Monday, July 12, 2010

The line blurs again...

... between the church and crass commercialization. VeggieTales Live!, a quasi-religious version of stage shows such as the popular and profitable Sesame Street Live is coming to Bellevue Baptist Church on October 26, 2010. Showtimes will be at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and tickets are $25 for "Gold Circle" seats or $15 for general admission.

Let the silliness begin continue!


WishIhadknown said...

Wonder if they will report the proceeds to the IRS as unrelated business income?

Junkster said...

I like Veggie Tales. Funny stuff, and usually a positive message. I suspect their live show would have more direct references to God, the Bible, and Christianity than, say, a Disney show. But, in the end, it is a business, and doesn't really have anything to do with church. However, it's not really any different from selling tickets for a "Christian concert" or for an Easter or Christmas program.

New BBC Open Forum said...

However, it's not really any different from selling tickets for a "Christian concert" or for an Easter or Christmas program.

Exactly. It's tax-exempt big business.

Big Idea >> Our Mission

VeggieTales Review >> I Heard Big Idea was Bought By a Secular Company?

New BBC Open Forum said...

I meant the church, not Big Idea. I'm pretty sure Big Idea is a for-profit business that pays taxes.

TN Lizzie said...

It's bedtime for Junior Asparagus--but no matter how hard he tries, he just can't fall asleep! Between thoughts of the boogie man and Godzilla, crazy nightmares about giant pickles, and imagining shadowy images of his furniture creeping across the room--Junior is wide-awake! No amount of sleep-inducing tactics from his Veggie friends seems to work! But when Junior's babysitter Suzie reminds him that the Bible tells us to "think about whatever is true, right, pure and lovely," and that God is bigger than any fear or problem we may have, Junior begins to understand that he is safe under God's protection--even when he is sleeping! To help Junior think "happy thoughts," Bob, Larry and the whole gang kick it into high gear with the best silly song show ever! Packed with singing, dancing and a whole lot of fun, everyone learns that God really is "bigger than the boogie man!"

Fan favorites include classic silly songs such as "His Cheeseburger," "I Love My Lips," "Oh, Where is My Hairbrush," "The Water Buffalo Song," and more, as well as the original, never-before--heard silly song, "My Bear" featured on the brand new VeggieTales: It's A Meaningful Life DVD coming this fall!

drstevej said...

One of my close friends is the Senior Designer for Veggie Tales. I assure you he is a solid believer.

New BBC Open Forum said...

I suppose the likes of Davey and Goliath would be way too unsophisticated for today's children.

I never hear A Mighty Fortress is Our God that I don't remember that show.

Ohhh, Davey...

New BBC Open Forum said...

"One of my close friends is the Senior Designer for Veggie Tales. I assure you he is a solid believer."

I don't think anyone is saying anything against the people that produce VT (I know I'm not) or even the products they produce -- although a bunch of talking, dancing vegetables seems a little out there. (See TN_Lizzie's 8:55 p.m. comment.)

S. Truett Cathy is by all accounts a solid believer and a fine man, but I don't care to see the church open a Chick-fil-A franchise in the west lobby either.

drstevej said...

Actually, I'd kinda like a Chick-Fil-A in the Lobby of our church or perhaps a Smoothie King.

One of our deacons does fix breakfast on Sunday AM: scrambled eggs and deer sausage. Good preaching food!

32yrs@bbc said...

I don't have a problem with Veggie Tales either though the children in our family never were that interested in them. They thought they were "silly."

I do have a problem with a church selling tickets to a commercial enterprise - Christian or not. If it can't be presented as a ministry
of the church (maybe with a free will offering at the end of the presentation), then, in my opinion, it should not be presented at all. Also, there are young couples who have 3-4 children who will not be able to afford $15 tickets.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Thank you, 32yrs. You get it. That and that IMO the church is not the proper venue for something like this.

Re "drstevej's" comment, how did we ever get through church in the past without breakfast being served on site? I don't get ready for church, including brushing my teeth after eating breakfast at home, only to go to church and eat again. (1) I'm not hungry then (a look around is evidence enough most of us don't need the extra calories), (2) it makes a mess in the church and/or on your clothes from the inevitable spills, (3) it's an expense to the church or the people who provide it, and (4) frankly, I don't want to have to be in such close contact with people with bad breath (including my own if I were to partake) or try to carry on a conversation with someone who has little pieces of egg and sausage stuck between their teeth. It's all an unnecessary distraction.

Junkster said...

Well, NASS, if you don't like "breakfast at church", I'm not sure you would like church much if we did it like the original disciples in New Testament times, since a key element of them was the love feast, which included the sharing of the Lord's Supper.

But I'm pretty sure they also didn't put on plays with people dressed as veggies (or Roman soldiers) and charge people to attend.

