Thursday, June 04, 2009

Caption Contest

What was Steve Gaines really saying here?

Photo © Commercial Appeal 2009


gmommy said...

Who cares.

Junkster said...

He is saying:
Listen to me! I said, "Bellevue ♥'s Memphis!"

All For HIM said...

"BELLEVUE LOVES MEMPHIS!!! BELLEVUE LOVES MEMPHIS!!! BELLEVUE LOVES MEMPHIS!!! I want all of you to know, my name is Dr. Rev. High Priest, Head Mistress, Big Honcho Steve Gaines. That is how you will address me. I am the pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church and I want you to realize that despite all that is happening around us.....BELLEVUE LOVES MEMPHIS!!!!!!!!!

All For HIM said...

Actually looking at that picture the caption could be......"Bellevue Eats Memphis!"

New BBC Open Forum said...

"Nobody Gets In To See The Wizard! Not Nobody, Not Nohow!"

New BBC Open Forum said...

I am the pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church...

That's senior pastor to you, buddy.

All For HIM said...

I Am The Great And Powerful Oz! No Really, I Am!

All For HIM said...

That's senior pastor to you, buddy.

Hey now, didn't you hear??....

Ramesh said...

I think Steve Gaines is agreeing with Kevin King of Fbc Jax or probably saying the same thing.

Fbc Jax Watchdog Blog > King: FBC Jax Pastor and Staff are "Gifts of God".
Then he says that "grumbling" against the pastor is to grumble against Jesus Christ. Yep, complain about something you don't like, speak up against what is being done at church, and you are speaking against Christ himself.

The quote is:

"If you get upset with your pastor or your staff, believe it or not, we're gifts of God. These are gifts from Jesus Christ. He established this. And remind yourself: when we get upset and when I want to grumble, when I may not like something, do you know who you are grumbling against? The head. Jesus Christ. You're not grumbling against the staff, you're not grumbling against your neighbor, you're not grumbling against your pastor. Your unsettledness is with Jesus Christ." Kevin King, FBC Jax

Junkster said...

"C'mon! It was just an itty bitty fence!"

fogmachine said...

Steve Gaines is yelling at anyone who will listen to sign a "covenant" with him to give at least 10% to him; I mean Bellevue or else!

You will see that as time goes on and the money is no longer there, you will really see anger.

gmommy said...

Is Rob requiring any covenant signing at CRC??? Just curious how much he is using the SBC model.

I so hope people don't think SG is THE's so much deeper than one uncouth arrogant minister who tore up a church that was so much a part of our "community" and family history.
Of course,he has no remorse and thinks he taught BBC to pray and worship (chuckle:)...BUT ...the problem goes deeper than BBC and SG.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Is Rob requiring any covenant signing at CRC???

Not that I know of. I don't think that would fly.

New BBC Open Forum said...

"C'mon! It was just an itty bitty fence!".

Nah, he wasn't doing the hand gesture with it. (Hand flat, palm down, held at knee level.)

TN Lizzie said...

Y'all, I'm gonna sound like your Mama, but you know I'm right: This thread isn't Christ-like.

I have moments every day that I am grateful are not caught on film. Don't give Steve a hard time for this photo. You know it was posted to make him look bad; don't play the game of the worldly journalistst(?).

Off my soapbox now. Y'all play nice, or else! -grin-

gmommy said...

Thank you Mommy:) I think you are correct...that's why my initial comment was who cares.
I still think it's sad that the world was offended by SG handling of PW's confession to him of being a child molester...and they are able to throw that out there when SG is trying to stand for something.
None of the stuff makes me mad anymore...just sad.

gopher said...

TN Lizzie said...
"Y'all, I'm gonna sound like your Mama, but you know I'm right: This thread isn't Christ-like."

But Maaw.... this is the true Steve Gaines .........

Steve Gaines and David Coombs act this way all the time within the walls of Belleuve

Angry Steve Gaines

Been Redeemed said...

