizzie said...

Jamie was told that his last Sunday would be after his DD, Emuily, went and got back from a trip. Guess Bellevue has more important people to love than their own...


Y'all pray for Jamie and Dana as they try to help their children, Emily and Jerron, with this. Most of us here are 2 years farther down the road in recovering from a church that has abused us... We should be able, at this point, to reach out to the Parkers.

The book Recovering From Churches That Abuse (now online!!) has some good information, btw. I'm thinking Mr. Enroth needs to write another book...

Jamie and Dana, I will pray for you tomorow as our family gathers around our dining room table to worship God, read the Bible, and study together.

And now too:

Heavenly Father,
This is the day that You have made, and we should rejoice and be glad in it. My heart is sad, knowing of the fiery furnace that faces Jamie Parker tomorrow. I praise You because I know Jamie's heart is Yours.

Be with him as he says (maybe without words) to king Steve, "O Mr. Gaines, I do not need to defend myself before you in this matter. If I am thrown into the blazing furnace, the God I serve is able to save me from it, and He will rescue my family from your hand, O king. But even if He does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up."

I pray these things through the Blood and in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.


I love y'all, Jamie and Dana. I'm here if you need an ear...

gmommy said...

"Jamie was told that his last Sunday would be after his DD, Emuily, went and got back from a trip."
Does that mean JP did get more warning or is that what was said to JP recently???? Was this a church trip???

Let's hope that what is being said was JP's "notice" from SG was better. Surely JP was given some kind of consideration by SG??? Surely having called JP to his other church and then to BBC...SG would not just up and let JP go??

If not, then SG hasn't grown a bit since the way he treated JW.
I think this post is about how SG continues to roll over whoever he decides to.

Anonymous said...

Jamie and Dana,

God bless you! I hope you will find something soon and that it will be something you love and that will bless God. Come visit the Turks at Ellendale - Keith is singing lots of solos these days and we'd love to turn that into a duet (or TRIO, Dana!)

All the best,

Karen Turk Marshall

Truett said...


Change is a constant isn't it! I personally know what it is to step out on faith footing, with no job...only the belief that the Lord would make away. He did, he has, he will. Mr. Parker will be fine, because the Lord truly takes care of his own (1 Peter 5:7).

I am reminded of something Oklahoma Pastor Ron Dunn once said:

1. We learn to trust God by trusting God.

2. We won't trust God until we have to.

3. God will see to it that we have to!

Some of you will remember (from previous posts) I just loved Dr. Rogers....the decline of Bellevue is hard to except, and Dr. Gaines seems to be made of Teflon....but God appoints and redirects at His will....and while you will miss Jamie, remember” the Trinity never has to meet in emergency session” (Dr. Rogers) and Jamie and family will be just fine.

Been Redeemed said...

I said what I felt. If you need to delete my comment, please feel free to do so, but I would like to elaborate on one of my statements that I wish you would consider before you remove my post.
Jamie served for several years under the guidance of Dr Whitmire and he did it reluctantly. He had talent topped with a UU education and a tendency to resent the instruction of the man that was his senior. Dr Whitmire desired to take him under his wing and teach him how to build and grow with his potential and it was not always appreciated or well received. Even at the time that Gaines fired Dr Whitmire, Jamie was so wrapped up in his new job that he failed to see that Dr Whitmire received the credit due him. I am sorry Jamie has become the latest victim of the Gaines legacy, however it was bound to happen and Jamie realized it was coming a long time ago. This is probably a relief of finality for him. The Parker family has been faithful to the church for many many years. They all deserve better than the hand they were delt, but like the current state of the church finances, self-centeredness of a few has resulted in the demise of many. Jamie Parker is just the latest of the greatest that have been expunged from the rolls because Gaines is loyal to no one but Gaines.

New BBC Open Forum said...


Better. :-)

New BBC Open Forum said...

I think it says a lot for Jim that he's reportedly offered to help Jamie find a new position. Hopefully Jamie has learned something from this experience and will come away from it stronger and wiser.

Anonymous said...