New BBC Open Forum said...

No, junk, I'm sure I wouldn't have. No A/C, no cars, no TV, no interweb... no soap or running water or deodorant. Those were NOT the good old days.

I bet the communal wine wasn't "grape juice" either.

drstevej said...

Re our church breakfast...

[1] No cost to the church, those who eat cover the actual costs and the cook provides the deer sausage (he's a bambi killer).

[2] The meal left no mess. The chef cleans up and puts things away.

[3] No messy spills. Those eating are use to using eating utensils and actually use napkins.

[4] Those eating are deacons who come early to set up for church and breakfast saves some time.

[5] The fragrance of deer sausage in the church will override any bad breath. Awesome smell.

Junkster said...

Yeah, those wacky backward New Testament Christians had no idea how to really do church. I mean, they probably got their ideas about how it should be done from radicals like Jesus and Paul! If only they were as sophisticated as we are today, and knew enough to use some deodorant!

New BBC Open Forum said...

Nah, back then everyone was hot, dirty, and smelly, so it's doubtful anyone noticed.

32yrs@bbc said...

Since when has just singing a few hymns (remember them?) and preaching the simple but powerful Word of God no longer sufficient for worship and convicting hearts of sin and drawing the lost to the Savior? Is the HOLY Spirit of God no longer powerful enough to work through the simple preaching of a man who loves God and loves those he's called to shepherd? Since when do we need to add to the finished work of the cross in order to strengthen the saints and
bring repentance to the ain'ts? Religion in the Baptist denomination has become more man-inspired than God-inspired and I fear the Spirit has been so grieved that He has withdrawn His power and grace from the church as we know it today. Just my opinion, of course.:0)

New BBC Open Forum said...

This past Sunday night the senior adult choir sang at BBC. They sang hymns I haven't heard in years. It was amazing after not hearing some of those songs for so long that I actually remembered the words to all of them (and not just the first verse). The words and tune to A New Name in Glory have been running through my brain ever since. I miss the days when you could tell one song from another and could remember the tunes.

Well done, seniors! Only one thing I'd change. Throw those song books away when you perform! Surely you don't need them, and holding your heads up will allow you to "project." I didn't realize for several minutes I was smiling. Thank you all for reminding us of our rich heritage. Good job.

32yrs@bbc said...

Could it be that SG and the powers that be are having to compromise a bit? Maybe they are seeing their
"hope and change" strategy is not the wondrous thing they thought it would be. It was supposed to bring people in by the droves. Instead the numbers have dwindled. I understand the 11:11 service has never been the success predicted.

The reason hymns "stick" with us is because they are full of theology and are about HIM and minister to our spirit. Unless a praise song is rooted in the Word of God, it goes to the emotions not the heart, and is soon lost.

drstevej said...

Scripture plus heritage, eh? Sounds like tradition is getting canonized here.

New BBC Open Forum said...

"Sounds like tradition is getting canonized here."

I believe "obliterated" is the word. It was never "canonized." I've never agreed with the critics who say "it's all about the music." It's much more than that. But since we're talking about music... I offer no apologies for saying that about 90% of CCM affects me like fingernails on a blackboard affect some people. Not saying some of it's not scriptural. Some of it's very scriptural, even scripture itself set to music. Then there are the 7-11 ditties that... well.... But to my ear it all sounds pretty much alike. I never find the tunes running through my head later because I couldn't follow the melodies in the first place, much less remember them. Even when they throw us geezes a bone with an "old" hymn they often embellish it or combine it with a CCM song to the point where the only thing that's recognizable are some of the words.

Is it my imagination or are singers in general getting worse? Gifted singers used to train their voices. Today any sloppy, tattooed guy who can play three chords on a guitar thinks he can sing, usually with no training and in many cases, little to no talent. Some half-dressed girl singing through her nose isn't talent either. I listen to some of these CCM "artists" and look around and see people gushing and swooning over them, and I think what do they see and hear that I don't? The emperor isn't wearing any clothes, y'all!

I did some contract work for a small company one time where the owner kept K-LOVE playing all... day... long. She had little scriptural plaques displayed everywhere, a nice collection of Beth Moore and other Christian books, yet she flew into a manic rage every half hour and turned the air blue. Her associate was an alcoholic and stayed drunk half the time. I always thought music was supposed to be soothing (personally I can't concentrate on anything with any kind of music playing), and maybe for her it was (I would have hated to have seen her in an unsoothed state), but several straight hours of K-LOVE did nothing but put me on edge. Drove me straight up the wall! They might as well have played the same three songs over and over (and I'm not sure they didn't). I wouldn't recognize a single one of those songs if I heard it today.