I have heard that the eyes are the reflection of the heart (or the window to the soul). In this case, the "eyes" tell the story. I don't believe in all my years under the leadership of Dr. Adrian Rogers that I ever saw that "look", even when he was angry, and sin did anger him. I do agree with TN Liz that some of these comments are not becoming our calling; however after all we have endured under this man, I can't help but think about the effects on the world to finally see the real person of Steve Gaines coming out in vivid color.
I think the Scripture that he uses as "guidelines" should apply here: "Be ye angry and sin not", yet we should not gloat in his calamity. I am sure he gloats enough for us all.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? A caption contest?

"Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things."
Philippians 4:8

I guess just another example of people on here putting words in Gaines' mouth. Sad

Junkster said...

Gee, it's just a little good natured humor ... maybe some have malice toward SG, but to me its a funny pic and a little humor isn't out of line. I think he's a big boy and can take a little ribbing. If not, some humility wouldn't hurt him. But I seriously think he couldn't care less.

fogmachine said...

I think Steve Gaines has brought this on himself. Being a pastor is a very serious thing.

Here is a trustworthy saying: If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task. Now the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectble, hostpitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Its the caption in Webster's Dictionary for the word "snarl".

Been Redeemed said...

Hey Britt,
Perhaps you should take issue with the Commercial Appeal, they took the photograph and chose it to publish.
Although, I wonder why they chose THAT particular picture?

New BBC Open Forum said...

I don't believe anyone is putting words in his mouth either. With one exception, the suggested captions have been direct quotes or paraphrases of things he's really said. Or in one case a sign that was on his desk. "Gopher's" video was classic Steve. The man definitely seems to have a lot of pent-up anger, and sometimes he has to let it fly.

Lin said...

"Homosexuals in the workplace are much worse than a pedophile minister of prayer at BBC. Can I hear an Amen? How dare you not Amen me when I tell you to!"

drstevej said...

just muckraking. junior high-ish.

New BBC Open Forum said...


Muckrakers are journalists who seek out and expose the misconduct of prominent people or of high-profile organizations; they emerged on the American scene in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Crusaders for social change, muckraking journalists wrote articles not about news events, but about injustices or abuses, bringing them to the attention of the American public. Published in newspapers and magazines, the articles exposed corruption in business and politics. While the early muckrakers were sometimes criticized for their tactics, their work succeeded in raising widespread awareness of social, economic, and political ills, prompting a number of reforms, including passage of pure food laws and antitrust legislation.

gmommy said...


Lily said...

New topic please.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Okay. Suggestions, please.

gmommy said...

I wish we could have a discussion on a subject that would help us grow ...not Revelation or Calvinism but something that would help us have a better understanding of how to study scripture...OR I wish we could have a civil discussion about how to be more open minded without letting our brains fall out....example: how we have been taught to fear many things that aren't really the enemy. Not about being RIGHT but about discussion.

Junkster said...

Here's an article with an interesting topic for discussion:

Those We Trust and Those We Marginalize

An excerpt:
If you are a leader, don’t be threatened by people who seek to hold you accountable. Don’t be put off by those who ask the hard questions, even if they come across as skeptical. These skeptics are giving you an opportunity to win their trust. They can become your most loyal supporters if you take the time to answer their questions honestly and transparently.

If you’re a loyal supporter, don’t be afraid to ask honest questions of your leaders. Ask with a positive expectation, not a tone of skepticism. A wise leader will take your courage to ask tough questions as an indication that you fully expect reasonable answers. He’ll know that you’re not one to live in denial and will view this as a sign of integrity.

gopher said...

While some want to change the topic, Steve Gaines is reading and watching and then addresses this
issue in his Sunday morning message

Here Steve defends his anger, as he is only being angry at


Apparently everyone else's Sin, but never "Steve's" Sin,
as here he is perturbed at people not fully working for their pay....

Now think about this, Steve who receives over a Half Million $$$ pay package and who just got
back from a long "Paid Time Off" vacation (not his first vacation this year), goes to a local "Fast Food" joint and gets irritated at minimum wage workers for not doing their job (quickly).

He then says jobs are going to China because they don't have to be


Right on Steve,

maybe Bellevue could find a Chinese pastor would work your job for less, one who doesn't need to be:


"Growing Churches Love,
and Loving Churches Grow."
Adrian Rogers

BkWormGirl said...

I was kind of suprised to see this picture. Not that I think the CA wants to be nice to anyone against the Proposition. But they were among many who helped protect him. My how quickly you can fall from grace in this city.

