Thursday, October 26, 2006

Communications Committee Revisited

Has anyone submitted a question to the new Communications Committee and received a response? If so,

1. What was your question?

2. What type(s) of responses did you receive?

3. Do you think the committee has been given the information necessary to answer your questions?

4. There was a check box on the form that you could check to request a meeting with the committee. Did you do this? If so, have you been invited to meet with them?


New BBC Open Forum said...

Hello? Anybody???

MOM4 said...

Just keep waiting - we'll see just how serious the committee is.

MOM4 said...

I know several persons who have submitted their questions thru the proper channels, including me. My thinking is that maybe they have not been received by the individiual committee members yet?

New BBC Open Forum said...

The pessimist in me says if they wait long enough everybody will give up and go away.

The optimist in me says perhaps they've just not organized yet and will address at least some of the questions in time.

I'm not sure if all of them have the information needed to answer a lot of the questions.

We'll see.

MOM4 said...

I do have a question that you may be able to answer for me. I did not submit it to the committee, but I will if you think I should.
When Dr Rogers left, he never turned in all of his keys and from what I understand, he was never asked to, being the pastor emeritius.
When Steve Gaines first took up residence in the pastor's offices, I understood that Dr Rogers would sometimes just walk in. My understanding is that rather than address the issue with Dr Rogers, he had all of the locks changed without telling Dr Rogers what he had done. I would like to know if this really happened. If this is true, I cannot imaging the feelings that would flow thru Dr Rogers when he put his key in a door and it would no longer work.
If Dr Rogers was intruding on Steve Gaines' space, why not just talk to the man?

MOM4 said...

I do have very reliable information that this is true, which would lead me to question the character of a man who would go behind the back of the man the Lord used to build the place that he is now in the process of deconstructing.
I would think an honest question deserves an honest answer.
Sorry, I thought from your posts that you were knowlegable in the goings on of the church.

MOM4 said...

They would loose their jobs if their names were released. If this is not true, I will remove the posts. Sorry, I will not remove it until I find out for sure.

phil413 said...

There have been several of my Bellevue brothers that have tried to go through the proper Biblical channels but have been met with opposition. (i.e., Mark Sharpe) I believe this to be a legitimate question asked in a very proper way by MOM4. Your response however was very curt and sharp.(I'm trying to be nice here) It seems hard to have dialogue with anyone who thinks the Pastor is above reproach.
Phil. 4:13
David Matlock

john316 said...


one of my friends Richard Emerson met with some committee members and they had no answers. Richard said they seemed very confused. I'm not real sure what this groups purpose is or if they have enough facts to answer questions themselves. More like the blind leading the blind.

john316 said...


Richard Emerson was a friend of Dr. Rogers and is a good friend of Chairman Chuck Taylor. I don't know about you but I can trust Richard as he is also a deacon. MKW you seem very bitter and it seems you have a hard time trusting anyone except for Dr. Gaines.

oldtimer said...

I will say I have been around BBC for a long time. Trust is something that takes time. Our pastor has only been here a year and recent events are only making it harder for this process to happen. If you are trying to earn that trust, you must act in a ways that are open. I also know Richard and Chuck and find it very hard to understand why these two reasonable men won't talk. I believe Richard, Mark and Chuck have been friends for years and all three men have only known the pastor a very short time. I would say that the pastor is the one who must establish a track record with these men and the church.