In short, most CCM does not put me in a worshipful mood. Quite the opposite. I'm in no way criticizing those who like it because it is for the most part a matter of taste (and likewise I don't appreciate being called selfish and "dead" because of my preferences), but I do have a problem with it (especially exclusively it) being forced on a congregation that is more traditional in style that doesn't want it.

Back on topic, I'm still trying to imagine what spiritual nuggets are to be found in a bunch of singing, dancing vegetables belting out such "classic silly songs" as His Cheeseburger, I Love My Lips, Oh, Where is My Hairbrush, and The Water Buffalo Song.

drstevej said...

Singing Christmas Trees on the other hand are intensely biblical. Right?

New BBC Open Forum said...

"Singing Christmas Trees on the other hand are intensely biblical. Right?"

Nope. And certainly not the way BBC has done it the past few years. This was a gimmick that began in the late '70s or early '80s. A lot of churches bought or built these "trees" (usually smaller versions) and used them for a year or two only to discard them. To their credit at least BBC has continued to use theirs, and ticket sales over the years have more than paid for it. (Just looking at it from the same business standpoint the leadership apparently does.)

IMO they've pushed the envelope for several years, but 2006 for me was the final straw. It was all we could do that year to keep from getting up and walking out. If we'd been sitting in the back we would have. Watching a fat man wearing bib overalls with a toilet plunger hanging from the side loop while talking like a hick and running around the stage like a fool and his female counterpart whose even "hickier" voice was so shrill there should have been dogs baying at the doors, was too much. I know this is Tennessee, but you don't have to cast a bunch of hillbillies or exaggerated stereotypes (see Luigi, et al.) every year to be relevant.

At least there used to be more good music in it and a large portion of it devoted to the real Christmas story. Now Mary, Joseph, and Jesus get a short scene, the wise men processional has been eliminated, there's no room for No Room, and for the most part it's just a lot of dance routines and corny acting. If you didn't realize you were in a church, other than the occasional mention of God and Jesus (and I mean occasional), you would think you were watching another amateurish secular play at the community theater. (The difference being community theater is usually better.)

I mean, who thinks of this stuff? Bad writing, pitiful acting (which, considering the scripts, is probably as good as could be expected), and the same tired, unrealistic storyline year after year. Only the setting and characters change. Here's the plot in a nutshell. Estranged family member returns to the old hometown, struggles with various life issues and family conflicts, prays "the prayer" and finds Jesus, and everyone lives happily ever after. Everything is all neatly tied up in the space of about two hours. I pity those who "make decisions" and wake up the next morning only to find their lives have not magically changed.

So no, I don't see anything biblical about a sugar plum fairy flitting above the stage on wires or a little techno guy smugly telling the audience, "Face it, you are old," as he leads a bunch of teens in a robo dance accompanied by computer game graphics on the IMAGs.

How biblical does BBC's official promotion for the 2008 SCT sound to you? Is anything missing?

A chill is in the air. The department store windows are decked out with imaginative displays capturing the excitement of the season. In Rockefeller Center, the biggest Christmas tree you’ve ever seen is glowing with lights. There’s no place like New York City at Christmas, and the 2008 Singing Christmas Tree will once again bring a New York City-sized celebration right here to Bellevue. Join Kate, Luigi, and the cast for an unforgettable musical celebration.

Might as well call it the Singing Xmas Tree.

It was disheartening to see them cancel the Passion Play this year which, while on a grand scale, did graphically depict the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, while taking more and more of Christ out of the SCT. Compared to what the SCT has become, VeggieTales is just more of the same.

TN Lizzie said...

Singing Christmas Trees on the other hand are intensely biblical. Right?

I suppose that may depend on the worldview and the heart of the man in the pulpit.

Bellevue's Singing Christmas Tree used to be a worshipful event, drawing eyes and ears to see and hear the news that God Almighty was born as a human baby. Our Heavenly Father wrapped His Son in our flesh, and gave Him as a gift to all of us who would receive the Sacrificial Lamb to pay our sin-debt.

- used to be -

As fun, clean entertainment, I "like" Veggie Tales. I often search through my house singing, Oh, Where is my Hairbrush?"

It makes me sad, however, that
"the bunny, the bunny. yeah I love the bunny" comes to mind easier than whatever the "Jesus" song from Rack, Shack & Benny was.

Veggie Tales (VT) reminds me of a Cross-over Christian Music Artist, in reverse. Amy Grant (for example) started off playing to Christians. She played for the world too, and slipped away from her first love.

VT watered down their stuff a little to appeal to the world's kids. Those kids will get their parents to buy tickets to come see them in person... where they will (hopefully) be exposed to some Biblical Truth. Will it work? Maybe. Too bad they can't trust God to provide for their financial
needs and just be ministry-minded.