BkWormGirl said...

Gopher - I can't stand to listen to SG - so I didn't listen to the clips. However, SG has been caught more than once saying disparaging comments about those who do "insignificant" jobs. I just chalk it up as one more way he demonstrates his pride and arrogance. I have to say I giggled (only because I don't feel like crying tonight) when you pointed out the irony of his pointing out other's sins. I wonder if he realizes that his "pampered" life as demonstrated by the re-doing of the Pastor's office, not preaching on Wed nights, not being the leader of the church and canning a "pastor" who had long ago lost his way is offensive to many as well.

sickofthelies said...


bookwrm said:

"However, SG has been caught more than once saying disparaging comments about those who do "insignificant" jobs"

Ok, I wasn't gonna mention this, BUT...

I was out one night, and I personally witnessed, with my own two eyes, one of SG's family members STIFFING the waitress..I discussed this with the waitress aftertheir party left, and she was so disgusted with them. I told the waitress EXACTLY who they were and told her that this is the way that BBC loves Memphis, when his own family member cannot even take care of a young black woman waitress, working a late shift, standing on her feet, and paying for a babysitter for her kids.

By the way, I left the tip for the Gaines party. I felt so sorry for the woman, that I could not allow her to be stiffed, even if BBC DOES love Memphis. Yeah, right. Too bad SG's own family has such little regard for the least amongst us.

The waitess said that she was going to go back into her community and tell them that the BBC billboards and "outreach" programs mean nothing when his own family is so stengy.


TN Lizzie said...

Care to mention the restraunt? I might be hungry in the next day or so, and I LOVE to tip good help! My girls also stack the plates, wipe the crumbs, and gather the glasses and silverware. This is their job at home, and they know 2 Thessalonians 3:10!

Waitresses carry the food I am going to eat. It makes sense to be NICE to them!

Just sayin'

sickofthelies said...


I'll tell you privately which restaurant it was.

Email Nass up in Minnesota and Nass will tell you, because I'll tell Nass.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Welcome back, SOTL! Long time, no see.

New BBC Open Forum said...


Can I give 'em a hint?

gopher said...

BkWormGirl said...

"I can't stand to listen to SG - so I didn't listen to the clips."

Apparently with all those empty seats , you aren't the only one.

Oh and by the way , do you know the reason Steve now gives for empty seats?

It because people are not practicing Ephesians 4:9

"Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear".

So the empty seats are not Steve Gaines fault, but those in the congregation who assassinate someones character (and expose issues like PW).

There Steve goes blaming the bloggers again !!!

Steve Then goes and says that Bloggers are guilty of


Staff have been ordered to

"Hush, Hush"

Adrian Rogers has stated:

If ever a generation needed to be warned about false prophets, it is this one. False prophets have honeycombed this world with deceptive teaching. Our Lord said in Matthew 24:24,

“For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders insomuch that if it were possible, they should deceive the very elect."

sickofthelies said...


No, I don't want to reveal the restaurant, for fear that SG and his goons will do something to the waitress, the least of which would include getting her fired.

You know how they love to blame the victim.

I don't trust SG or his goons.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Good idea. Keep 'em guessing... which Gaines family member and which restaurant. So many choices....

sickofthelies said...


gmommy said...

I just don't believe any of us can throw scripture out to others and say...."Spirit filled people don't do that" unless they are first convicted by the spirit for their own disobedience and are repentant.
Being a paid minister doesn't give that person special privileges to sin but point their finger at others....I'm so tired of anything to do with SG. I'm so tired of these guys (like Mac and others) who think they are something special so they can rant and rave at others but do whatever they want without accountability.

Anyone watch 48 hours yesterday about the Baptist minister who was a liar, control freak, and finally a murderer??? He ALMOST got off without even being arrested!!!! It was all so rationalized in his mind...very sick!

Lets talk about the weather, Junk's suggestion, fried chicken.....just not SG for a while.
PS...Can't wait to read Christa Brown's book!!! Wonder how many names she mentions???????????

Jake Bishop said...

I hate to see this type of post on this site.

I check this blog every couple months for updates on news of my former church, but this post is a disappointing direction. It doesn't provide any objective information and only serves as a divisive distraction from a higher purpose. To put things like this on the internet for all to see is not constructive.