My family has loved the Parkers. We will be very sad to see them leave. We will also be happy to see what God has in store for their family. Jamie has a true gift to pull worship from the choir and congregation. I would like to cation those reading this site; I was told some of what is being shared (by the Parkers) but some is not exactly correct. I was asked not to speak so I will not only to say that Jamie and Danna are devestated and despratly want to do what is best for the church they both love. Concern for MB was key to Jamie. Mark and his family will be going a hard road that is none of their doing. We pray for everyone involved in this sad time. We ask God to send clarity of action to those in potitions able to bring our beloved congrigation back to the foundations of love for those within our walls as well as those outside our walls.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Anon 8:37,

That is another reason I didn't write any more detail. There are several versions of the "facts" circulating, and not all can be correct. If I've written anything here that you know to be incorrect, please let me know so I can correct or delete it. Thanks.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Concern for MB was key to Jamie. Mark and his family will be going a hard road that is none of their doing.

Not sure why Mark Blair and his family should be negatively affected. Won't Mark continue in his current position?

gmommy said...

I don't know what details have actually been given in the post?? If Mark B is involved with JP one has even mentioned him so your point is confusing.
"you were asked not to speak" but you did and it seems you are deflecting in a way that is meant to confuse. Why?
Maybe if you are going to involve another person not should finish what you aren't saying.

Anonymous said...

Was Jamie Parker involved in any way with JW leaving? No. Were JP's first few months difficult because of the way the leadership of Bellevue choose to "announce" JW leaving? yes. Mark and Jamie have a very good and close working relationship. So much so that Jamie expressed concern for the continued growth of Marks ministry at Bellevue. I am sorry for any confusion my earlier comments may have caused.

Anonymous said...

Jamie and Dana,

God loves you. I love you. Many love you. None of us have a grip on why the way some things happen. BUT, we who are God's, blood bought children of faith, know and are known by our loving and just Heavenly Father; so that without understanding we can agree to cast ALL our cares on Jesus, because he cares for us. Yea and amen!

I will be just one who will pray for you as you begin to experience what it is like to be set free from your expectations of life and ministry at Bellevue. Every day with Jesus is better than the day before. Every day you’re free from the stigma of what has happened at Bellevue you will find that your God given abilities will find usefulness in God's court and for God's glory somewhere, soon.

Certainly, I am sad and not happy for what and how your immediate circumstances played out, but…. and this may sound wrong, but I am very happy for you. None of us has but today and in that we can rejoice. No matter what yesterday was, there is the realization that whatever God has and is doing in your circumstances there is His purposes that are before you. One day this trial will serve as preparation for the next trial and we will consider it all joy as we long for the patience of God to be our own. And then there will come a day…. perhaps after much has happened, which seemed so agonizing, when together, you will smile a “knowing smile” and give thanks.

I am praying through Colossians 2:6-10 for both of you.

6 As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, 7 rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving.
8 Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ. 9 For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; 10 and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.

Peter Curtiss

Anonymous said...

This is crazy. First he turns Jamie into a puppet, and isolates him, then dumps him. . . For someone that will require less MONEY$$????
Jamie is a sweetie. He was the reason I hated to be mean about the video they made featuring the infamous OZ. If you look up the traits of an ABUSER, you will see Jamie has fallen into the hands of one of the worlds finest. GAINES.

Anonymous said...

What SG (OZ) means for evil, God means for good: When the attendance continues to plummet, and the scapegoat Jamie is gone; is it possible SG will see it wasn't anyones fault but his own?Maybe?

New BBC Open Forum said...

Just a reminder, "Please use the comments section to express your appreciation for Jamie's years of service at Bellevue and your fond and funny memories of Jamie and Dana Parker."

Kenny said...

God is still God and He is still on the throne. He saw this coming in advance and is still our provision. Don't let anger and bitterness cause us to air church laundry in front of a lost world. It brings shame upon Jesus and the church. Think of the lost before speaking things that can hinder their coming to Jesus.

gmommy said...

It's not our "airing the church laundry" that is wrong. It's the wrong actions by people the world really does look to to be above reproach and show love and respect.
To ignore is just playing un healthy game. Truth is a good thing..
The internet isn't going away.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Right. Let's just sweep everything under the rug... where it belongs. That seems to be the Bellevue way now.

Why do I have to keep reminding people the purpose of this particular post?

