Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jesus Delivers to Your Home!

In both September 21st morning services, Steve Gaines told this story about Donna wanting a new dining room set. He claimed they couldn't afford to go out and buy one, so he'd been setting aside "just a little" money every month.

The scene: Steve is at home on Saturday afternoon, grilling in the back yard with the family, when the doorbell rings. (Just wondering if you can hear your doorbell in your back yard? Maybe they've got a speaker back there.) He goes to the door, and there stand two men with a furniture truck behind them.

One of them exclaims, "Hey, you're the preacher on TV! We watch you on television on Sunday morning!"

Steve said, "Who are you? Heh heh heh heh."

He said the man laughed and said, "Uh, my name is so-and-so. We're from High Point, North Carolina."

Okay, time out for a second here. If these men are from North Carolina, how do they watch Steve Gaines on television? Bellevue's services are broadcast on two channels -- Channel 3 and Channel 50, both local Memphis stations.

Back to the story...

He [one of the men] said, "We got a truck out here with uhhh... furniture on it that is discontinued. We had already made a couple of deliveries in the neighborhood, but we just decided to randomly go up and down the street and knock on doors and see if anybody needed any furniture."

Now, at this point, would a prudent, intelligent person not ask himself why two guys in a tractor trailer rig (from High Point, NC) would be going door to door in his Cordova, TN neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon selling furniture off their truck? Basically, there are two possibilities. The stuff is either junk or it's hot, perhaps both. Apparently plenty of other people, when confronted with the same scenario, have asked themselves that same
question. Was this really "uncharted waters," too?

Here is a good
article from 2005 on this same scam.

And while the price may have been attractive, and assuming it wasn't stolen, what about the

9:30 Video

At the beginning of this version we hear Steve explaining why they can't afford a dining room set. "So we... you know... we didn't have... have... you know... we didn't... we... I'm not poormouthing... I'm just saying... you know... we got kids in college, 's with a wedding, and all that.... " Have you ever noticed when Steve Gaines is uhhh... "not embellishing"... he stumbles all over himself?

In this version he says, "We went out and looked at 'em [dining room sets]. Have you priced them lately? May... m... m... may I just say this to you? Sev... simply... five hundred dollars won't buy one."

Near the end he says, "I'm telling you, it was about a fourth [the price] of the stuff we'd been seeing out in these stores." (Compare these two statements to what he said at 11:00.)

He ends with, "And if you don't agree with that story, I don't want one letter about our dining room suit. Amen? Not one!" So much for talking with the pastor. He doesn't want to hear from anyone who doesn't agree with him about everything. And people have criticized former members for not going to the pastor? He's about as approachable as a rattlesnake. (Not calling him a snake at all.)

11:00 Video

In this version, Steve is again explaining why they can't afford a dining room set. He says, "And we've had a wedding lately. We have two kids in college, and we're buying cars and and things like that, you know... for... for kids and helping them with that and all that... so... so I said, 'Lord, you know, we just don't have it, Lord.'" I'm sorry, but Steve Gaines very conservatively has to be making at least $300K a year. He gets a housing allowance (tax free). The church gave him a new SUV. He certainly gets other perks. And he can't afford a dining room set?! Puhleaze!

Then he assures us (again) he's not lying. He says, "Now this is the truth. I'm not embellishing it. I... I... wish... you... you... could just see my heart to know that there's no embellishment in this whatsoever. This is not just a good preacher illustra.... This is the truth." Such Herculean efforts to convince us he's not "embellishing"!

Later he says, "Now you think I'm making this up. Am I making this up? She's [Donna] on the front row."

Then regarding shopping, "We don't have time to go look for that kind of stuff. We stay busy, and we don't have time to go shopping." Hmmm... at 9:30 he talked about shopping for and pricing dining room sets. Now they're so busy they don't have time to shop!

Moral of the story? "God delivered a dining room set to us with ten chairs and a hutch, and I paid $200 less than I'd set aside. God delivers when you seek him first. Amen? Amen!" {applause}

Or... there's a sucker born every minute.


