Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adrian Rogers 80th Birthday Celebration

From the Baptist Press:

Adrian Rogers is turning 80 this year and we are going to celebrate!

BARTLETT, Tenn. (news release)--The Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute, the Adrian Rogers family, and Faith Baptist Church (Bartlett, TN) are hosting the Adrian Rogers 80th Birthday Celebration on Sunday evening, September 18 at 6:00pm. The event will be held in the Faith Baptist Church sanctuary. There are no tickets required; all are welcome.

This special event will commemorate the life and legacy of one of the greatest Christian leaders of the last 100 years, Dr. Adrian Rogers. In addition to commemorating his 50 plus years of public ministry, the event will celebrate the future extension of this legacy through the Pastor Training Institute and its deployment of the online Adrian Rogers School of Global Leadership. When finished, this state-of-the-art website will feature the training of Dr. Adrian Rogers which will educate and equip hundreds of thousands of global pastors, per month, that are unable to attend seminary due to cost and inaccessibility.

Leading the music portion of the event will be Dr. Jim Whitmire, who presently serves as minister of music as First Baptist Church, Jacksonville. Dr. Whitmire served as Dr. Rogers' ministry of music for 38 years, starting with First Baptist Merritt Island and moving onto Bellevue Baptist Church.

Whitmire recently noted, "I am honored to be able to participate in this event where we can truly celebrate the legacy of a very unique servant of the Lord. I'm so excited that the Pastor Training Institute continues to carry on Dr. Rogers' legacy. He loved preachers—especially young preachers. This was the genesis of the Pastor Training Institute. He saw himself growing older and transferring his wisdom and experience onto the next generation. I don't think he had any idea of how global it would go, as the ministry is committed to training 1,000,000 pastors in 100 countries by the year 2020."

Also joining in the festivities are musical guests Jamie and Dana Parker. Jamie presently serves as music minister for Dr. Ronnie Floyd at Cross Church (Springdale, Arkansas).

July 25, 2011


New BBC Open Forum said...

I heard it was a nice tribute, but the elephant in the room was why it wasn't held at Bellevue.

Anonymous said...

It truly was a beautiful tribute led by a group of people who dearly loved Dr. Rogers as husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, friend, former pastor and hero in the faith.

However, there was no elephant in the room. Everyone knew exactly why it wasn't held at Bellevue and amazingly, it didn't even matter anymore.

There was more love in that room than has been in Bellevue for years. The tribute was lovingly hosted by a wonderful pastor and church family that have surrounded the Rogers family and loved them in the way that Dr. Rogers would have appreciated.

Mrs. Joyce still speaks eloquently of her beloved husband, sings with a beautiful, clear voice; Jim Whitmire is still the best orchestra and choir leader in the world; the choir was fantastic, the Parkers still sing with joy from their hearts, Dale Shippley still touches your heart with "The Anchor Holds" and when you can once more watch Dr. Rogers on the IMAG doing the precious, reverent "End of the Day"....yes, it was a glorious evening.

The Bellevue Zoo can keep its elephants. They were the losers Sunday night.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Everyone knew exactly why it wasn't held at Bellevue....

Yes, they did. Considering all that's happened the past 6 years it was probably best it wasn't held at Bellevue.

Anonymous said...

"end of the Day". Does anyone have any of those on audio or video that can be shared either through youtube or this site? Those were great and are missed.

Anonymous said...

Rick Warren
"6 yrs ago today, great pastor, mentor & dear friend @AdrianRogers died. Psalm 101:6"