So on that note... Kenny, did you have any words of encouragement for Jamie, or did you just come here to bash "us"?

Anonymous said...

It really is a sad day for Jamie and Dana and they are going to need all of our prayers.

It is a shame that Jamie didn't see the hand writing on the wall early on because it is easier to find a job while you still have one.

After this, I don't see how any one could walk through the doors of BBC again.


The Consultant said...

Among the people of Bellevue are the Loyalist, Dissidents, and the Clueless. The Dissidents are primary the readers of this blog, and I will address my comments to them: Do not think that the people on the other side of the fence are all evil conspirators. They are our brothers who think they are doing God's will by not listening to gossip and by following duly appointed leadership. They know that anytime a popular pastor leaves, there will always be troublemakers who do not like the new guy no matter what he does. They have been taken in by the spin and emboldened by the unsubstantiated rumors that have flown around the Dissident camp and issues that have been raised that were just a matter of opinion or style. Many of us have run into people who were very nice to those they liked and rude to others. It is very difficult to believe bad things about people who are nice to you, particularly if they help you in the pocketbook. Do you suppose that Steve Gaines called up Jamie in Gardendale and said, "Come on up to Memphis. We are going to boot out the old man and give you his salary"? I think not. That is not Jamie. Jamie was taken in by the same spin and lame explanations that we were all given, and his thinking was colored by his close relationship with Steve Gaines. Also remember that Jim Whitmire had told us in the choir that when the new pastor comes, we should expect him to bring his own minister of music. I know that some will say that Jamie was complicit in Jim Whitmire being thrown under the bus and he got what he deserved. I shutter to think what it would be like if I got what I deserved. We are all sinners saved by grace. Jamie has served the Lord faithfully. Gentlemen, our brother Jamie has been thrown under the bus. We need to bind his wounds, pray for him and forgive him.

Anonymous said...

It is not Jamie that is the issue. No one should be treated in the manner SG treats Christian brothers and sisters. He has told multiple proven lies. AR always said "You are never more like the devil, than when you lie". That is reason enough to no longer choose to be pastored by such a person. Jamie did not deserve this and neither did multiple others.

I am so thankful to now have a deeply humble and godly Pastor.

Anonymous said...

Okay okay I'll follow the guidelines for this post, I remember Jamie singing at VBS for all the kids, the smile never left his face. He was the same joyful force no matter the audience. I can see him now in those overalls doing little kid-songs and enjoying it. Everyone was ill with him because he was brought in within seconds of Brother Jim being tossed. SECONDS. But anyone whom has dealt with JAMIE KNOWS HE IS DOWN TO EARTH. Plus, Dana hunts. In CAMO. Probably not a big girly girl. : ) Their kids are unspoiled. There won't be another Jamie. What was that little song he sang for the kids about buttons? Anyone?

Amk47 said...

Why, when i should be studying for a final, i'm commenting on here...i don't know. But while i'm here;

Anonymous comments will be allowed for this post only, but please sign your name or put a name/URL on your comment if you don't use your Blogger name so everyone can tell one anon from another. I find this somewhat ironic considering most everyone of you post anonymously; (having a profile on Blogger means nothing if your name isn't on it.)

I applaud those few of you who sign your name to your words, even though i may not agree, i respect you for actually having the courage to put your name behind your words.

P.S. Jamie is awesome, keep on praising His name brother!

-Aaron King

WishIhadknown said...

The best to Jamie and his family. May God bless you and keep now and always. Our prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Don't let anger and bitterness cause us to air church laundry in front of a lost world. It brings shame upon Jesus and the church. Think of the lost before speaking things that can hinder their coming to Jesus.

10:33 PM, May 03, 2009

Kenny, much of the lost world has known we are hypocrites long before some of us acknowledged it publicly.

Basically, what you are saying is that it is perfectly ok to sweep evil behaviour under the rug so we can present a fake Christianity to the world.

But it is actually better if,as Christians, we admit there are some very bad things and we will fight for the fact that it does NOT represent Christ or His Word.

Much of the 'world' already knows Dr. Financial Gaines is a charlatan. Just not those who still go there and fund his party. I consider them part of the 'lost world'.


New BBC Open Forum said...

