Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lifeway Recalls Pink Bibles

And Southern Baptists wonder why they're sometimes the laughingstock of the country.

WFAA-TV >> Southern Baptist publisher recalls pink Bibles

The Tennessean >> Lifeway's Pink Bibles Scrapped

The Christian Post >> LifeWay Christian Resources Ending Sale of Pink Bibles After Uproar

Frankly, I think the whole "pink thing" has gotten out of hand. Pink bibles? Who thought up this idea in the first place? Breast cancer "awareness" does nothing unless there are actions and money (research, education, and screening availability) behind the sea of pink. I think the pink ribbon craze has certainly done a good job of increasing awareness, and no doubt lives have been saved, but I also think we're on the brink of becoming desensitized to the message because of "pink" overload.

Did anyone at Lifeway not realize the ties between Komen and Planned Parenthood? It's not exactly a secret. It's kind of ironic that "evil bloggers" seem to have been responsible for bringing this information to Lifeway's attention.

Are Southern Baptists going to stop buying soup and all the other pink-labeled products we see every fall? Because... as we all know, a portion of the price of every can of pink-labeled Campbells soup, every pink bottle of laundry detergent, and every pink-ribbon-adorned doodad sold goes to Komen.

And did you know that men with breast cancer -- about 1-2% of all diagnosed cases -- are
discriminated against in the health care system?

I'm surprised the Southern Baptists aren't screaming about that. Except, of course, in their world "real" men probably don't get breast cancer. Can you imagine some "manly man" megachurch pastor like Steve Gaines or Mark Driscoll developing breast cancer? The humiliation!

So now I guess the problem becomes what to do with 25,000+ pink bibles.