Sunday, April 26, 2009

We want to minister to everybody...

... except those who ask questions we don't want to answer.

Read the latest Times-Union article.

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Jeri said...

Oh he is so full of crap. The Bible NEVER says to shut down a person who has a grievance. It needs to be dealt with. Brunson is just trying to put a silver polish on a mandate to allow no dissent from anybody.

Hilarious ad lib commentary, BTW!

New BBC Open Forum said...

The Open Door Award.

The open door? LOL!

MOM4 said...

The only door he has ever opened is the one to the coffers! It is no wonder Memphis has so many problems if this is the caliber of men they pay homage to! Oh, wait a minute, I forgot about King Willie and Prince Mongo.

gopher said...

Open Door Award,

As Steve has Opened the front door of Bellevue to "all" Memphians he has also opened the back door to exiting staff and members.

Found in the new edition of The Messenger
"...a place where all people feel loved and accepted"

See how "loved and accepted" you are when you are no longer needed...

Someone below has just heard these Famous words "YOUR FIRED" , Who is it?A)Joe Jernigan
B)Phil Weatherwax
C)Ryan Wingo
D)David Coombs
E)Jamie Parker
F)Phil Newberry

Unknown said...

Oh wow.

Unknown said...

Its that spoons part thats killing me. And the fact that that whole thing about wanting to minister to "everybody" is a least in MY experience. Cool video.