For the record, I do NOT believe everyone left at BBC is lost! I think "Consultant" had it more or less right. There are the Loyalists, who are loyal for various reasons -- including power, money, prestige, social position, job security, naive trust (e.g. the subject of this post), blindness, ignorance, etc.

I think a better term for the Dissidents in this case (although there are Dissidents within nearly every group of people) would be "Discerners." They discerned something wasn't right. When they spoke out about their concerns they were branded "Dissidents" (and worse) and dismissed by the administration and their Loyalists.

The third and largest group is most definitely the Clueless. These are the ones who are willfully or unknowingly ignorant (that doesn't necessarily mean "stupid"), the "heads in the sand" types. Many are not very involved in the activities of the church and may attend church only a few times a year. Many haven't darkened the door of the church in years and are kept on the rolls to pad the membership numbers which gives the administration and the Loyalists bragging rights.

Still others among the Clueless attend regularly, many for decades, and they're in their comfort zones. They may realize something isn't quite right, but they have chosen to insulate themselves inside their bubbles. These are the ones someone aptly labeled "bubble people." Some of us still have "bubble friends." These are the people who have chosen to remain put, and they don't want to hear anything negative about their church or its leadership. The saying "ignorance is bliss" must surely apply in the cases of most of the Clueless.

These people are not all lost by any means. Only they and God know the state of their individual souls, and I am not going to label anybody "lost" who claims to be a Christian any more than the Loyalists and Clueless should label the Discerners (or the Dissenters) "lost." It's wrong no matter who's doing the judging, and it needs to stop -- on BOTH sides of the fence.

It is possible for Loyalists and Clueless to become Discerners. We've seen it happen. Some admit it happened to them. Getting kicked off the Loyalist bus can change somebody's perception in a hurry. A few even inexplicably revert back to their former states. (Money or the desire to not cause a stir are often factors.)

So, Mark, you may choose to label the people left at BBC "part of the lost world" if you want. I, for one, refuse to go there!

Anonymous said...

So, Mark, you may choose to label the people left at BBC "part of the lost world" if you want. I, for one, refuse to go there!

11:42 AM, May 06, 2009

Sorry Nass. I just have to wonder how folks worship in Spirit and Truth in such a place. Do they not know scripture? Do they not see they are enabling sin? Can they have wisdom and stay in such a place? Should we not be concerned for their souls?

We are to judge fruit. And judgement begins at the house of the Lord. And we are to deal with sin in the church. And we are to warn about wolves.

If truth has been made known and folks stay for reasons of comfort or whatever, we should be concerned becaues they are being fed by a wolf. And over time, they become even more desensitized to sin in that environment and have no discernment at all.


New BBC Open Forum said...


I can't disagree with anything you said in your last comment. I don't understand it either, but I can't and won't declare that everyone left there is lost.

Anonymous said...

My family is still at BBC. Why? Because God has made it very clear we are to stay. I do not know why. (for the record We Despratly want to leave) The only thing I can say is maybe we are there to help another find truth. Tonight the chior was spoken to. Jamie briefly said We love you and we love God. In saying just that he showed his desire for BBC to at some point come through this. My belif is this time wil not be over untill SG allows God to work in his life in a new and fresh way. SG must confess his lies and he must acknowldge the hurt his actions have caused. Untill he allows this God will not bless. I pray as I know Jamie does that BBC can one day grow to be the authintic church God can use.

Anonymous said...

How come my post was not posted? Is it because I had a differing view to everyone else?

Anonymous said...


Jamie Parker does not have a date where he will be kicked off payroll or staff. (in response to the post where there was supposed last date)

New BBC Open Forum said...


I've seen no comment from you before this one. I've rejected only a handful of anonymous comments that had absolutely nothing to do with the subject of this post and deleted the very first comment in the thread which was nothing but an attack on the people who have posted here previously.

I have been overly lenient in letting people express themselves, but people can't seem to remember the purpose of this post. I've repeatedly asked that people use this comment thread for one purpose. If you aren't sure what that purpose is, please read the article again to refresh your memory. The purpose is not to express your "differing views."