It seems as though BBC is being sold to the highest bidder these days (like to Memphis City Schools for Teacher In-service? Why does that strike me as odd?)

It would seem as though God ain't payin' the bills anymore, so they've gotta open up the ¢hur¢h for more bu$ine$$.

Junkster said...

Some half-dressed girl singing through her nose isn't talent either.

NASS, I think you just described 90% of contemporary teen music, both secular and "Christian".

Face it, we're OLD!

New BBC Open Forum said...

I was driving behind a woman today who had one of those "WWJD" fishes on the back of her car.

Apparently the answer is not "use His turn signals." LOL!

New BBC Open Forum said...

Why does that strike me as odd?

Why does it NOT strike me as odd anymore?

Hey, Junk...

Lydia said...

" suppose the likes of Davey and Goliath would be way too unsophisticated for today's children.

I loved that show! Someone told me it was on a religious cable channel but since I do not have TV, I would not know.

Claymation. Does it get any better? And wasn't that the an Episcopalian production?

Lydia said...

Here is the problem with Veggie Tales: It makes serious stuff silly. How will they be able to see it as serious when they are older?

I do like the cheeseburger song, though.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Ohhh, Davey! It was the Lutherans.

New BBC Open Forum said...

The Official Website of Davey and Goliath

The Unofficial Davey and Goliath Home Page

Oh Davey! History of the 'Davey and Goliath' Television Series, Part 1 (Video)

Oh Davey! History of the 'Davey and Goliath' Television Series, Part 2 (Video)

Junkster said...

Lydia said...
Here is the problem with Veggie Tales: It makes serious stuff silly. How will they be able to see it as serious when they are older?

Lydia, since they are also being taught to take seriously all the silliness and nonsense being put forth in churches today, maybe it will all even out.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Bellevue just can't stay out of the news lately.

Man Arrested For Assaulting Woman In Church

Seems their stock answer to everything now is "no comment."

Does anyone know if Matthew Bronson is a member of BBC?

tn_lizzie2000 said...

Read the comment section - The CA reporter left out a few details...

-just sayin'

New BBC Open Forum said...

The CA reporter left out a few details...

Well, only the people involved know the truth. I did wonder how he ended up at her home after allegedly assaulting her at the church, but again, I don't know what happened. If each of these people is as mentally impaired (is that a PC term now?) as their families and friends seem to be claiming, then why was either of them EVER turned loose unsupervised? "IF" (big "if") what the woman claims happened is true, then someone should have been keeping up with both of them, especially him.

Not talking about this case, but just in general... it's always struck me as just a little peculiar that sex offenders who are found to have brain damage or low IQs and are thus defended by some (e.g. "he wouldn't harm a fly") just seem to know how to... *ahem* offend sexually. They may not be able to read or make change, but by golly they know about the birds and the bees. Again, not saying that's what happened here, but it's no excuse. If someone can't be responsible for his or her own actions or control his or her impulses, then someone -- family member, guardian, friend, institutional caretaker, other responsible adult -- always needs to be with them. ALWAYS.

As far as I know this story was reported only by WREG, Channel 3, which seems odd. I don't find it on any of the other news channels or in the CA.

gopher said...

Can you tell that these Southern Baptist Churches are Men's Churches , and that anything that happens is the woman's fault. Seems that ever since the garden, man has been saying - "It's That Woman You Gave Me, Lord"

comments left on the Channel 3 TV site...

"...there is more to this story than being reported: a lot of misunderstanding and probably miscommunication between 2 handicapped individuals. Appears to me someone wants to benefit financially from a lawsuit and doesn't know or care to know the whole circumstances. I would testtify in court I would trust him around my 16 yr old daughter he would never lay a finger on her. The supposed victim was leading him on and wasn't even aware of it."

"the gentleman involved was a passenger in an almost fatal train accident years ago that caused permanent brain damage- specifically his cognitive judgement and reasoning part of the brain.
I am not writing to excuse what happened, but I hope that all of you who are so quick to judge who and what this guy is about, can take a step back and know he is HUMAN and he is loved by many.
As a Christian, I hope and pray we can ALL find some kind of forgiveness for the poor decisions this guy made and of course, sympathy for the female who was involved.
God Bless!!!!"

"And if the media had bothered to report the true facts you might realize that this seriously handicapped, partially paralyzed, sweet young man might not be the one going to hell here "

"The very last thing this young man needed was for someone to do this to him. He has suffered severe depression in the past and this has caused his depression to return. Now he will be branded as his face has been plastered all over the television, leaving him to suffer even more each day.
Again, I am not saying this young lady is not handicapped and that that is not a serious handicap, but it appears this young man is more the victim here.
His life was already a mess from all he has had to endure and now this just might be too much for him to bear.
I certainly hope the media and this girl's mother can live with that "

"Matt is a great guy! I persoanlly know this dude. He got into a train wreck when he was 15 and wouldn't hurt a fly! This **** is up to something no good. He doesn't even have use of his left hand and cannot drive! He went to her house? his f--kin right arms thumb? Please.... this **** is soooo whack. "

tn_lizzie2000 said...

