Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FBC Jax Watchdog: Who's talking?

Some current and past discussions taking place in the blogosphere on FBC Jax Watchdog:

On this blog:

We want to minister to everybody...

Who's really the sociopath here?

This is the "Biblical Pattern" for Church Discipline?

Some Thoughts on "Church Authority" and "Church Discipline"

Spending God's Money

Jacksonville, FL Church Cover-up - Déjà Vu, Bellevue?

Florida Times-Union:

Phil Fretz > Blogger in church tussle can't have it both ways

Mark Woods > First Baptist blogger case where it should be: In judge's hands

Jeff Brumley > Blogger sues after Jacksonville cops out him to First Baptist

Woman accepts her blog's role in church investigation

Jax News >Readers respond to detective's investigation of critical blogger

Jeff Brumley > FBC blogger feels privacy was violated: Law enforcement says his privacy rights weren't violated, but there are concerns about the investigation.

Mark Woods > Church's use of power is troubling.

Jeff Brumley > Unmasked blogger blames First Baptist, Sheriff's Office: A subpoena is used to obtain critic's identity from Google.

Television coverage:

First Coast News > Internet Blog on First Baptist Church Causes Stir

FOX 30 > Sheriff Rutherford Responds To Church Intelligence Investigation

Tiffany Croft's blog:

Here is the latest story regarding this blog and the investigation

JSO Explains Subpoena

Stop Baptist Predators:

Go Dog Go!

FBC-Jax: "Big Brother meets Big Church"

Bully Bylaws

Mac Brunson on Gilyard & Patterson

Baptist Life Forums:

FBCJax Watchdog's lawsuit

Blogger sues after Jacksonville cops out him to FBC Jax

Brunson re: blogger "sociopath...obsessive compulsive"

Making criticism criminal

Church discipline according to FBCJax

FBC Jax Calls for Sever of Ties to Lifeway Over The Shack

Wade Burleson's blog:

A Southern Baptist Religious "State of Play"

We Are As Healthy As The Secrets We Keep

Censure, Censorship, and Church Citizenship

Abuse of Authority: It Must Not Be Ignored

The High Cost of Stifling Criticism and Dissent

Your Honor, Please Help Us Understand

Anonymous Writing Is Not Intrinsically Evil

Lessons in Dealing with a Disgruntled Church Member

The Untouchables: Spiritually Elite Leaders and the Unwillingness to Be Held Accountable

From around the world:

ABP News > Authorities expose blogger who has been hounding FBC Jacksonville

Anonymous Blogger Gets Outed then Booted From His Church!

Anonymous Blogger Messes with Church... Church messes back...

at-Largely > Alert, press under attack: blogger critical of church pastor targeted by cop who is member of the church...

Baptist Planet > Fbc Jax posts

Bene Diction Blogs On > SBC Jax Watchblog update

Bene Diction Blogs On > Whereas... the FBC Jax Watchdog blog

Bene Diction Blogs On > Whereas, First Baptist Church Jacksonville and law enforcement

Business Week > FBC blogger feels privacy was violated: Law enforcement says his privacy rights weren't violated, but there are concerns about the investigation. [The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville]

Christian School Confidential > to the bloggers of Jacksonville

Daily Kos > FL megachurch security detail/sheriff's dept unmasks blogger's ID

Debbie Kaufman > Enough Is Enough

Deep Thoughts > Where is the love? > Church pulls strings in an attempt to muzzle a blogger critical of the leadership

First Baptist Church of Jacksonville Florida: Snakes and Vipers

First Baptist downtown votes out supposed blogger

Forums > Law enforcement exposes blogger for pastor after revealing salary

Google Helps Identify Anonymous Blogger

Holy Man of the Day: Pastor Mac Brunson

Jacksonville First Baptist Has Police Out Anonymous Blogger

JaxOutLoud Forum > First Baptist Church and the Internet

JONATHAN TURLEY > Baptist Church Accused of Using Florida Detective to Uncover and Identify Critical Blogger

