Thursday, September 29, 2011

John Langworthy Indicted on Sex Counts

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Amy said...

SNAP applauds indictment of ex-minister Langworthy

We urge every single person who saw, suspected or suffered any harm by John Langworthy (or any other offender) in Texas, Mississippi, wherever and whenever the abuse occurred, to call police, protect others and start healing. It’s very tempting to do what is the easiest – keep quiet. And for victims, that’s a very effective short term coping mechanism. But over the long haul, it’s terribly destructive. The lifelong effects of childhood victimization slowly and imperceptibly eat away at your self-esteem, trust and faith.

The solution is to speak up and share your burden with those you love and trust. Staying silent helps no one. It doesn’t help you heal. It doesn’t stop child predators. Though others have already come forward to the police resulting in an indictment, don't let that keep you from also reporting the abuse done to you. Let their courage give you hope and strength. The whole truth needs to be known.

So please, dig deep, find courage, speak up, and start healing yourself and protecting others. The light of truth and knowledge is our most effective tool in protecting kids.

Amy Smith
Houston SNAP

Ramesh said...

Stop Baptist Predators [Christa Brown] > Jack Graham: Deceiver, believer or in-betweener?

Amy Smith said...

You Are Not to Blame
Family Life Today broadcast with guest Justin Holcomb:

Sexual abuse. Even the word makes us cringe. Justin Holcomb, a pastor in Seattle, talks frankly about the abuse he experienced as a child and the self-blame that so many victims battle. Justin encourages abuse victims to bring their questions and their pain to God, who promises never to leave or forsake us.

Justin Holcomb is a pastor at Mars Hill Church and director of the resurgence. Justin and his wife, Lindsey, wrote Rid of My Disgrace , a book on gospel hope and healing for sexual assault victims.

This is a powerful broadcast that I strongly recommend for survivors of sexual abuse and their families, friends and supporters, as well as anyone concerned with protecting kids. Here are a few notable quotes I gathered from the broadcast:

"Our culture doesn't like to talk about sexual assault."

"Shame is a prison that shuts people down."

"This can happen right under parents' noses."

"Do not offer simplistic platitudes."

"I know the memories and memories don't know time."

Amy Smith
Houston SNAP

Anonymous said...

Wasn't JL's court date today? Anyone know the outcome?

just wonderin said...

I was wondering about the court date also and what the outcome was, or when it was reset for?

New BBC Open Forum said...

I haven't heard anything. I think it must have been reset. If you'll recall, two judges had to recuse themselves from presiding because they know him.

just wonderin said...

I see where John was indicted at the end Of September. I had not read that article b/f posting the earlier comment. So what happens from here? Does anyone know when the next court date is?

New BBC Open Forum said...

Next court date is October 18th, but don't be surprised if it's reset several more times.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what JL is doing with himself now? Staying home? How does he pass his time with being so busy before and in the heart of the community to going to this type of life must be very hard for him.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Stress eating, obviously. And I can't help but be reminded of the scene from 9 to 5 where Violet, Judy, and Doralee are holding Franklin Hart a prisoner in his own home. He's dressed in that leather and chains getup, tethered to a garage door opener, while sitting there resignedly watching the intro to Days of Our Lives. "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Only this is real life and there's nothing funny about it.

David said...

Dear Anon: Yeah I guess it has been hard on him the past 90 days, but imagine how it has been for his victims for the past 20-25 past years, knowing if they spoke out no one would believe them. Now that must be a personal hell. And all of it brought on by JL. I pray they are now getting some peace.

And once again I suspect there will be plea agreement reached with his victims to avoid a trial. Why? Can you imagine the hell that these brave men will endure at the hands of a criminal defense attorney trying to attack them? Can you blame them for wanting some closure? I don’t, they are heroes.

And then there will some folks that will say “See I told you so? If he was really guilty he would have gone to prison. Guess there wasn’t really much to these charges.” I have heard that so many times when a plea bargain is reached. But they forget, good ole, JL just pleaded GUILTY! You just can’t spin that anyway you want. The truth, JL is a serial PEDOPHILE. Are there more victims? Only time will tell.

David Brown
SNAP Director-Memphis

David said...

Oh another question, does JL still have his license to the ministry? Shouldn’t the elders have asked him to surrender it? If not why?

Paul Williams surrendered his when he resigned from Bellevue but it did little good as now this man is on the board of trustees at his new church in charge of finances. To be a trustee it is my understanding you have to be an elder too. WOW!

You mean to tell me that because I am divorced I cannot be an elder/deacon but yet a pedophile can be one? Does anyone else is how twisted this is? And you wonder why the “unsaved” laugh at us?

