Friday, September 30, 2011

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I'm keeping the John Langworthy story on the front page for now, but a couple of local stories are in the news now. More information will be available after JL's scheduled court date on October 5th or as soon as it develops.

Please, if you were a victim of JL or any other abuser or have information about this case or abuse of anyone, regardless of how insignificant the information may seem, contact the proper authorities and let them sort it out. In Clinton, that would be detective Josh Frazier at 601-924-5252.

If the abuse or suspicion of abuse occurred in Jackson, MS:

Jackson Police Sex Crimes:


In addition to either of the two police departments listed above, to provide any information regarding the JL case or abuse in Hinds County, MS, contact Assistant D.A. Jamie McBride at 601-968-6568.

If the abuse or suspicion of abuse occurred at Prestonwood or in the Dallas area:

This is a great list of victim's services information.

Dallas Police non-emergency number:


Child exploitation unit:


Dallas Children's Advocacy Center


DCAC victim assistant coordinator:


DCAC will act as the go-between if you do not want to contact the police directly. Don't worry about any statute of limitations. What may seem to be an insignificant detail may be the missing puzzle piece the investigators need. Go to them and tell them what you know and let them determine if it's important! They will keep your identity confidential.

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Not Fair said...

I watched streaming Sunday night on computer (Aug. 21). Steve said how hard it was to be a pastor, that he and David Coombs were always hard at it. So laughable, since he never preaches on Wednesday. Also, he just went to the coast for 2 weeks. On the way down he preached at some church and then hit the coast. On the way home, he preached at another church. This probably netted him over $5,000. He does not do anything unless he makes money out of it. Poor overworked thing; $500,000 plus per year. He makes much more than a heart or brain surgeon. And the sheep are still buying all of his bull and most of them are dressing like they are going to a ballgame or picnic.

New BBC Open Forum said...

And the sheep are still buying all of his bull and most of them are dressing like they are going to a ballgame or picnic.

Watching a LWF broadcast from even 7 or 8 years ago and a BBC service today, you wouldn't think it's the same place. People used to take a little pride in their appearance. Now, as you said, many of them dress like they're going to a ballgame or picnic. I didn't realize "come just as you are" meant crawl out of bed and come straight to church wearing clothes you slept in.

New BBC Open Forum said...

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