I let it get off topic yesterday, but that's not going to happen today. Let's please try to return to the original purpose, or I will begin rejecting comments. Also, since the off-topic, "attack" comments are coming from anonymous commenters who seem to have no interest in distinguishing themselves from other anonymous commenters, the blog has now returned to the normal rules, i.e. you must register with Blogger and make your profile visible, and no further anonymous comments will be accepted. If a few people want to act like children, you will be treated accordingly.

As someone wrote to me yesterday, "It's a shame that people can't just post positive thoughts and memories of the Parkers as you instructed." A shame, indeed!

New BBC Open Forum said...

Thank you, Anonymous 8:13. (You have the honor of being the last "anonymous" commenter.) That does seem to be the elusive fact in this story. At least two people who spoke with Jamie last week came away with the impression this past Sunday was his last day, and both are sources I trust who know him, but either they misunderstood or plans changed near the end of the week. Either way, that's only good news for Jamie and Dana.

No one has denied that he's been instructed to seek other employment, and that's the main point.

gmommy said...

Dates and spins can be easily changed.
I talked to both Dana and Jamie when I heard Jamie was losing his job. I never asked about his last day...that's not the issue.
Neither said this was just a nice time to move on and pursue other opportunities.
However SG tries to spin this...Jamie has been thrown under the bus.
Of course, SG may wise up and try and keep him now. Hopefully Jamie and Dana have opened their eyes and won't be puppets of SG.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Anon 8:13 a.m.,

There were a few more facts that came out at that choir meeting last night, too, weren't there? Care to share?

gmommy said...

Too bad no one recorded SG's little talk to the choir last night...or maybe someone just never know.
Some people are aware of the little "record" button on their cell phones.

Anonymous said...


The differing views of which I was speaking is the fact that people are gossiping and going against Biblical instruction on this meesage board. By slandering Gaines and assuming. They are the very ones who quote scripture. I just wanted to point out that getting on a message board on the internet and gossiping is not bibical. That is all i meant.

I am sorry for accusing you of any wrong. My post must have not gone through. Please forgive me

Been Redeemed said...

The Senior pastor has said that Scripture is just "guidelines" and that the application of scriptural disclipine as in Matthew 18 does not apply to him. Therefore,when we seek to address the situation biblically, applying Matthew 18, we go to him one on one and we get fired, then we go with witnesses and we get shut out and he refuses to meet with us, then the next step is to take it before the church, which he refused to allow. The final step is to take it before the public, which is what this blog is all about. This is not a gossip blog and I have read very little untruth on here. I admit there has been a few blunders, and the blog administrator has seen fit to correct any and all errors, but it is nothing compared to the monolithic spew that has streamed forth from the pulpit of what used to be a place of reverence.
While I do not agree that those that remain at Bellevue are all lost, I do believe that many are basing their relationship to the church on their feelings or loyalties to their BFC class or some other idea other than scripture. When anyone searches the scriptures with an earnest heart, the Lord will open their eyes to the errors of remaining under the authority of a man such as Gaines. Many had red flags waving early on and left, many spent time and efforts trying to correct the situation, many gave up and left without so much as a word to anyone. At the end of the day, those that remain are either blinded by Satan, Gaines, themselves, or all of the above, but none are blinded by the truth in scripture or they wouldn't still be there.
I am glad Jamie and Dana are leaving, God has a plan for them and my guess is that it never included Gaines, he has been a sideshow distraction for many and the church will never be a place of worship again as long as he is allowed to stay. He needs to move on to his next coffer, he has depleted ours.

New BBC Open Forum said...

No problem, Britt. Sometimes comments don't come through for whatever reason.

Let me ask if you consider this slander. By definition, that is something that has no basis in fact, so think carefully. People who were at choir practice last night have stated that one of the first sentences out of SG's mouth when he came in to address them was, "I have not fired Jamie Parker." (At this point several people reportedly got up and walked out.) Then a few sentences later he stated that Jamie has not been told when his last day is. So which is it? Are we now going to be treated to a Clintonesque argument over what the meaning of the word "fired" is?

After a few more words, including the statment that he and Jamie are "bosom buddies," Steve then said he wanted Jamie to say a few words. Apparently Jamie said very few words. He said he and Steve are "on the same page" and that he loves them. That, for the uninformed, is "corporate talk." Make no mistake about it. BBC is a business. Jamie has to stick to the script to be able to keep his insurance and severance package.