Legal Schnauzer > Blogger Draws the Ire of a Southern Mega-Church

Mainline Disease and the Southern Baptists

Megachurch Uses Police to Out Critical Blogger's Identity

Metro Jacksonville > Unmasked blogger blames First Baptist, Sheriff's Office
my TPM blog > And yet again -- another blogger outing

On my soapbox RE: FBC Downtown

* Outed Blogger Sues Sheriff's Department

Photography is Not a Crime: It’s a First Amendment Right > Florida cop abuses subpoena authority against bloggers who criticize pastors

Science Blog > Pharyngula > Mac Brunson, Baptist tyrant and greedy Pharisee

The Backbencher > Abuse of Pulpit

The Big Daddy Weave > Megachurch Passes Resolution Against Blogger

The Mudflats > Jacksonville Florida First Baptist Church Outs Anonymous Blogger!!

The People's Forum > Unmasked blogger blames First Baptist, Sheriff's Office - A subpoena is used to obtain critic's identity from Google.

Unmasked blogger blames First Baptist, Sheriff's Office

UPI > Blogger: Detective gave his ID to church

WebProNews > Google Helps Identify Anonymous Blogger

Women In Ministry > Reaching unity in the faith without authoritarian control

And of course the FBC Jax Watchdog blog itself.

* Recently added

Thanks to "Thy Peace" for this exhaustive list!

New links will continue to be added periodically.


BkWormGirl said...

It is getting to the point where it is harder to find someone living right than it is to find someone doing wrong. I wonder why anyone wastes their time going to church.

BkWormGirl said...

I have to say, I just wish Jesus would come back and end this sordid affair called humanity. Frankly we stink. Between those who openly reject God and those who claim to accept Him, yet live as though He is not real. I am left wondering what is the point of having "freedom of religion" if this is how people are going to behave. In places where faith in Christ is a dangerous decision I doubt they have this kind of garbage.

Junkster said...

Wow, I have a lot to read! And I was already having trouble keeping up with the 3 or 4 blogs I read regularly.

NASS, I love the dog picture at the start of your post. Not sure what it is supposed to represent, but he is clearly a Christian dog, as evidenced by the cross earring.

Junkster said...

Oh, duh, I just got it. Watch Dog. I'm slow sometimes. I was right about him being a Christian, though.

New BBC Open Forum said...

"Thy Peace,"

Thank you for the links. Some were already listed on the front page; others are just a link back to the newspaper article. Rather than bog people down with duplicates and sites that say nothing new, I've chosen to add relevant new links to the original list and indicate them with an asterisk (*).

Anyone who finds new articles of interest, please e-mail me the link(s) and I'll add them to the front page.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Yes, Junk. In spite of rumors to the contrary, we believe the Watchdog to be a Christian. :-D

New BBC Open Forum said...

Thanks, TP. I added that one to the front page.

Lydia said...

IF these folks had had the sense to do a bit of internet research before they did they, they would have stumbled across the Ligoneir debacle of trying to sue an anonymous blogger.

Of course, the secular blogosphere got a hold of it and it really hurt donations for a while. But being a para church organization and firing the president for such a stupid move (Sproul's son in law) they were able to live it down. And, they never found the identity of the blogger.

I don't think it is going to be that easy for the church because they did not just file an injunction in court to stop the blogger like Sproul did. They used the power of the state to go after them with subpeona's. This is a whole new ballgame.

Lydia said...

“Touch not the overpaid and do thine profits no harm"

Found on a comment at one of the blog links.

New BBC Open Forum said...

There's a new Times-Union article today...

Woman accepts her blog's role in church investigation

New BBC Open Forum said...

Bro. Steve Preaches Wednesday Nights.

Study with Bro. Steve at the Wednesday evening Prayer and Praise Services beginning
May 6


Junkster said...

