Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do as I say, not as I do.

From The Commercial Appeal...


The week before the new school year started on Aug. 8, thousands of Memphis City Schools teachers, along with lots and lots of security personnel, attended a workshop for teachers that was held at Bellevue Baptist Church. Parking was at a premium. I asked a Bellevue security officer about this MCS security car that was parked in a space reserved for the handicapped and was told, "That's OK." Well it's not OK if you are a handicapped person looking for a spot to park. This is Memphis City Ordinance 11-40-16: "This section shall be enforceable on public property or on private property where a business, firm or other person transacting business with the public from a permanent location, has provided specially marked parking spaces for the exclusive use of handicapped drivers or passengers, as set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 55-21-101 et seq., and Section 68-120-204." It's funny -- or maybe just pretty interesting -- that security officers for Bellevue and MCS think it's OK to park in a handicapped spot. "1,000 Words" is a pictorial commentary on events in Greater Memphis and around the world. Today's "1,000 Words" was written by Mike Maple, a photographer for The Commercial Appeal.

Photo by Mike Maple © The Commercial Appeal


Shine Light said...

Are the Bellevue security personnel above the law? Was there a citation issued? Good Job Commercial Appeal. A great picture. Deny this.

New BBC Open Forum said...

It was an MCS security vehicle, but someone reportedly asked a Bellevue security person about it and was told "that's okay." So it seems Bellevue security will ignore the law depending on who's breaking it. I realize Bellevue security doesn't have the authority to issue tickets, although their rent-a-cops don't mind hassling people on the streets around the church, but I've no doubt there were MPD and SCSD personnel around that day who could have enforced the law if they were looking or were notified.

Reminds me of the City of Bartlett work truck I saw in a parking lot in Germantown recently. It was about 6:00 p.m., and there was an infant seat mounted inside. I could think of no circumstance in which that would be an appropriate use of a city work vehicle.

There will always be those who believe they are above the law and those who enable them.