Mary said...

Please tell me this is a joke. I'm sure it's not, but it should be; otherwise, it's one of the most pathetic tales I've heard lately.

Just stopping in for a moment. Y'all take care.


New BBC Open Forum said...


Is this our old friend, Mary? Long time, no hear!

Sadly, it's true. The videos don't lie.

Mary said...

Yep, it's me. I dropped in to check up on y'all. I see Cakes has his own blog and it seems to be dominated by he whose name I will not say, and MB's blog seem on life support. Guess I've missed a lot, but it was unavoidable.

I hope to be dropping by more frequently now.


gmommy said...

You have been missed!! So glad you dropped by! Hope you are well!!!

BkWormGirl said...

I heard about this the Monday following his little tale. As the person told of the wonderful thing that had happened to her pastor, the remaining group of us just sat there in disbelief. And our puzzlement was not due to the "goodness of God." I too wondered if it was stolen, or what the deal was, the entire store is so incredulous to me. A person who is definitely not a believer just commented that "Christians will believe anything as long as the pastor says it." I thought it was a sad commentary.

BkWormGirl said...

Just posting a second comment, so that the blog comments will get emailed to me. Nothing intelligent to say on this entire thing. I am amazed this guy has a job. Sadly I fear this is why our next president will be BO. American people and so many "christian" people are the same, not capable of thinking for themself or recongnizing the truth if it smacked them up side the face.

BkWormGirl said...

Does anyone else find it ironic that they had that much cash at the house? I can't imagine such a scam would take a check.

Ramesh said...

This thing is so SETUP, and it's so lame. All the excuses the Pastor comes up with ... My guess is, this is a donation to the Pastor Steve Gaines (discounted priced donation). He should not have even mentioned this.

New BBC Open Forum said...

I'm moving this from the previous thread:

gopher said...

How about Steve's NEW plan for Bellevue?


gmommy said...

Here's my 2 cents on this.

The Thomasville truck thing has been going on at least 20 years now because I had a visit from them that long ago.
When they knocked on my door...I never thought they were from God.

Why would God want us to have new dining room furniture, anyway.

If God wants SG to have a new dining room set...shoot....maybe God will pay my credit card bill for me or send a free painter ...or maybe to fix all the mud slides in my back yard.
If that's what God does...shoot...I'm missing all the fun!!! .

This just feels very television evangelism to me.
Is this a "name it and claim it" pastor????
I looked at several of Gophers videos....where is the actual Bible preaching in any of them????

This is really lame and sad.

Ramesh said...

After checking all the links in the article, my take on this is different now. I do not think it's a discounted donation. It's probably either stolen furniture or discounted furniture. The discounted furniture makes more sense. The reason being of the 1/3rd rule in consumer sales. This is true mostly, but there are exceptions. Any item you buy in a store, out of every dollar, 33c goes to the manufacturer, 33c goes to the distributor, and the final 33c to 34c goes to the store selling the item. So if someone is selling out of a truck, then they can afford to sell it cheaper. The other possibility is the furniture is poorly made.

I clearly do not think God wanted SG to have this dining set. If he thinks, it's all going to be kindling during rapture or their kids will give away this furniture for free or sell for cents on the dollar, my advise to him is to Live a simple life. Also take a small salary and live in a small home.

oc said...

Well, uh...uh..heh heh heh...uh..
if he's not "embellishing" he has most probably received stolen property. I reckon it's alot cheaper and necessary for a poor, starving preacher like Steve to procure furniture in this fashion.
Gonna just die if you don't have that dining room table and ten chairs displayed in your humble abode, don't you know! Too bad the beloved didn't love him enough to take up an offering and chip in for the poor lad.

Looking at some real priorities in life here, aren't we "pastor"?

Just sayin'.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Can you imagine the size of the dining room necessary to accommodate a dining table with TEN chairs... and a hutch?

Another question that came to mind was what have they been eating off of the past three years?

oc said...