If this is true, this whole thing is going to get really ugly!

CA's defamation of character + MPD's medical neglect... Oh, my!

Lord, protect this young man. May someone step up to represent him? May a wise judge be found who can handle this case with dignity and honor, because the world is now watching. Lord, may Your Holiness and Justice and Grace be seen through this case. Amen!

Are you Kidding me
Germantown, TN
|Comment #25|

I know Matt and before he could respond to this complaint he was arrested and had to go to be booked and kept in jail all day.
Matt has a severe brain injury and has to take seizure medicine 3 times a day. He suffers from Grand mal seizures if he does not. His medications, he takes others also, make him sick at his stomach so he has to eat each time he takes them.
While in the Memphis jail that day, on charges that probably should never have been filed, he was not given his seizure medication even one time. He was brought a sack lunch, which he could not handle and then called to do something. When he returned, his lunch was being carried away. So, he spent from 9 am until almost 7 pm that night in jail, did not receive his medication and was not fed. If this is not injustice I do not know what is. Matt does not deserve this and I certainly hope this station will be more careful in the future to check out both sides of the story before reporting such damaging statements and plastering someone's face all over the media, while hiding the accuser and allowing her to say anything she wants about him and his character....never caring what it might do to another handicapped person, who appears to be the more seriously handicapped.
Shame, shame, shame on the media for this travesty and on the Memphis jail for treating this young man this way. They are VERY lucky he did not have a seizure while in their care!

32yrs@bbc said...

This "incident", whoever is at fault, is sad for all concerned - including BBC. And I pray God's justice will prevail. Only He and the young man and woman know the truth.

It is almost surreal the number of times BBC has been in the news since the "out with the old and in with the new" administration. Makes me wonder if God's hedge of protection that seemed to surround BBC for many, many years has now been taken down.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Yes, I see the lawyers on all sides lining up now -- the woman and her mother, the man and his family, BBC, and possibly WREG and the MPD.

Again, for the record, the Commercial Appeal is NOT reporting this story. It was reported yesterday by WREG-TV, Channel 3. Period. No other TV station has mentioned it, and that strikes me as odd. Historically, of the four major local TV stations, Channel 3 seems to have been the most sympathetic to Bellevue. For example, while they reported on the PW story, it seemed to be almost reluctantly.

They've had the reputation as being the most "conservative" local station, and of course BBC now has WREG chief meteorologist, Tim Simpson, in the choir (note how the camera seems to capture a close-up of him every week) and providing narration for various presentations, and the Simpson family is featured on BBC's website. Tim has done field reporting for the "Family Fun Festival" (the infamous corndog interview) and did a promo (i.e. commercial) for BBC's VBS this summer during the Channel 3 4:00 p.m. broadcast one weekday. So unless something has changed, it just seems more odd that of all the TV stations in Memphis, Channel 3 would be the one to run with this story, especially when even the CA (so far) seems to be avoiding it like the plague. They usually scoop the TV stations.

I'm with the commenter "Harley rider." What has been reported so far about this story simply does not add up.

Harley rider said...

1. After reading all of these comments I am even more uncertain about this story than I was when I first heard it. If the man is partially paralyzed how did he get to the alleged victim's home? Did someone drive him there? And how did he get in? He obviously could not have broken in, if he has limited use of his limbs as other posters have stated. How did he know where she lived and what was he doing there? If he has trouble getting around, couldn't someone have seen him going into the girl's bathroom? Something about all of this is simply not adding up to me.

2. Also, I noticed that the mother stated that he was "getting fresh" with the the daughter during the service. Did she see this? The article states that it was during the service when he made these unwanted moves and then after the service when he followed her into the bathroom and THEN he went to her home. Did all of this happen in one single day? If he was observed coming on to her during the service, why wasn't the situation quelled there? The mother also made a statement about him "doing this to other women". Was there a reason for that? Have other people accused him of such? Or was this a speculation?

3. Was he arrested by the police at the residence where the assault was supposed to have further taken place? The article says that all of this happened last May, did the police just now pick him up? Sorry, the more I turn this over the less sense that any of it makes. If he forced his way into the home and tried to commit an act there, were the police notified the day of the incident or only recently?

