Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sammy Nuckolls Asks For Reduced Sentence

Judge Upholds Original Sentence and Adds 10 Years Treatment and Monitoring. Kudos to Judge Chatham for considering the victims.


WishIhadknown said...

Questions. If all of the things Steve Gaines and others preach about tithing are true. Why is it necessary to have an annual, “prove the tithe Sunday?” If God is faithful, and He is, would not having one “Prove the Tithe Sunday” be enough to prove the point? Wouldn’t those who participate lives be so changed that others would see and want what those people have?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if your readers know this, but after Sammy Nuckolls was arrested he turned to BBC for help with the reduction of his sentence. Bellevue provided him with on-site counseling sessions. Sammy's brother-in-law, SBC Pastor (Jason) Matt Wilburn used to be the Director of Activities at Bellevue Baptist from Aug 2001 - Dec 2004. Matt made the arrangements and Sammy attended regular counseling appointments at BBC. It was reported that Sammy enjoyed hanging out on the BBC campus during the 11 months he awaited his criminal trial.

Matt Wilburn testified extensively at Sammy's sentencing hearing and used the counseling sessions at BBC as proof that Sammy was repentant and deserving of leniency. Sammy has not once accepted responsibility for any of his crimes and has also not apologized to his many victims. He was also escalating his crimes at the time he was caught. Two-thirds of all voyeurs go on to commit forcible rape. At the time of his sentencing he was the most convicted sex felon in MS.

That's just lovely of BBC to both help Sammy out in trying to receive leniency and for allowing him to hang out on their campus despite knowing about his criminal indictments and convictions in two other counties in Arkansas. Matt is now working as a counselor at his step-father's Christian Counseling clinic in Tupelo. When Sammy gets out of prison he has already told a judge he will stay in the area so perhaps a BBC reunion is in the offing. So nice to know Steve Gaines is putting the needs of a convicted sex predator ahead of the safety of his young female congregants.

Here are two videos from Crime Watch Daily that profile some of Sammy's many crimes. Readers should know that Sammy taped many, many church members all over the U.S. Dozens of tapes were found on his laptop "Best Of" files and the police and his wife both admitted his master file hard drives were never found. Most people involved believe that as a traveling overnight camp pastor and D-Now weekend revivalist, he had taped hundreds of girls over a decade. Police also stated, with 100% certainty, that Sammy sold and traded his films of girls, showering naked, to pervert voyeur websites. His victims end up with a life sentence. So nice of Steve Gaines to help a brotha' out.

PS WishIhadknown - fun fact on the tithe biz. Gaines gets the bulk of this teaching from Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. Sammy Nuckolls was a "partner" with Gateway. He was a contract pastor who spoke regularly to their youth group including doing two 5 day overnight camps in Corpus Cristi. Sammy's best friend was GW Youth Pastor Ben Pirtle. They vacationed together regularly. Gateway students and leaders numbered among his known victims. Gateway lied about Sammy's role at GW and never notified parents that he had taped some of the youth students and leaders. I guess Gateway and BBC really do have the ties that bind. We'll have to see if Gaines is one of the big pastors who shows up to Robert Morris big "Solemn Assembly" political rally this July.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Would the anonymous commenter who left a comment (that I just found) on 2-12-16 please contact me at the e-mail address in my profile with more information?

New BBC Open Forum said...

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