The bottom line message is "I'm favored by God because I deserve it. You do not. And this proves it." After all, when is the last time someone showed up at your door with such wonderful news?

By the way, I had a delivery too. I got home from work Friday after working 51 hours this week and getting paid for 40 and had a late notice attached to my apartment door. Guess I'm not blessed. I probably could have sold the dining room suit and paid for a years worth of rent.

But then I must remember. This is not the place where I get my reward.

Just sayin'.

gmommy said...

I don't know if we have properly welcomed Thy peace to this blog :)

Some of us have "met" her/him on other blogs but I think thy peace is new here??
So welcome!!!

I'm not bothered that SG got a new dining set at all...or how big their dining room or house is....
I'm bothered that he his "selling" his false belief system.

If he wasn't savvy enough (which I doubt) to consider why people with a truck load of furniture were knocking on doors...that's his problem.
BUT I think it is wrong to stand in a pulpit and lead people to believe all the implications that he is putting out there.

Does he ever actually teach/ preach the Bible from the pulpit?????

I think we should be very careful not to think or behave in an envious or selfish way about this. If we do... then we lose sight of the main issue.
SG claiming that dining room set came from God is wrong....why him?
Is that how God works really??
What is it that one must do for God to "bless" others in the same way (not really asking)??

Disobey the law?
Embellish stories??
Twist scripture?
Not teach scripture???
Become arrogant??
Allow a confessed sexual predator to remain on staff?
Give lip service to people about loving Memphis but not have the heart to care for those harmed by our own actions??
and the list goes on.....

New BBC Open Forum said...

"I'm not bothered that SG got a new dining set at all...or how big their dining room or house is.... "

Nor am I. It was just the mental image of a dining room that big that aroused my curiosity, not my envy.

"I'm bothered that he his 'selling' his false belief system."

Do you really think he believes that? Or that he just wants you to believe it?

"If he wasn't savvy enough (which I doubt) to consider why people with a truck load of furniture were knocking on doors...that's his problem."

Pretty scary, huh?

Ace said...

Providence is the source of provision. Provision is but one among many evidences of God's goodness toward His own.

However, it seems a feeble appeal to the flesh and a stretch to characterize discounted furniture as a personal proof of Matt. 6:33, if indeed that was the point, as I make it a point to avoid viewing cyberpreaching when possible so I'm going by the script only.

I recently purchased a dining room set and didn't find much difficulty doing so even in these more 'frugle' times. He may have inadvertently suggested that they are lax in fiscal responsibility and modesty.

When one has the financial means to provide for their basic needs and many of their wants, yet implies that they do not, it isn't 'poormouthing' is lying.

Of course, my dining room set seats 4 and was only $500.

Anthony Johnson

32yrs@bbc said...

The pity of the diningroom furniture tale is the stumbling block it can be to young couples on tight budgets. Two scenarios:
They will think they are not spiritual enough if they "name it and claim it" and no one knocks on their doors with the goods.
Or, they will resent the fact that knowing he makes an annual 6 figure salary with perks, he is whining about being on a tight budget. As one young woman remarked to me: "If he and Donna are on a tight budget, I guess that means my husband and I are ready for the poor house."

New BBC Open Forum said...


This is a different "ace"! It is not Cary Sidhom -- unless Cary has grown up and grown much wiser. Still, Anthony, you'll have to excuse us if most of us still cringe at the mention of the name "ace." I don't think you'd want to be confused with "the other ace," so perhaps a slight alteration of your screen name would help. Maybe "ace II" or "anthony" or "aj" or something similar.

Oh, BTW, SG said you can't get a dining room set for $500. Obviously y'all don't shop in the same places!

"He may have inadvertently suggested that they are lax in fiscal responsibility and modesty."

Inadvertently? I thought it screamed.

Lindon said...

We all know that having a NEW dining room set is very important for six figure celebrity Christian pastors and their wives to put in their grand homes.