I know I have posted alot of questions on this one, but when I first heard the story of a man assaulting a disabled woman in church, I thought that was horrible. But then I read the article and the comments on here there just seems to be a whole lot of stuff missing or not adding up. I see that both the mother and the daughter have chosen to remain anonymous at this point, but if this guy has a court hearing coming up at the end of this month, will they be able to remain anonymous if they are going to press further charges against him? I guess we'll just have to wait and see, unless the police can pursue these charges without testimony or if they have further proof that they are just not releasing at this time. But this case sounds far from being a cut and dried case if you ask me.

I agree.

New BBC Open Forum said...

It is almost surreal the number of times BBC has been in the news since the "out with the old and in with the new" administration.

This was my original (and only) point. Unfortunately, it's usually not good news.

Junkster said...

The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.

Proverbs 18:17

New BBC Open Forum said...

I just heard Channel 5 is supposed to do a report on this tonight. Not sure if it's going to be at 6:00 or 10:00.

gopher said...

32yrs@bbc said...

"It is almost surreal the number of times BBC has been in the news since the "out with the old and in with the new" administration. Makes me wonder if God's hedge of protection that seemed to surround BBC for many, many years has now been taken down."


Tune in on Sunday as Steve Gaines' Sermon is supposed to be on "demons". See how this will play into the message?

Wonder if he'll repeat some of his previous stories?


gopher said...

"Friday, Bellevue Baptist church released this statement saying "We were not aware of the incident until the affidavit of complaint was made. We are shocked by the allegations. We are letting police handle the matter. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victim.""

gopher said...


So if they had known .....
they would have been dealt with it quietly.....???

They sure had their ears and nose to the ground when a gay showed up?

But apparently they still haven't been able to deal with those sexual predators...


New BBC Open Forum said...

Well, other than the church's statement there was nothing new in Channel 5's story, but at least we now have two TV stations reporting the story. Still not a peep from the CA though.

You know, considering the administration's propensity for issuing foot-in-mouth statements, I thought they did as well as anyone could with this one. Short, succinct, and oddly there was no mention of prayers for the alleged perpetrator and his family. If he is a BBC member and the innocent victim some of the commenters on WREG's site seem to believe he is, they're going to catch flak for that omission.

So they were shocked over this and had no clue, even though a lot of people seem to know the young man and his situation, but they zeroed right in on that gay coach who was at risk of offending the sensibilities of other players by demonstrating inappropriate PDAs with her teammates. Riiiiight.

As we know, the best time to make a potentially controversial statement about anything is after 5:00 p.m. on a Friday, preferably right before a 3-day weekend.

Junkster said...

You know, considering the administration's propensity for issuing foot-in-mouth statements, I thought they did as well as anyone could with this one. Short, succinct, and oddly there was no mention of prayers for the alleged perpetrator and his family. If he is a BBC member and the innocent victim some of the commenters on WREG's site seem to believe he is, they're going to catch flak for that omission.

Perhaps they had some lawyers work this one up for them. Interestingly, "Our hearts and prayers go out to the victim" is generic enough to apply to either the woman making the accusation or the man being accused, depending on which way the story goes in the future.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Interestingly, "Our hearts and prayers go out to the victim" is generic enough to apply to either the woman making the accusation or the man being accused, depending on which way the story goes in the future.

Good point, junk. That's much better than the "factual-statements-that-are-self-contradictory" statement recently drafted by some other lawyer(s).

Interesting comment on the WREG article from someone by the (screen) name of "Holly Bronson," so I assume this is a relative of the young man.

"Matthew Bronson had a nearly life-ending accident in his youth and is permanently brain damaged. It is a miracle that he can talk and walk. He has no ability for judgement and has no concept of inappropriate behavior."

IF this is true then why on earth would you allow a family member with "no ability for judgement (sic)" and "no concept of inappropriate behavior" to ever go out in public alone? This boggles.

32yrs@bbc said...

IF this is true then why on earth would you allow a family member with "no ability for judgement (sic)" and "no concept of inappropriate behavior" to ever go out in public alone? This boggles.

8:43 PM, July 16, 2010

I agree! Makes no sense. I'm also stuck on this: I've never walked into a ladies' restroom at BBC that there wasn't at least one or two other ladies in there. It's hard to believe he was able to enter the ladies restroom without someone noticing, and then accomplish all that he supposedly did in the restroom without anyone witnessing it. Something just does not add up.

New BBC Open Forum said...

More questions I'd like to see answered:

imateacher said...

I don't go to BBC and do not know Matt or anyone in his family but I am extremely concerned. IS THIS MAN DRIVING IN MEMPHIS? Those who know him are continually mentioning his disabilities but no one has answered how he got to the girl's house. Did HE drive? I am concerned for the safety of all of us if this young man, whose family/friends are all mentioning conditions such as inability to reason, very slow moving, unable to use hand, immaturity, is driving independently. With the disabilities this young man is dealing with, he should not be alone at any time for his own safety.