I also did some checking, on the SBC website, good ole JL is still listed as a minister. Why? Shouldn’t the pastor and elders ask that his name be removed? Seems like Prestonwood all over again. The “mistakes” keep on coming in the SBC and while those mistakes continue our children are not safe.

Folks these are some really serious questions; they not only demand truthful answers but real actions!

Start the database!!!!!

David Brown
SNAP Director-Memphis

Anonymous said...

Well, in my experience with MHBC, they are just wanting this to disappear and nothing to happen either way...his wife still attends and plays in the band during service and you are shunned or ignored if you even suggest discussing any of this while there, they act like you are gossiping when all the while they are sinning too by sweeping it under the rug...they are sure some do-gooders that think nothing they do is wrong or just justify it with some mumbo-jumbo. And by the way more than 1/2 of the congregation is on their 2nd or 3rd marriages there...what a bunch of hypocrits...

New BBC Open Forum said...

More than half, huh?

Amy Smith said...

Shining the Light on Child Sexual Abuse

Marie said...

I work in a Southern Baptist church, and we got the October/November edition of SBCLife today. Interestingly, there is an article in there about a task force of about 20 people that's been formed to study the possibility of changing SBC's NAME. They'll be doing it at their own expense because the task force was not voted on by messengers to the convention.

It disturbs me that the priority is on changing the SBC name instead of on things like the database of sex offenders and other needed policies to keep kids safe. Very sad indeed...

john said...

Come on people! You can be an "ex-anything" and lead a church except an "ex-married". The great B H Carroll was divorced but he has been referred to as the ultimate pastor. As southern baptists we are such hypocrites. Just ask Charles Standly about double standards

Amy Smith said...

Abuse Tracker: A digest of links to media coverage of clergy abuse

Pastor charged with sexual assault after 20 years

AUSTIN -- Police have arrested an Elgin pastor for molesting children in his congregation more than 20 years ago. According to the law, there is no statute of limitations when it comes to child abuse.
In June, police say four women in their 20's came to Austin police headquarters to report sexual abuse. Three of them are sisters who claim their pastor, Francisco Antonio Hernandez, also known as "Pastor Javier," molested them while they stayed at his home in 1989. Another victim, a relative of Hernandez, says he forced her to perform sexual acts when she was just five years old.
Police say since then, more victims have come forward. Their ages have not been released. Police are encouraging any parents who may have attended the pastor's services to talk to their children.
"It is possible that he was still doing this until he got picked up yesterday," Detective Sabrina Nichols with the APD Child Abuse Unit said. "We just don't know; that's why we encourage if there are any victims, whether they are adults or children. We are encouraging their parents. If their child has come to them, mentioned this, please come forward."

For the first time ever, US bishop indicted for endangering kids by failing to report abuse

"This is a significant charge," Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said. "It is about protecting our children." She said she wants to ensure "there are no other future failures to report resulting in other unsuspecting victims."

The light of knowledge and truth is our most important tool in protecting kids.

Amy Smith said...

Associated Baptist Press: Advocate says Baptists ill-equipped to address sexual abuse by clergy

Memories Don't Know Time: Shining the Light on Child Sexual Abuse

David said...

Just saw where JL pleaded NOT guilty. Now what kind of Christian message is that after he CONFESSED in front of his home church? Those are mixed messages for sure. I wouldn’t call that being very moral would you?

In reality this happens all the time. It gives his attorney time to try a work out a plea deal for JL.

But in church we are told as Christians we should be truthful in all our actions and to tell the truth yet good ole JL just lied AGAIN. WOW!! As I have said before any wonder why the unsaved laugh at us. JL could have done the right thing again but once again he failed. Just how many times is he going to get away with his “sins”? Reckon he will be up in front of the congregation again apologizing for this lie sometime in the future.

JL, I beg you to do the right, moral, Christian thing, in fact I implore you. Own up to your crimes. Please do not put these young men through more hell just to save yourself. It is way past time for you to man up. Yet I don’t think you will. You have been sneaking and lying your way with too many people. I will congratulate you in that you were able to deceive some very good people at MHBC and CPS for a very long time. But it is time to take ownership of your crimes/sins. How about it? Please think of your many victims for ONCE, spare them.

David Brown
SNAP Director Tennessee/Memphis

Anonymous said...

To Anon on 10/13
Unless you have personally polled every member of MHBC, you do not have the right to say that 1 the JL situation is being swept under the rug. 2 that more than 1/2 the people are on their 2nd or 3rd marriage. You can not accuse people of being hipocrits whithout proof. Maybe it is not being talked about because there is more pressing issues, or maybe they are trying to deepen their walk by learning about GOD and worshiping HIM. That is what we are suppose to do, worship and serve others. NOW why do YOU find that hipocritical. Why are people downcast due to mistakes, such as divorce.