It is all the persecuted Christians around the world talk about. Especially the familes of those Christian pastors in India who have been murdered by Hindu's and the Christians in the underground church in China. It is all they think about.

(sarcasm intended)

Miriam Wilmoth said...

May I interrupt for just a moment and ask for prayer for some friends of mine?

They adopted 2 little boys from Ethiopia 5 weeks ago and have been rejoicing in God's goodness as all have made the necessary transitions over the last month or so.

Yesterday, the youngest boy, Samuel, who is 3-1/2, was run over by a tractor and was critically injured. He was airlifted from their home in rural Wisconsin to the children's hospital in Milwaukee. He has undergone two surgeries and has more procedures scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

His mother is blogging details of their situation at if you would like to read more about his story. But for now, please just pray for this Christian family and their precious son, as well as their other children who apparently witnessed the accident.


bowtheknee said...

32 years said: As one young woman remarked to me: "If he and Donna are on a tight budget, I guess that means my husband and I are ready for the poor house."


allofgrace said...

God never blesses anyone because they are good...He blesses because He is good...period.

oc said...

"God delivered a dining room set to us with ten chairs and a hutch, and I paid $200 less than I'd set aside. God delivers when you seek him first. Amen? Amen!" {applause}

Oh, and that's what you were seeking him for? It's the vending machine in the sky thing again. I wonder what God really wanted to give you?

gmommy said...

Hey Blog friends,
No matter what we think of Oprah's' politics and false religion....she has done more than anyone to bring into the light the horrific effects of sexual abuse.

Long before the "Secret" and all the other crazy things, Oprah's programs forced the public to acknowledge aspects of sexual abuse that had never been spoken about before.
I am grateful so grateful for that.

I also convinced that without the proper media exposure like the Oprah show....the Baptists will continue to turn a blind eye to clergy sexual abuse.
If by some chance you still aren't aware of how wide spread this is or how long these predators are able to abuse under the protection of being "God's man" ...please take the time to look at and read thru the long list of ministers who have abused...and these men are only the ones who have been exposed!!!
It's a myth that these predators only strike once.

I am going to write to Oprah and plead with her to do a show on Baptist clergy abuse. I know some of you are hoping that the SBC will come to their senses and do the right thing.
They aren't.
They are too self absorbed and into the power they seem free to use in every other area but to protect the innocent in the churches.
I asked Christa to give us some ideas and points to make in our letters...she has given us more than enough.
We've heard the excuses, denials, and deflection from the leadership.
How many more Gilyards will it take before the leadership in the churches and SBC take action???? I fear far too many.
Christa and others have been relentless in their fight for accountability and change.
We need to help stop this. We Can.
Lets write Oprah!
Christa Brown's suggestions are below. Please ask your friends and family to write also.

Great suggestion gmommy! I believe that what will ultimately bring about reform is massive media pressure. That's what it took for Catholics, and it looks as though Southern Baptist leaders are determined to be even more recalcitrant than the bishops. Here's the page on where you can email your suggestion for a show on Baptist clergy sex abuse.

Possible points to make: (1) Southern Baptist are the largest Protestant denomination in the land and, unlike most other major faith groups in the country, they have no oversight system for their ministers. (2) They have no procedures for removing a man from ministry, no matter how substantiated and credible the child-molestation allegation may be, and they don't even warn people in the pews. (3) No one is even keeping records on abuse reports made by victims. There's no way to know whether a minister may have had a prior report of child molestation... or a dozen prior reports. (4) Insurance company data indicates that clergy child molestation is just as big a problem among Baptists as among Catholics - but the difference is that Baptists are still staying under the radar... and they haven't yet even begun to address it. (5) Look at -- this problem is huge! (6) Perpetrators move from church to church, and no one stops them. Cover-ups are common. (7) Victims are told that they must go to the church of the perpetrator to report him. It's like telling them to go to the den of the wolf - it doesn't work and it re-injures the victims.