Anyone who was there last night care to chime in with your firsthand version of what was said? I'll gladly correct anything I just said which might be inaccurate. I know you were told not to comment on the blog (I thought nobody read it anyway), but you're welcome to e-mail your comments privately or to post using an anonymous screen name. After all, pastoral "authority" doesn't extend to dictating where or to whom you can speak, and it's evident the phone lines have been buzzing since last night.

Just for once I'd like to see someone thrown off the SG bus stand up and say, "No sir. We are NOT on the same page. I have no job to go to and no 'new ministry opportunities' to explore at this time. Keep your money. I'm trusting God to provide for me and my family now." I'm not advising Jamie or anyone else in particular to do this. That's not my place. I'm just saying someday I'd like to see somebody buck the trend.

gmommy said...

Never going to happen in Memphis. Closest example is WD in Florida...and the church can't with hold insurance or severance from him.

Too many in "ministry" work are in bondage. If they "snitch" the good ol boy system prevents them from getting another job.
NOW if you are a sexual predator in the have protection and job security!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was actually there last night, so I know what was said and what the attitude was. Several people did not leave out. I don't even recall anyone leaving at all.

Gaines did start by saying that Jamie had not been fired, but he said that because rumors had been swirling and he wanted to put that to an end.

The attitude in the room was somber, obviously, but as sweet as it could be under the circumstances.

I don't know the deep ends and outs of everything, and frankly none of us do.

Also, I take issue with saying that members of Bellevue are blinded. I may not agree with everything the leadership has done at Bellevue, but I have never agreed with everything that church leaders have done at churches that I have been a member at. That does not mean that I am blinded. Please be more careful in overgeneralizing

New BBC Open Forum said...

"Several people did not leave out. I don't even recall anyone leaving at all.".

Someone else who was there stated that several did walk out. I think of "several" as a very small number in relation to the total, but it's a big room and I suppose it would depend on where you're sitting as to whether you might have seen someone exit.

"Gaines did start by saying that Jamie had not been fired, but he said that because rumors had been swirling and he wanted to put that to an end.".

I bet. So... I suppose he meant to say... uhhh... "imminently terminated"?

You know, I don't like rumors either. I much prefer to deal with the facts, and you're correct that none of us knows all the facts. My impression though is, for reasons unknown, the facts may have "evolved" a bit in the past week or two. At the least they've certainly been elusive.

gopher said...

So what is it Steve?

Is Jamie going , or staying, or what ?

Just think, Steve Gaines will have been at Bellevue for 4 years this
September 11th, and as you can see, he still makes problems for himself and more importantly for others.

When do you think the Millionaire Club of Bellevue will tire of this?

Pastor Mark said...

I thought this story from my brand new blog, just might encourage your readers, to remember God is always in control...and a suprise reminder of His nearness...might just be around the corner!

The great Scottish preacher Peter Marshall once said “It’s not the duration of a life that counts but the donation”.

How thankful Southern Baptist should be for the duration and donation of the life of Adrian Rogers.

I had the opportunity to meet him on four different occasions, each time he looked intently into my eyes, and expressed genuine and heartfelt interest in my own ministry journey.

Dr. Rogers reminds me of another great man of God the legendary George W. Truett pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas from 1897- 1944.

Dr. Truett like Dr. Rogers was a world renowned preacher, a dignified statesman, on one occasion preaching to 15,000 from the steps of the Capital building in Washington D.C, and a three time president of our beloved convention.

In the course of my own pastoral duties I visited several years ago in the home of a guest that attended the church I was pastoring at the time .

In meeting him, I discovered an 85 year old man with a PhD from the University of Colorado, who taught pharmaceutical chemistry there for 48 years!

In our conversation I quickly discovered that he did his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, and had lived in Dallas for a time.

I asked a question that I couldn’t wait to ask . . . did you ever hear the far-famed preacher Dr. George W. Truett. His reply . . . yes, he had not only heard him but had met Dr. Truett on several occasions, in fact he lived in the YMCA across the street from First Dallas!

Stunned by listening to him recall events that took place more than six decades before, I was about to be further astonished.

