Sunday, May 10, 2009

Joan Rivers' Twin?

This morning Steve Gaines told a story, as factual, to illustrate a point about the worth of a woman's inner beauty versus her outer beauty. At least I think that was the point. Or maybe the point was attractive women can't cook. I wasn't entirely sure.

a clip from the 9:30 service.

a clip from the 11:00 service.

Note how emphatic he is in the second one. "Joan Rivers... has a twin sister! A twin... sister!"

A minimal amount of Googling would have revealed that Joan Rivers was born Joan Alexandra Molinsky in Brooklyn, New York, on June 8, 1933 (or '35, '37, or '39, depending on the source). She has one older sister named Barbara Molinsky (update: Barbara Cushman Waxler obituary), not a twin... although
this person might understandably be mistaken for Joan's twin!

This is reminiscent of a
sermon he preached two years ago where he told about attending a marathon in Nashville the day before. Photos of the winners were flashed on the IMAG, and it was stated the wheelchair winner was a man from Germantown. Only problem with all that was those were the winners from the year before.

Here we are two years later, and you think he would have learned, but alas there still seems to be a serious case of...

Update (September 4, 2014):  Joan Rivers died today at the age of 81.  RIP, Joan.


Lydia said...

I don't get it. Most mega church pastors have fact checkers. But when the facts don't match the point you want to make, I guess you just ignore them.

Hmmmmm. What else is he getting very wrong that is actually important? That is the real question.

It certainly does nothing for his credibility which is nil anyway.

New BBC Open Forum said...

"What else is he getting very wrong that is actually important? That is the real question.".

Yes, that is the whole point.

gopher said...

No wonder Steve doesn't like anyone coping his sermons

remember this... about pastors who go on the internet and copy sermons...


Why didn't someone correct him between sermons?

Because.... NO ONE ,


tells the "King" he's NAKED

Did anyone notice Jeanie Newberry's expression
(Sitting next to Phil) was
"oh brother" here we go again....

gmommy said...

But what was the point anyway???? How did a "normal" woman who could cook pie and meatloaf go along with whatever scripture he was teaching???
I'm confused.

New BBC Open Forum said...

I think the point he was trying to make is that if Joan Rivers had a twin who hadn't had all the plastic surgery Joan has had and that if he had to choose between them he'd choose the other one because she would look like someone who'd know how to cook meatloaf and bake pies. It was a good example of how people tend to judge others, particularly women, only by their appearances. But hey, the man knows his priorities!

That statement reminds me of all the hoopla over the Britain's Got Talent phenom, Susan Boyle. A lot of people judged her only by her appearance, too!

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

This is quite unfortunate.

Firstly, a man in a very influential pulpit like Gaines making fun of the looks of a woman. I MIGHT understand a preacher discussing Joan Rivers' views on social issues, but to attack her looks?? Sure, we all know she has had lots of plastic surgery, but come on Gaines, do you really have to go that low?

And then to assume because of her looks she must not know how to bake, and that the non-existent twin therefore must be the better woman - judged of course on her ability to make Steve a pie?

Seeing Steve being so unfit and swollen - should we assume he is an inferior husband based on his looks, and doesn't know how to fix a door, or change his oil?

Does that mean a very beautful woman, even one that has had cosmetic surgery, therefore is not a good wife, or inferior to another - and that they also must not be able to bake their husbands a pie?

Guys like Gaines give preachers everywhere a bad name. They may preach that they value women and place them on a pedestal when they preach out of the Bible, but their own words prove them to have a low esteem of women.

Thank God for the humble, truthful preachers all over America today that preached the Word, and preached sermons intended to build women up, and help families, and help marriages.

We've seen this with Mac Brunson in Jacksonville, Florida. His lying about Sheri Klouda's testimony last July in one of his sermons, his attacks on Mrs. Truett and Mrs. Criswell while preaching in Texas last November, and then his church's treatment of my own wife with trespass papers filed with the sheriff's office for the sin of "associating" with her husband. They can preach out of Ephesians 5 all year long, but its their own words and deeds that prove what they believe about women.

Lydia said...

So, Donna Gaines is making pies? By the looks of Gaines, someone is making pies! Does anyone know if she has had any cosmetic surgery?

There are several mega wives who have...but they usually leave town and go visit 'relatives'...just curious.

Ramesh said...

I have recently discovered that the preaching techniques of both Pastor Mac Brunson and Pastor Steve Gaines have in common is this, preaching by shaming and manipulation in areas of tithing, service and others.

I have come across this post by Mary Burleson (Pastor Wade Burleson's mom), which has been an eye opener for me, confirming my thoughts. Please note that this post only reflects Mary's thoughts about her own personal life.

Reality Check Blog > Grace.
I think my first step in that direction was learning the meaning of the word shame. I read a book, Parenting Without Shame, and it socked me between the eyes. It nailed me. I realized I had shamed my kids to obedience. I could almost shame anyone into responding or acting like I wanted them to act. I was a shame tyrant. But I didn't know that. I was raised that way and I just continued the shaming style. It seemed the natural way. Realizing how not loving that was, I began the long road to change. At first it was a sense of not even knowing how to act. I was shocked at how much of my relational style was shaming.

The second step for me was understanding what respecting the other person really meant. I can remember when I really began to get a glimpse of this. Paul and I and our two daughters were riding some place together and the girls started talking about how to get their kids to respect them. We ended our discussion realizing that you don't teach respect, you respect others and in doing that they learn respect. When they're respected, they will respect others, or at least will have a fighting chance to learn and do. That discussion was the start of another long road of relational style changing. Wow! What revelations!