I hope the intent and possible consequences of each post will be considered in the future.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Well, Jake. It's a blog. Sometimes I post things that are my ideas. I welcome ideas from others and sometimes use their suggestions (as I did in this particular case).

Hey, I have an idea! Why don't you start your own blog and write about whatever you deem more constructive? Or if you don't care for the material offered here, I'm open to any suggestions you might have for new topic material -- constructive ones, of course.

For the two or three others who recently tried to post comments berating the people who comment here, must I state the obvious? No one is forcing you to read this blog! To paraphrase Steve Gaines, among others, "If you don't like it here, leave."

New BBC Open Forum said...

Thanks, TP. That should be interesting.

Dacus said...

I'm going to have to agree with Jake. I can understand starting the blog to discuss and constructively criticize Gaines/Bellevue for his actions, but when you put a picture (that obviously isn't his best) up and ask for comments (which are mostly stupid and negative), you're not representing Jesus or yourself the way I believe the Bible instructs us to. You've even made some comments yourself that aren't constructive.

And the sad, pathetic part of it all is your retort to Jake in which you try to defend yourself and attack him for not having his own blog (which he does), thus attacking his credibility.

No, we don't want to give you topic ideas, we merely just want to read about our former church. I am expecting an attack on me to come next, but hopefully we're past all that.

Junkster said...

Ok, just to be fair, here is a positive caption to go with the picture:

"16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son..."

Fits real good, huh?

The picture is unflattering because it caught him making an unflattering expression. When I made a bad face as a child my Momma would tell me not to do that because it might freeze like that. Maybe Steve just didn't have as good a Momma as mine.

Criticizing someone for posting a picture of a person making an angry face (rather than criticizing the person for making the angry face) is much like those who get upset at folks who point out the wrongdoings of a church leader rather than getting upset at the leader who is doing wrong.

By the way, this topic was my idea, and NASS just went along with it. I just thought it was funny. No hostility, no anger, no malice intended, just silly humor. I can see that not everyone will find the same things funny that others do, but I really can't see why anyone would take genuine offense at this post. Seems more likely folks just want to complain about the "complainers". But if anyone was actually offended, I apologize for my admittedly warped sense of humor.

New BBC Open Forum said...

No attack here, Dacus. Where did I "attack" Jake's credibility? I'm just weary of the "blog police" -- those people who think they have the right to tell someone else what to blog (or not blog) about. This isn't an "official" Bellevue site, and it's not my responsibility to keep you informed about your former church. That would be or "ask someone who's still there." Not that I expect you'll find the kind of information you're looking for there either. They keep a very tight lid on real information over there.

Note to the legion of Googlers daily seeking information on such subjects as "Jamie Parker Appreciation Day," "Steve Gaines salary," "Why was Jamie Parker fired from Bellevue Baptist Church?" and "Why did Eddie Struble leave Second Baptist Church?" -- I'm sorry. I don't know. However, since those seem to be such popular topics, I'll keep my ears open and if I do learn anything new, I'll be sure to post it right here!

Let me reiterate what should be obvious. No one is forcing anyone to read anything written here (unless perhaps if you're someone's secretary at BBC), so if the subject matter today doesn't meet your high standards for blogging and you can offer no suggestions for new topics, please feel free to either move on or take a seat, pour yourself one of those fruity drinks with the little umbrella (non-alcoholic, of course), prop your feet up, and hang around until something more to your liking is posted. I plan to put up a new post later today -- one that has little to do with Bellevue, so please check back later! I would love to have time to put up new topics more often (since I've certainly got plenty of material), but unfortunately, nobody is paying me to do this and, like the rest of you, I do have a life outside this blog.

I do find it interesting the nerves this particular post seems to have touched. Very interesting indeed. While it's certainly true that a still shot of anyone talking can make that person appear angry, happy, sleepy, drunk, etc., I think this particular photo perfectly captures the increasingly angry demeanor of the Steve Gaines I've seen live and on video. Well over a year ago someone remarked to me he'd watched a video of one of SG's sermons with the sound muted. His impression was, "That is one very angry man." I'm afraid I have to concur. And I only see the anger escalating.