His precious wife reached into a stack of papers on the table where we were seated and handed me two letters written by Dr. Truett to American service men and women waging war at that time! On the day I visited them they just happened to be cleaning out their filing cabinet!

The letters were written in June and September of 1943! Each letter pledged continued prayers from Dr. Truett and the people of First Dallas for those in the ongoing conflict.

The letters revealed a busy pastor, not to busy to care and personally write the several hundred sons and daughters of the great First Baptist Dallas who were serving at war.

The letters were signed . . . yes signed . . . “Your Pastor and Friend George W. Truett.”

Before I left this precious couple gifted me those two 62 year old letters!

Only God could place a Pastor in a home in Boulder, Colorado to meet an 85 year old professor who then presented a gift that is framed and will be cherished for the rest of my life.

I am sure that in the decades ahead the generations following will ask us . . . did you ever hear Dr. Adrian Rogers preach? They will wait with anticipation as they hear what he was like and who knows . . . if God grants you a long life (duration) you will make a (donation) into the life of a young minister fifty or so years from now.

gmommy said...

Just got a call from Tn Liz. Her computer is down.
Home school (MHEA) graduation is at BBC tomorrow. Rehearsal today.
Tn Lizzie brought her daughter to practice with the choir. She dropped her off and went to park the car. When Tn Liz got to the sanctuary her daughter told her she really had a check in her spirit about being there. Tn Liz encouraged her to walk around and take some time to get comfortable.
I've met this young lady and she is mature and sensitive to the Lord's leading.
After taking some time, her daughter told her mom she could not stay there ...she felt something was not right and she believed very strongly that she should leave.
Tn Liz asks that we pray for everyone involved in the graduation today and tomorrow.

MOM4 said...

Some of the first to leave BBC were those with the gift of spiritual discernment. Those special people are very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His leading. They also have the ability to discern other spirits as well. I have been told that there are those that have sensed a darkness within the walls of BBC for some time. This is not some hokey-pokey feeling like Gaines usually invokes, it is a true gift from the Father that allows certain of His children the ability to sense the difference between True Light and the angel of light. I will pray for those attending this graduation ceremony and that the Lord will fill the place with His presence.

Anonymous said...

There are also quite a few people left at Bellevue who have God-given discernment.

God leads people away and leads people to stay. Some people leave based on their own feelings or emotions and some people stay based on their own feelings or emotions. This happens at all church, not just at Bellevue.

Gary said...

How sure are we that SG made this decision ? If he did, I do not think that I can possibly stay at BBC.

Was this suppose to be a financial thing by cutting to one Minister of Music ?? Why was MB ever brought in to start with ??

As a new member, I am really confused. The Praise and Worship time under Jamie's leadership is really a true blessing to me and my family and certainly set's the stage for the message. He seem's so convicted by the powerful music and many times I see tears running down his face. What a heart for GOD !!

If he is being ran off from the BBC staff, GOD help BBC.


New BBC Open Forum said...


How sure are we that SG made this decision?.

Are you kidding? Because SG is the "senior pastor" and he would never let someone else make such an important decision! He's made it quite clear the buck stops with him. SG has stated that he has a "covenant" with JP that wherever SG is, JP will always have a job. Isn't a covenant, by definition, a promise? If someone else were pushing for this, don't you think SG would say, "No way. Jamie Parker isn't going anywhere unless he wants to"? The fact that SG is in full damage control mode now should speak volumes. Last week he told the choir, "I have not fired Jamie Parker." Yet a few sentences later he stated that Jamie has not been told when his last day will be. I believe that JP is now going to be allowed to stick around (within reason) until he finds another job or for a set length of time. Whether that will be another month, until the end of the summer, or how long remains to be seen.

Was this suppose to be a financial thing by cutting to one Minister of Music ??.

That was probably part of it. It's no secret that giving is down across the board, but more importantly, remember Ryan Wingo is now SG's son-in-law. Have you noticed how RW has been featured more and more frequently in worship services and other programs? I believe the goal has always been to replace JP with RW. It's never been a question in my mind as to if JP would be let go but when.

Why was MB ever brought in to start with ??.

To do the behind the scenes work no one else wanted to do (or was capable of doing) -- i.e. the MPP, SCT, choir practice, etc. Isn't it interesting that Jim Whitmire who is nearly 30 years older than JP didn't have to have a "co-minister of music" when he was here or at FBC Jax?