Now what does this have to do with grace? Everything. At least for me. I began to realize how God loves me without shame and without dis-grace. Totally accepting and without shame. May I repeat that, without shame. Unbelievable! And then on the heels of that, learning respect. God respects my person. I learn to respect myself and I then give respect to others. In this process I also learned that I cannot give to someone else what I do not have. I must love myself without shame, and respect my person before I can give love to others or respect others. I learned this by trying to stop my bad relational styles and then realizing that's the way God loves me. It has been an incredible journey!

That's grace! At least to me! Love without shame and respect for the person no matter who the person is or what that person does. Grace, the gift! And I can give that when I've received it from God to me and for me and I realize, fully realize deep within my inner person, that God has that for me, then I have it for myself. Then, I'm a giver of that gift to others. What release! What freedom! But a hard road to travel and many the potholes along the way

gopher said...

Steve is just a little confused with a

Joan Rivers Look-A-like on NBCAnd according to Steve, Joan can't cook.


Ramesh said...

Please listen to this mini-interview of Joan Rivers by Scott Simon of NPR Weekend Edition.

NPR > Weekend Edition > Joan Rivers Talks About Nips, Tucks And New Book.
Weekend Edition Saturday, January 10, 2009 · Joan Rivers' plastic-surgery adventures are as well-known as her penchant for joking about them. She's just published a new book on the subject, Men Are Stupid... And They Like Big Boobs.

And as Rivers tells Scott Simon, her new book — subtitled "A Woman's Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery" — doesn't hold back any details

New BBC Open Forum said...


I could admonish you to stay on topic, but I suppose in this case you somewhat... were.

Lydia said...

"his attacks on Mrs. Truett and Mrs. Criswell while preaching in Texas last November.."

I missed this one. Was it because Mrs. Criswell taught men?

32yrs@bbc said...

Lydia said...
So, Donna Gaines is making pies? By the looks of Gaines, someone is making pies!
Lydia, Steve Gaines has a chronic disease - myasthenia gravis - which requires daily doses of a steroid drug. It is the drug, not over-eating, that results in the weight gain and "moon" shaped face.

Ramesh said...

Fbc Jax Watchdog > Mac on "Pastoral Abuse" - Part 3, "Gossip and Slander of Women".

Lydia said...

Lydia, Steve Gaines has a chronic disease - myasthenia gravis - which requires daily doses of a steroid drug. It is the drug, not over-eating, that results in the weight gain and "moon" shaped face.

5:55 AM, May 11, 2009

oops sorry. I have a friend on steriods so I can understand that. But it has not affected her integrity or character.

32yrs@bbc said...

I'm with you concerning integrity.
A person either has it or they don't.

New BBC Open Forum said...


I think it's likely a combination. Of course the medication plays a big role, but so does ordering the "desert sampler tray" whenever one eats out, something he's bragged(?) about from the pulpit. (For you naysayers, that's not hearsay. I heard it myself.) He said, "Whenever I eat out, people don't ask me if I want dessert, they ask me what I want for dessert." He said he just tells them to bring him the "sampler tray."

MOM4 said...

The type of medication he is on makes you "puffy", but not "fat". I know, I am on it!

drstevej said...

I am a pastor and listened to both service clips. My response is, "Say What?"

Despite the factual error, why in the world would you tell that story?

In the 11:00 am service he says she has a twin and both of them are well up in years.

Not a mega church pastor but I'm guessing one's twin might be the exact same age.

And what's up with the Grand Canyon looking background?

New BBC Open Forum said...


Yes, I thought the same thing -- if one is getting up in age, it's only logical one's twin is, too!

The "Grand Canyon" background is not a permanent fixture. It's a backdrop that rises from the floor right before the sermon. See video clip.

Not sure why it's necessary, but it goes along with his new sermon series entitled "Exploring the Depths of God - A Study in Ephesians."

They had one back in the fall when they rewrote the church mission statement. That one had a blue sky with mountains in the background and a big yellow road warning sign with a running man stick figure on it -- and of course, the new mission statement.

You need to make your profile visible if you want to continue to comment. Thanks.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Lydia wrote:

"his attacks on Mrs. Truett and Mrs. Criswell while preaching in Texas last November.."

I missed this one


Junkster said...

Something about this story seemed awfully familiar ... I am embarrassed to admit it, but I think I know where it came from.

Check this out. (Foul language alert!)

I can't point any fingers at anyone for watching what is possibly the most raunchy, vile, pornographic and debased show ever produced (Nip/Tuck), having done so myself. But really, I don't think I'd make it public in a church service ...

New BBC Open Forum said...


Never heard of that show. Thank you for your... candidness. Wow.

gmommy said...

Freaky...maybe Steve was dozing a little when he was watching and missed that Joan R always WANTED a twin???
No matter...the whole story he told still seems so pointless for a sermon.

New BBC Open Forum said...


Your comment was published on the previous thread where you posted it.

Bill said...

Question for those who say that God is "Not telling them to leave" or "God wants me to stay" -however you want to put it--Please tell me from scripture where christians are told to follow wickedness and be partakers in evil?

I truly do not mean to sound condescending, just trying to figure out what the thinking is on your part.

Thanks in Advance.

Romans 5:1

"Former Bellevue Member and MABTS Student" 86-89

Anonymous said...

I don't know of anywhere in the bible where it says to follow evil.

What this has to do in relation to Bellevue is puzzling. Are you saying that the church body of Bellevue is evil and wicked? This is pretty bold. It is one thing to bash a cult as a whole, but a church body? I am not nieve to thing that everyone at Bellevue is redeemed or are even living in a growing relationship with the Lord. But many are, and please be careful how you speak of any member of the bride of Christ, Bellevue congregation or any other.

Current Bellvue member and graduating Mid-America student.