I have been married before. My exhusband cheated with his now wife, he was abusive. Should I have stayed just so you would not call me a hipocrit. I have devoted my life to God, to serve Him as He sees fit. To serve others, and because of the saving blood of His Son, my sin has been thrown as far as the east is from the west. You have no right to condemn me lest you be condemned.

Anonymous said...

reports JL issued a NOT GUILTY PLEA

skyvoyager said...

Langworthy pleads not guilty|topnews|text|Home

just wonderin said...

Does anyone know if the hearing took place today or get continued again?

Disgusted, yet again said...

Shocker: JL's more concerned with cutting a deal & getting off easy instead of doing the right thing for once in his miserable life. Since when does CONFESSING to multiple crimes = not guilty??

Just wonderin' said...

Someone please clarify again about the statute of limitations in Texas? I've seen posts that statute has run out for abuse/misconduct by an authority figure (not sure of exact wording) but what about straight-up child abuse or rape? Is there not SOMETHING the victims can do or SOME WAY they can seek legal action for the crimes JL committed in Texas? I'm sure others affected would come forward if they knew it would mean more justice - jail time - for that coward!

skyvoyager said...

According to the report, the trial is in April 2012. Some type of preliminary hearing in March 2012.

Former PBC Youth said...

Blog Leader, not sure how/if you wnat to post this info but it's straight from the Texas penal code. Also included link in case that's cleaner. Thanks!

Except as provided in Article 12.03, felony indictments may be presented within these limits, and not afterward:

(1) no limitation:
(A) murder and manslaughter;

(B) sexual assault, if during the investigation of the offense biological matter is collected and subjected to forensic DNA testing and the testing results show that the matter does not match the victim or any other person whose identity is readily ascertained; or

(C) an offense involving leaving the scene of an accident under Section 550.021, Transportation Code, if the accident resulted in the death of a person;

(2) ten years from the date of the commission of the offense:
(A) theft of any estate, real, personal or mixed, by an executor, administrator, guardian or trustee, with intent to defraud any creditor, heir, legatee, ward, distributee, beneficiary or settlor of a trust interested in such estate;

(B) theft by a public servant of government property over which he exercises control in his official capacity;

(C) forgery or the uttering, using or passing of forged instruments;

(D) injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual punishable as a felony of the first degree under Section 22.04, Penal Code;

(E) sexual assault, except as provided by Subdivision (1) or (5); or

(F) arson;

(3) seven years from the date of the commission of the offense:
(A) misapplication of fiduciary property or property of a financial institution;
(B) securing execution of document by deception; or

(C) a violation under Sections 162.403(22)-(39), Tax Code;

(4) five years from the date of the commission of the offense:
(A) theft, burglary, robbery;

(B) kidnapping;

(C) injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual that is not punishable as a felony of the first degree under Section 22.04, Penal Code;

(D) abandoning or endangering a child; or

(E) insurance fraud;

(5) ten years from the 18th birthday of the victim of the offense:
(A) indecency with a child under Section 21.11(a)(1) or (2), Penal Code; or

(B) except as provided by Subdivision (1), sexual assault under Section 22.011(a)(2), Penal Code, or aggravated sexual assault under Section 22.021(a)(1)(B), Penal Code; or (6) three years from the date of the commission of the offense: all other felonies.

Former PBC Youth said...

I actually consulted an attorney regarding the statute of limitations issue with JL and other former leaders at Prestonwood. Basically, the limit is 10 years after the 18th birthday of the victim. Since the victims from Prestonwood were likely somewhere around my age at the time (I just turned 38)the statute has expired.

Amy Smith said...

Please, anyone that was harmed at any time by John Langworthy, call the police and report it. Do not attempt to decipher legal issues. That is the job of law enforcement. Make the report. When John Langworthy left Clinton, MS and moved to Dallas in 1984 the statutes were "tolled" for 5 years until he returned in 1989. He fled Dallas in 1989 and has not returned.

Statutes of Limitations on Child Sexual Abuse:

"Under certain circumstances, a statute of limitations is "tolled." In other words, the clock stops during this period of time. For example, a state may toll the statute of limitation if a perpetrator leaves the state until he or she returns."

I spoke with the Dallas Police Department after Langworthy's arrest to ask for contact numbers for any TX victims to call to report. These are listed on the home page of this blog. Of course, calling 911 is appropriate to make a report of a crime, no matter how long ago it occurred. You will be directed to the appropriate unit. In that conversation, what was clear is that any victims in TX still need to call and make a report of the abuse.