Elena said...

I definitely think this story was poorly and incompletely if not totally inaccurately reported. However, I, too, am confused over how someone who has so many poeple speaking of his inabilities to reason, judge etc. stating that he drives. I saw one post where someone that knows him spoke of recalling him getting his first car after the horrific accident. This just baffles me becasue if he has toruble reasoning, then he could not be a quickly reacting defensive driver. This is deeply troubling and very confusing considering the depth of handicap so many that know him have claimed. Would someone that know him kindly clarify this as being a fact or not?

New BBC Open Forum said...

Yes... the car.

Cookie said...

I met Matt for the first time after his wreck (he was hit by a train) when he was still in a wheelchair and could barely speak and when he did speak only his family members knew what he was saying. I was also around long enough to witness him finally getting to walk with a cane and have a conversation with someone. AND I was also present to see him finally walk on his own and get his own car....

tn_lizzie2000 said...

LONG answer:

Know Bronsons Well
Germantown, TN

Just wondering wrote:
“Then why didn't you notify the police. If he causes an accident, resulting in injuries or death to someone, then you, IMHO, could be just as guilty as Matt. Call them now...if your statement is true, you might be saving a life...maybe your own family member.”
OK..since everyone continues to make this about the driving, I am going to respond.
I know the facts and can comment wisely on this:

Have any of you ever seen those handicap parking spots when you go out? Well, in case you don't realize it, those are for handicapped people to use. Handicapped people are treated differently every day in many ways. However, they still have rights. They have the right to drive if they can prove they are capable, even though they may have to have restrictions on them.

Having said that here is Matt's story: Warning: This might be lengthy

After Matt's injury, when he finally emerged from his coma, he was left like a newborn..couldn't even hold his head up on his own. He had to relearn every single skill that each of you take for granted every day. He had to learn to re-talk, walk, eat, EVERYTHING. In a traumatic brain injury it is about repetition, repetition, repetition. The damaged part of the brain can no longer do a particular function and a new part of the brain has to take over. Thus you have to repeat a motion over and over and over to make a new pathway in the brain, where the old one has been lost or damaged.

The goal of a person with a traumatic brain injury is to try to gain back independence and become a functioning member of society again...rather than a drain on society. The more they can re-gain and accomplish the better it is for them and everyone else. This should be easily understood by anyone who has had a problem of any kind in their life. Try to move on and move past!!

For Matt, this journey has been long, hard, complicated and has taken 15 years so far.

As he moved forward in his independence, the goal was to get him as advanced as is possible, as everyone understands that his parents will not be around forever to do for him and care for him.

The time came when he was encouraged to take the next step and see if he could learn to drive. His parents took him to an advanced driving school and started driving lessons. This continued for a very LONG period of time (years, not days or months), to the tune of $80 per hour for each lesson. His family was willing to make the sacrifices to try to give him a life back.

The time came when the driving school said he was ready for a learners permit to be able to continue building driving skills with an adult in the car with him. Remember, repeat, repeat, repeat and it becomes ingrained in the brain and finally is a skill we have mastered.

Matt's father spent over two years driving with him every Saturday until they felt he had mastered all his driving skills. They could have gone on to take his drivers test but the family went a step further and took him back to the driving school to be tested by experts on his skills. The driving school brought in a police officer to test Matt, as his family wanted to be sure he was safe for himself and every other driver out there. Remember, this family came VERY close to losing their son once...didn't want to take a chance on that ever happening again!! The police officer took Matt out, took him downtown, all around the city, returned to Matt's Mom and said Matt was a very good driver. He was then taken to take his drivers test. He passed on the first try and was issued a drivers license by the State of Tennessee. I would be willing to bet there are a lot worse drivers in this city who were also given a license and certainly not tested to this point before they got it.

(Continued in next comment as I have run out of space)

tn_lizzie2000 said...

WREG has a follow-up article

It ends like this:
No comment from Bellevue Baptist Church officials. The case is scheduled to be in court July 28th.

Methinks WREG needs to close and remove the comment sections. But what do I know?

32yrs@bbc said...

IMO this woman's story doesn't quite add up and I believe a person should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Matt doesn't need to be charged, tried and sentenced in the minds of people and the media unless or until he is proven guilty. Obviously, we need to pray the facts will come out and justice will be done regarding whomever is the victim or perpetrator.

Interesting how we started this thread with Veggie Tales and here we are discussing a possible molestation in the church. Like TN
Lizzie, I think the subject should be dropped until the court date but I doubt the media will let go of it. Anything negative regarding the church is always a hot topic for them.

gopher said...

Did anyone catch or hear about Steve Gaines sermon on Demons, Sunday?