New BBC Open Forum said...
Bro. Steve Preaches Wednesday Nights.

Study with Bro. Steve at the Wednesday evening Prayer and Praise Services beginning
May 6.
Hmmmmm ... is time with his family no longer important?

Ramesh said...

Thanks Nass for maintaining this post. Some more links:

Baptist Life Forums > FBC Jax & Sheriff's Dept: 'Troubling Issues'.

Stop Baptist Predators > Go Dog Go!.

Ramesh said...

Some more links:

TampaBay blog > Blogger sues when identity is revealed.

Theology Today > Outed and Ousted Blogger Files Lawsuit.

Legal Schnauzer > Blogger Files Lawsuit After Being Outed by Mega-Church.

Ramesh said...

Thanks NASS.

THE BACKBENCHER > Abuse of Pulpit.


Please also note that the link from Baptist Planet, has ALL the posts related to Fbc Jax on their blog site. (This link already posted)

Ramesh said...

ABP News > 'Outed' blogger sues sheriff's, prosecutor's office.

Ramesh said...

Baptist Life Forums > FBCJax Watchdog's lawsuit.

That Baptist Ain't Right > Blogger Sues Sheriff's Office for Outing Him as Anonymous Church Critic.

Religion Clause > Blogger Sues Police Over Revelation of Identity To Church.

Anonymous said...

This podcast talks about the Dawg.

Ramesh said...

Science Blogs > Dispatches From The Culture Wars > Outed Blogger Sues Sheriff's Department.

Advent Creative > No such thing as an anonymous blogger.

Ramesh said...

Stephen's Scribbles > Outed Church Blogger Sues.

Respectful Defiance > If you can't get your anonymity back, get loads of cash instead.

Ramesh said...

Reflections by J. Schenone > Blog Investigation Turns Out To Be A Witch Hunt.

Bene Diction Blogs On > FBC Jax Watchblog gaining media attention.

Ramesh said...

FBC Jax Watchdog said...
Readers: Here is a thought-provoking article from an atheist blogger:

Baptist Tyranny: Pastor Mac Finds, Bans Blogger Critic.

MAY 12, 2009 5:23 PM

Ramesh said...

Jacksonville News > Duval Sheriff's, State Attorney offices respond to blogger lawsuit
It's in the case of a man who anonymously criticized First Baptist.

Baptist Life Forums > Who is watching the Watchdog?.

Baptist Life Forums > Who's Watching the Watchdog? An Atheist....

Ramesh said...

Jacksonville News > Ancient discipline in modern times
First Baptist says it had Scripture in mind in dealing with a critical blogger; he says the process was un-Christian, raising questions about ...

MLRC: Legal Actions Against Bloggers > First Baptist Church v. Doe (Fla., subpeonas)
Status: Subpeonas used to unveil anonymous blogger

Ramesh said...

Atheist Revolution > Blogger Outed by Police to Church Sues.

Ramesh said...


Ramesh said...

Media Coverage:

Jacksonville News > Jacksonville church blogger sues First Baptist.

First Coast News > Banned Blogger Sues Megachurch and Pastor.

News4Jax > Blogger Files Suit Against Former Church.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Thanks, Thy Link. I guess I have to start another list now. {sigh}


Ramesh said...

Rather than do another list, since WD has linked to this post as the first link on his blog, you might want to edit this post and rearrange the links. Just a thought.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Thanks. I'll put that on my "to do" list.

Ramesh said...

THE WRITING ON THE WALL > Church blogger watchdog bites Mac Brunson back.

Baptist Life Forums > SBC News and Trends > FBCJax Watchdog now suing Brunson and the church.

Baptist Life Forums > SBC News and Trends > Slyons/Tom Rich.

Baptist Life Forums > SBC News and Trends > FBCJax Watchdog's lawsuit.

Two Peas in a Bucket > What do the peas think about the actions of this mega-church?.