Perhaps the question I should have asked was not "What was SG saying here?" but "Why is Steve Gaines so angry?"

gopher said...

Hey Jake Bishop:

What you need to do is get in contact with Steve Gaines and give him some of your Anger Management Counseling


Dacus is also a team member of Jake Bishop's

"Tomb of Doom".

so don't be surprise with his defense of Jake

"'re not representing Jesus or yourself the way I believe the Bible instructs us to."

Any comments on the activity of your

Pampered Pastor????.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Thanks, junk. I take responsibility for anything I post. (Note I didn't say "publish." You are responsible for your own comments.)

Any thoughts about this, Jake or Dacus? Anyone else?

Here's the transcript beginning a few seconds in so you can read along. Let it sink in good.

Bellevue Baptist Church needs proactive peacemakers... to come against any... troublemaker... and I'm telling you this. This may sound a little too clear cut for you, but I'm telling you... you're on one side or the other in any church you're in, whether you go to Bellevue or not. You are either a peacemaker, or you are a troublemaker. There is no middle ground. Peacemakers support the church's leadership [me]... as long as it's scriptural [i.e. MY definition of "scriptural"]. Peacemakers squelch gossip. They don't listen to it, and they sure don't share it. Peacemakers discourage division. What is division? Two visions. Peacemakers... rebuke troublemakers. Peacemakers comfort and reassure troubled church members [or just tell them, "if you don't like it, leave"]. They diligently preserve the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace. And all of us as members at Bellevue need... to be... such peacemakers. We cannot ever afford to allow Satan to divide us even just a little bit. WE CANNOT ALLOW TROUBLEMAKERS TO BE ALIVE AND WELL IN THIS FELLOWSHIP... in this church... to win the day! We must diligently be proactive and aggressively... be... peacemakers. That's the call for unity.

Someone has ridiculously and repeatedly accused people here of making "death threats" against people at Bellevue. I challenge anyone to find one shred of evidence supporting that. But speaking of "death threats," what did Steve Gaines just say???

gopher said...

Steve Said






sickofthelies said...

Maybe SG was mad becuase he found out that someone on his staff tipped a waitress and turned it in on their expense account.

Dacus said...


If I was a member of Bellevue then Gaines would be my pastor, but seeing as how I live in Florida and Herb Reavis is my pastor, I'll only comment on my affiliation with Dr. Reavis and with NJBC.

I will say that I do not agree with many of the things that Dr. Gaines did while I was a member of Bellevue, and I agree with many of the criticisms thrown his way. I do not agree with this blog finding the worst picture of him, posting it, and asking for people to fill in what he's "saying." You had to know 99% of it would be destructive and not beneficial to anything or anyone.

Anonymous said...

"For the two or three others who recently tried to post comments berating the people who comment here, must I state the obvious? No one is forcing you to read this blog! To paraphrase Steve Gaines, among others, "If you don't like it here, leave."

Nice to see that you are sinking to the level at which you believe Gaines to be. This would make perfect sense out in the world

New BBC Open Forum said...

Britt... it's a blog. B-L-O-G. Not a church. A blog. Do I need to explain the differences between the two?

New BBC Open Forum said...

Sentence from a comment on the CA site:

I love the sign outside "fort God", "Bellevue Loves Memphis" which should read "Bellevue Loves Bellevue".

I rest my case.

sickofthelies said...

Ok, I don't get it.

The Senate is trying to sneak in the " pedofile protection act" by hiding it on the backside of a bill that will not draw much attention.

So will SG now speak out against the "pedofile protection act" that threatens to silence pastors, when he, himself, admitted that "he felt compassion" for an admitted pedofile and gave him safe harbor?

He has lost all credibility on this subject, when he gave his
own " pedofile protection" speech from the pulpit on December 17, 2006.

Richard said...

Like someone who is deaf, I tried to read his lips. I'm not so sure he is saying anything at the moment. I think the caption should read, "Steve Gaines takes a brief moment to digest his lunch."

New BBC Open Forum said...

I believe this is the "Pedophile Protection Act" to which SOTL referred.

New BBC Open Forum said...

There's a new topic if you'd like to move up.

New BBC Open Forum said...

To the party in Waco and anyone else searching for ES:

I think this is what you're looking for. Keep sniffing. You're on the right track.