I could go on and on and on and on... as I suspect most of you realize about me by now... but please don't feel like you need to use my words.
Tell Oprah in your words why you think this is a show she should run and why the American public needs to know about this and why her voice could be so important for getting the needed attention to this and for making kids in Baptist churches a lot safer.

October 5, 2008 9:14 PM

all2jesus said...

Hey MJM,

I prayed for little Samuel and that the family will have abundant grace during this time. I'll keep him in my prayers.

all2jesus said...

So a guy shows up at Steve's door selling furniture off a truck from who knows where and not a single red flag went up for him? That he felt good enough about the purchase to brag about it in two services is even more incredible. Most people have some misgivings after a major purchase even from a known legitimate dealer. Steve's lack of discernment is becoming legendary. If he'd like a new watch, there's a guy down on Lamar with a trench coat full of them. "Psst. Hey, Buddy...."

The fact the guy recognized him shoulda been a big tipoff. Reminds me of a story Ron Olson (of FM-100 fame) once told. A panhandler carrying a suitcase approached him on the street and began his spiel:

"Hey, man, I need to get home to take care of my sick Momma and was hopin' you could help me with the bus fare."

"Where's home?"

"Jackson, MS. I just need about ten more dol- HEY! Aren't you Ron Olson?"

"That's me."

"Cool, man, I listen to you all the time! It's good to meet you."

"I thought you were from Jackson?"

(Completely unembarrassed): "Naw, man, that's jus' my scam."

And that, I think, is all Steve can really boast of: At best he got took. See comment #46 under the 2005 article.

WishIhadknown said...

If someone, through God's provision, showed up at SG's house with a pick up load of mulch; will he pay $2,000 for the person to mulch his flower beds? Its the same concept.

TN Lizzie said...

Speaking of a load of mulch, BO comes to mind...

Lawsuit Filed Against Obama/DNC

HERE is a link of the 20-page lawsuit filed by Mr. Berg.

A lawsuit has been filed against Obama and DNC by Philip Berg (attorney in PA). Web site is HERE.

HERE is another web site with more info.

TN Lizzie said...

If any of this is true, how is this man on the ballot to be the President of the United States of America?

If all of this is true, Lord help us!

WishIhadknown said...

Obama gets to be President for the same reason SG is preacher at Bellevue. No one is listening to what he is saying, he just looks and feels right.

diningroomtableforsale said...

I know furniture and this furniture that just happened to show up in the neighborhood was either stolen goods or junk furniture. Either way, it sounds like Mr. Gaines was not the only citizen participating in this activity.
Did anyone get the tag number of this truck? We could get to the bottom of this real quick.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Has anyone at Bellevue contacted the authorities? If they gave Steve a "deal" on this stolen or illegal "knock off" furniture, then its likely that they took advantage of some other people that day as well. The police might want to investigate...and wouldn't this be a perfect topic for the Bill O'Reilly's "Pinhead/Patriot" segment? Show Stevie saying "Jesus Delivers to Your Front Door", and we can call him a "Pinhead" for sure!!

gmommy said...

From Christa Brown's new thread.....
the Episcopalians have taken action against a clergy sex crime and cover up done 35 years ago....more than the 17 years which seemed like such a long time to BBC....
please read the full story at

"And if Baptist leaders followed the Episcopal example, how many Baptist ministers might be brought to task and publicly rebuked for having kept quiet about abuse? (Guess they could start with Steve Gaines, huh?)

Consider what sort of real-world message it would send in this denomination if leaders took on the task of disclosing predators and rebuking cover-uppers. It would be a message manifested by deeds and not mere words. What a great day that would be!

But of course, the very first step for Baptist leaders would be to provide a safe place where victims may report clergy abuse… to people with the training and experience to respond appropriately and with the designated task of assessing the reports responsibly.

If Southern Baptist leaders are ever to effectively address the clergy abuse problem, they must start by opening their hearts to actually hearing the cries of the wounded. "

gmommy said...

Are you local????

Miriam Wilmoth said...