Have you noticed MB seems to have taken on a larger role with the orchestra? Makes me wonder if perhaps JP isn't the only member of the music staff who will soon be "retiring" or departing to "pursue other ministry opportunities."

Note: You need to make your profile visible if you want to continue to post comments. Thanks.

gmommy said...

I have no ideas the details about how SG presented the decision to JP because I wouldn't ask. But I did speak to them personally and the conversation in no way indicated that this was a happy or at will choice for their family or future.

Gary said...

Thanks for the updates ! I left a church a year ago because of the constant turmoil. If SG does replace JP with RW it will probably not go over well with many of BBBC members who are hanging on by a thread.

My prayer is that SG will reconsider this decision, even though damage has already been done.

gopher said...

Updates on Jamie Parker -
Its Official:

Letter from Belleuve Baptist's
Chief Financial Officer

it's time to GO

May 7, 2009

Last night Pastor said Jamie Parker addressed the choir on changes in leadership in the music ministry at Bellevue. The Pastor stated that this discussion had been an ongoing one with Jamie, Mark Blair, and other leadership over the last several months. He explained that Mark Blair did not assume the same position that Jon Tyner had when he was here, but that Mark came as a co-minister of music and that through the months they determined that this was not the best solution. He said that Mark will be the leader in the Music Department.

The Pastor made it clear that Jamie has not been fired or relieved of responsibilities at Bellevue but has been encouraged to seek God for direction in his ministry and where that might be. And, if that is away from Bellevue at another church or venue, then this is the best time of the year with the school year almost finished and the summer months to seek out those other opportunities and make those changes as God leads. Jamie will continue to be on our staff while he seeks God's direction for his ministry.

The Pastor expressed his love and appreciation for Jamie and said that he and Jamie have a close relationship and that his love and appreciation for Jamie and his skills have not changed. The Pastor explained that the Bellevue Music program is very complex and that Mark Blair possesses the skills to address and carry forward the vast program at Bellevue. The Pastor explained that he, being the leader has to separate himself from his emotions to make the decision that he feels is best for the church.

The Pastor encouraged and asked the choir to support this change and to be positive about the Music Ministry at Bellevue and their participation and involvement in the ministry. The Pastor also expressed his continual love, support, encouragement, and prayers for Jamie in whatever the Lord has for his ministry.

David Coombs

7 12 2009

Video of Steve Gaines
white washing
"Jamie Parker's departure "

7 18 2009

Announcement in the Bellevue Today

Bellevue Thanks Jamie Parker:

Jamie Parker has accepted a call to serve as Minister of Music at First
Baptist Church of Dyersburg, Tennessee. Jamie has served Bellevue as Minister of Music for the past three years. Jamie also served on Bellevue’s staff from 1993-2003 as Minister, Youth Music. Jamie and his wife, Dana, and children, Emily and Jerron, will be missed in the Bellevue family.
Please pray for the Parker family as they transition to their new place of ministry.

The Parkers will be in the Choir Room following the evening Worship
Service next Sunday to give the church family an opportunity to come by and express their love and appreciation.

Dan Calkins said...

I am not a member of Bellevue, nor have ever been, but I had a view of the church from a distance between the years 2001-2004. I know nothing about Steve Gaines first hand or of anything that has happened since he has been pastor of this church.
With that said, I have noticed that Jamie Parker is a talented and gracious man and that Jim Whitmire seemed to see some major potential in the young man.
Back to today, I am disheartened at this news of many of these ministers apparently forced out of positions held for years. I hope and pray the Parker family can sell their home quickly, but everyone who visits this page must know that they took a great chance in buying that nice of a home. They might have had the salary to go with it (I could care less about Bellevue's salaries), but nothing is 100% secure in this world.
With that said, continue to pray for the pastor God has brought to Bellevue, and, as best as possible, think "tabla rasa" when speaking of Mark Blair and Ryan Wingo. In other words, give them a fighting chance; they at least deserve that.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Anony 6-4-11,

Please reread the last paragraph of the article if you want to post here. Thank you!

New BBC Open Forum said...

For all those looking for Jamie Parker, he's here now.