Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Lifeway Makes Statement Regarding Sammy Nuckolls

Lifeway has issued a statement regarding Sammy Nuckolls. It took almost a week after all traces of their former relationship with him was scrubbed from the internet for them to issue this statement, but better late than never. I applaud Lifeway for finally addressing this issue.

On FBC Jax Watchdog's blog Jim pointed out the elephant in the room when he wrote, "Lifeway would have done an immense amount of good if they had added to the statement about no evidence of illicit activity by Nuckolls at FUGE camp: "However, we will contact every church or group that attended camp when Nuckolls was camp pastor and encourage campers and leaders who suspect they may have been victims, to come forward." Still, I'm glad Lifeway made a statement.


New BBC Open Forum said...

Interesting Facebook commentary.

valarie said...

He is practically a hero on his fb page. I tried to post a comment stating the obvious but couldnt get it posted from my phone. The baptist will tar & feather people for so many things but when it comes to sexual sins of any flavor (except homosexuality) it is all "under the blood". Sad.

New BBC Open Forum said...

WMC-TV >> Evangelist charged with voyeurism could face even more charges

purplefogmachine said...

Why do we need traveling evangelists and traveling preachers who go from church to church in the SBC?

A lot of these guys including pastors make a handsome chuck of change with this lifestyle. Pastors who "double-dip" with this activity should give all that is earned back to their "home church" since that's where they earn their living.

If they want to be an evangelist, why not go from town to town and preach in meeting rooms, houses, open areas, etc. instead of SBC churches.

Do you know of other denominations that have this abuse of prostituting the Gospel?

I think we would very quickly find out who's real and who's not if you took the money out of the picture.

New BBC Open Forum said...

I think we would very quickly find out who's real and who's not if you took the money out of the picture.

Exactly. Hence the subtitle on the front page of this blog. "Follow the money."