Update on Samuel Phillipson (and thank you so much for your prayers). This was posted by his mom tonight:

"He's breathing just fine still with that oral stent in place and sleeping. His pain meds are currently removed and he's on a PCA pump - and hasn't been given anything except right after he arrived. He's resting and comfortable. His blood pressure is steady to up and they have administered some Lasix as he is a mite puffy and retaining fluid - his eyelids especially show it."

Yes, friends and family, the Great Physician is certainly at work in the life of this little boy and his family. Please continue to lift them up as the Lord brings them to mind. This link is to the mom's personal journal about Sam and his progress and she updates it several times a day:

Again, thanks and much love,

diningroomtableforsale said...

Does anyone know if the massive layoffs at Bellevue this week had anything to do with the furniture purchase?

I find it hard to believe that someone would get up in church and tell this story about desiring and getting an incredible deal on some dining room furniture (from two men peddling furniture from the back of a truck from NC) while at the same time knowing his followers/coworkers were going to be laid off a few days later.

Does anyone at Bellevue have just one ounce of discernment?

gmommy said...

If it seems hard to believe...
believe it!

Ramesh said...

" ... massive layoffs at Bellevue this week ... "

Can someone educate me as to what happened about these layoffs at Bellevue. Did the church fire a bunch of staff to reduce expenses?

New BBC Open Forum said...

"Does anyone know if the massive layoffs at Bellevue this week had anything to do with the furniture purchase?"

Could we please wait until this is proven before talking about "massive layoffs"? There apparently is some belt-tightening going on, and there reportedly have or will be some cutbacks. However, "massive layoffs" seems a bit exaggerated.

New BBC Open Forum said...

And what, exactly, would any layoffs have to do with Steve buying a dining room set off a truck? I don't get it.

Ramesh said...

"And what, exactly, would any layoffs have to do with Steve buying a dining room set off a truck? I don't get it."

Steve Gaines, is acting the more mature and responsible Pastor that he is. He is saving his money, for the recession and depression that is sure to follow. He has so much foresight and foreknowledge, that God led him to buy this furniture on the cheap, so he can be a wise steward of his money.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Uh huh. Right.

Phillipians4:13 said...

Hi All -

I'm a long time followe of this blog.

Could "diningroomtableforsale" elaborate on the "massive layoffs" at Bellevue? Has that already happened? I've been out of town this week.

BTW - gmommy, excellent ideas on exposing these sexual predators. It's long overdue.

diningroomtableforsale said...

80+ people were let go this week with a warning that more will follow next month.

On this round, they were all non-minister positions.

The next round will include staff but they will be given 4 to 6 months to find another job.

Why would ordained staff be more important than common folk who need the money more?

Didn't Steve just hire his son to join the staff?

I wonder how that flies?

All I want to know is whether the carnival is going to be back next year?

I heard that cost Bellevue $500,000

How many lower level jobs would $500,000 cover?

Barnum & Bailey knows circus and people.

New BBC Open Forum said...


Please make your profile visible if you'd like to continue to post.



concernedSBCer said...

You know, I have to wonder where this idea of "God's gonna bless me with such and so" came from. I thought we were to "lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven." Now, don't get me wrong, I like to be comfortable, and I am very thankful for my home, but I just wonder why SG was talking about it in the first place. First of all, it's no one's business. Second of all, that was his time to preach the Word of God. And finally, I agree that his "tight money" makes hash out of the budgets of many of those that post here. Was he trying somehow, in his very inept way, to connect with the common people?

TN Lizzie said...

Oh, Lookie ~ Memphis has made the news again:

-rolling eyes-

BkWormGirl said...

In the unrelated and yet quite related column...

Dr. Stanley preached a sermon a couple of months ago that not only do we tell God of our needs, we tell Him of the solution that we want. That way, when God gives us what we want, we know it is from Him.

At the time, I found that to be so disturbing. Maybe it is a new theme of the SBC?

Also, I see another baptist minister in West Memphis this time, is accused of raping a 12 year old. Couldn't stomach watching the news, so I just saw the headline and flipped. It was on ABC 24.

concernedSBCer said...