Some man stood up and started quoting scripture when Steve was promoting a questionable book, after he had finished preaching. Of course Steve had a different take on it and tried to say that when ever you start preaching on demons ... well, one shows up.


The Demon Story from Gardendale


New BBC Open Forum said...

I have been asked to post this request. If you have any questions you'd like to ask the new SBC president, here's your opportunity! You can post them on the WW, here, or e-mail them to the WW or me.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Commercial Appeal >> Summit brings city school teachers together at Bellevue

New BBC Open Forum said...

Georgian Hills Elementary teacher Marie Sudduth performs an interpretive dance with fellow teachers during a "Scientific Thought in Motion" class at the Memphis City Schools professional development program Tuesday. Bellevue Baptist Church donated use of its facility.

Let me guess. She's the nucleus of the atom and all the people around her with their arms outstretched are the electrons.

gopher said...

The Line blurs again....

Steve Gaines daughter Ali, just got married on Saturday. Of course that included her brother, Grant Gaines, along with his family.

So not to have all that expense of Grant taking off and coming to Memphis, daddy Steve Gaines, had Grant Gaines preach Sunday night...

Cha Ching

with Ryan Wingo doing the Music.

Just married and on his honeymoon, Gentry Hill, (now Steve's son in law) is also on the Bellevue Baptist Church payroll as a Pastoral Intern.

All In the Family


New BBC Open Forum said...

Now now, we don't KNOW Grant was paid to preach. But yes, nepotism is alive and well.

32yrs@bbc said...

IMO Grant is a better preacher than his dad. He is also Calvinist (or so I've been told)and SG has been very vocal in his opposition to that theology. And yet he was evidently comfortable in letting him preach. Wonder if he would allow another Calvinist to preach? Just wondering. And I am not Calvinist.

About the new son-in-law, it does not surprise me that yet another family member is on payroll. But that is between the BBC hierarchy and SG and evidently no one sees a problem.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Wonder if he would allow another Calvinist to preach?

Just off the top of my head... Russell Moore, Voddie Baucham, Timothy George, Richard Owen Roberts, and David Platt. All have preached at BBC in the past few years. Al Mohler spoke at Dr. Rogers' funeral, but I can't remember if he's been back since.

New BBC Open Forum said...

On an unrelated note (to Calvinism), most of the men mentioned in this article have preached at BBC. Didn't Reccord preach several weeks during 2005 after Dr. Rogers' retirement? Or am I thinking of someone else?

32yrs@bbc said...

You are correct about Bob Reccord.

I am not a Calvinist nor could I ever be. However, it is interesting how some So. Bapt. preachers can sound such an alarm about the dangers of that theology and yet invite to their pulpits those who so strongly espouse it. Seems like quite a contradiction.

Interesting that David Platt is a Calvinist. Never heard that before.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Many today call it "reformed" or "adhering to the doctrines of grace" (the T.U.L.I.P.). As far as I'm concerned that's one of those tertiary issues, and judging by his recent sermon on it, so does SG.

However, I thought it was interesting that in the same sermon he said if you're a Calvinist you cannot teach SS or hold a position of leadership at BBC. Therefore, David Platt, Matt Chandler, John MacArthur, John Piper, Al Mohler, the president of SBTS, and a host of other well-known SBC (and related) preachers, teachers, and authors, according to SG, would not be allowed to teach SS at BBC.

32yrs@bbc said...

So - lack of integrity matters not but Calvinism does - in a negative way. Hmmm.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Just think, if PW had gone to SG in June 2006 and said, "I am a Calvinist," things might have turned out different.

David and Sara said...

Why do you continue to come to Bellevue if you hate it so much?

gopher said...

Dear Sara,
No One here Hates Bellevue Baptist Church, in fact most here
Love Bellevue Baptist Church.

This is a blog site to warn people of the dangers for woman and children as well as the lying, and hypocritical things that go on at Bellevue Baptist Church.

So as Steve Gaines would say:
Bellevue Loves Memphis
(But he wouldn't dare live there)

So Bloggers here say:
Bloggers Love Bellevue
(But we don't dare go there)

You should consider this site more like a warning site, like those who
discuss the Lying in the Capital or those who warn of the Mormon Church or the Church of Scientology, etc.

Since you are a newly married childless couple (except for Dogs) and travel the world a lot
and don't catch all that is said and done at Bellevue, you might not need to be concerned about the treatment of children (or the lack of)

such as Lying to them

or telling parents to get them out
(when Steve is high on medication?)

So come here often and read what's new, and if you have any contributions please do pass them along.

The Bellevue Blog

PS: You might not want to bring up the subject of Bellevue Baptist Church at work, as someone might remember how they or others were treated by the current leadership residing there.