Please, anyone who saw, suspected or suffered Langworthys' wrong-doing come forward. The more victims and witnesses come forward, the stronger the prosecutors' case.

We urge anyone with information about this accused child molester to call law enforcement immediately.

Amy Smith
Houston SNAP

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Eddie Struble who used to sing at Bellevue?

Anonymous said...

The Penn State/Sandusky scandal has a lot of similarities to JL, no? Except the Penn State higher-ups are already being charged in the coverup. I just don't understand why that can't happen with the Prestonwood folks. Hmmm.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Someone sent me a link to this story yesterday.

This is the part that should have a whole lot of the good old boys quaking:

Two top university officials — Gary Schultz, the senior vice president for finance and business, and Tim Curley, the athletic director — were charged Saturday with perjury and failure to report to authorities what they knew of the allegations, as required by state law.

If they would start cracking down on the people in positions of authority who fail to report it might start to make a dent in some of this.

Amy Smith said...

sounds very familiar...

Protecting a program before a child

and yes, that is the same Eddie Struble who used to sing at Bellevue.
What's at stake: protecting and preserving the innocence of children

Amy Smith said...

Mohler says Penn State scandal holds lesson for Southern Baptists

Anonymous said...

Understand that Texas authorities are looking into an incident w/PSU coach Sandusky that occurred at the Alamo bowl in 1999, what about the statue of limitations that I read about on this site, seems like they need to look at the JL incidents at Prestonwood as well.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't the Clinton Public School System administrators who had been told about JL be held responsible also for letting our children be exposed to a child molester for the best part of 1 year....similar to Penn State????

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that to all who is judging him, you should be ashamed! Nobody has even the Slightest right to judge anybody else other than the lord. If he did what he is accused of doing then the lord will deal with him on his on terms. Who are we to judge someone else. This is between him and god. P.S. The people who are JUST NOW coming forward and Amy Smith aren't acting as Christians. Coming forward years later isn't showing that your doing the CHRISTIAN thing. Your showing that you have so much evil inside your heart that your willing to hurt someone years later. John Langworthy is the Victim. We can not judge others for their sins because WE ALL SIN!! All we can do is Pray that everything works out well and also pray for those people who claim to be victims is this situation and Pray for this Amy woman because she has so much evil in her heart to do this................and as a Little side note....You will never find peace inside yourself until you forgive. Much Love.Xx

New BBC Open Forum said...

John Langworthy is the Victim.

Are you serious? Okay, let's do away with all laws, police, judges, and prisons. Because... after all... only God can judge someone, right? Sheesh. Tell ya what. John's still a free man and probably has a lot of spare time on his hands these days. Why don't you ask him to babysit your young sons or grandsons for a few days? Unsupervised, of course.

Actually, disregard that. I'm afraid you'd do it.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 1:24 pm:

John Langworthy is a confessed criminal of child sexual abuse. Victims are NOT just now coming forward. Dig your head out of the sand. Young, then-current, victims did come forward in 1989 to Neal Jeffrey, Jack Graham and other adults (perhaps you are one of them or know them?) at Prestonwood Baptist Church yet they failed to report a known and confessed child molester to the police, breaking mandatory TX reporting laws, a misdemeanor. You no doubt think Jerry Sandusky is a victim too. Your dribble is a disgrace to the name of Christ. He would spit you out. No one but Christ is without sin, but in our great nation, founded on Judeo-Christian values shown to us in the Bible, some sins are actually CRIMES punishable by law, in this case to defend and protect the most precious and vulnerable among us, children. Despicable people like you are exhibit A of why kids are scared to come forward when they have been abused.

Anonymous said...

This is in regard to "Much Love XX" get out of your closet and get a are not in your right mind if you think for one second that JL is the at you!

David said...

NASS why does my little heart tell me that the anon from 1:24 yesterday was nobody else but good ole JL himself. Anyone want to bet?

I love all the comments about sin and we all being sinners. No argument there but what about the consequences of those sins? See they so conveniently forget the consequences of a pedophile’s sins. Those consequences are called VICTIMS and not “so called victims.

As for judging others, opps ANON seems you got a bunch of confessing to do yourself. As for praying for “this woman Amy” you got that right. While you are at it how about thanking your Lord for “this woman Amy.” If it weren’t for Amy this monster would still be roaming the halls of Clinton Public schools and MHBC while taking our precious children on trips out of town and growing his “family”.

So in closing Anon 1:24, get a life you self-righteous nut job. Yes I have just sinned however in light of your foolish post I just bet my God might very well understand. He is certainly bigger than yours.

David Brown

New BBC Open Forum said...


Something tells me that came from a somewhere about 500 miles SW of Clinton, MS. Just sayin'.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Eddie Struble information