Re: The layoffs

You know, it does make sense they don't need as many staff; their membership is down by, what, a half? It's supply and demand, really.

But I do think a hard look at stewardship by the church would be a good thing. As I am sure everyone here agress, reaching out to the community is extremely important. But does it take a $500,000 carnival to do it?

New BBC Open Forum said...

Tn_lizzie's link.

concernedSBCer said...

TN Lizzie: are you talking about the young man that hacked (is accused of hacking) into Sarah Palin's email? Yep, right here from Tennessee with a Representative Father. How great is that.

gmommy said...

Is Stanley drunk on green kool aid!!!
Why are all these so called godly men so stupid??
Since when does in the creator of the universe...need OUR help!

There desperately needs to be a changing of the guards...beginning with Page Patterson and dripping right on down the line with all that dripping in that annionting oil these men think they have from GOD! (as in how Rush says GOD)

gmommy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gmommy said...

On Hardball...they just showed Cindy McCain speaking and she was upset at something the dems said....what did they say about her????

gmommy said...

oh my dangerously...huh???? :)

gopher said...

Anyone heard if Faith Baptist and Ellendale Baptist are having this problem.

If things were so bad that they are having to lay off people , then why was Grant Gaines hired and why is Ryan Wingo on stage when they already have so many paid music ministers tripping over each other.

It would be nice for all of us to have a few thousand on hand in our homes for those "cash on the barrel" purchases and a fleet of cars for our kids.

Maybe he should consider sharing with some of the people that they just laid off and will no longer have an income.

Steve's Answer

gmommy said...

Don't you know there are those who would really like to know you :)

HOW do people listen to that every week?????

oc said...

"Dr. Stanley preached a sermon a couple of months ago that not only do we tell God of our needs, we tell Him of the solution that we want. That way, when God gives us what we want, we know it is from Him.

At the time, I found that to be so disturbing. Maybe it is a new theme of the SBC?"

He really said that? That smacks of some of the "name it and claim it" theology where one bosses God around to get what one wants. Now it seems He is to be told how to do it. And as far as knowing that the answered prayer is from Him? What about "I am the good shepherd; and I know My own, and My own know me." And the part about how the sheep know the shepherd's voice and will not follow another's (both in John chapter 10)?

I think you are right to be disturbed by that.

Just sayin'.

gmommy said...

I remember when I used to pray for what I wanted...
I gotta tell yall...things didn't work out so well.

NOW..with wisdom...
I pray....Please don't give me what I think I want...please give me only YOUR best for me!!!

New BBC Open Forum said...

If things were so bad that they are having to lay off people , then why was Grant Gaines hired and why is Ryan Wingo on stage when they already have so many paid music ministers tripping over each other."

Do you need someone to draw the Gaines family tree for you?

gmommy said...

Good Night Thelma...I'm toast. ::)

TN Lizzie said...

gmommy, As far as I know there is only one prayer that never fails, "Thy will be done."

BBC is determined to "Love Memphis." HERE is something that could involve christians from many denominations, represent the Body of Christ to unbelievers, and love on Memphis...

I would just love to see FIREPROOF shown in some big church with a bunch of theater seats (for FREE.) No drinks and popcorn needed, 'cause you wouldn't want to have to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie! Lol

oc said...

Another prayer that never fails...

"for whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved."
Romans 10:13.

oc said...

I know this is way off topic, but I just have to share this blessing with my friends...I can't help myself.

A fourteen year old client of mine who's mother told her that white people can't be trusted, trusted a fifty year old white man and decided not to kill herself.

I am overwhelmed by the mercy and grace God gave me today.

Just sayin'.

oc said...

Pray for a troubled little girl named Arquette. Love her. As He does.

Just sayin'.

gmommy said...

Very Cool...OC!

oc said...

I've had a long,hard,tough week.

And I wouldn't change it for the world!

Just sayin'.

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