Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yes, but did he tithe?

It appears Rusty Hyneman's house of cards has finally collapsed.

Commercial Appeal >> Fast and loose: Sweetheart bank loans spur Rusty Hyneman’s financial collapse: Lenders call in their debts and crumble developer's empire of excess

Commercial Appeal >> Developers Hyneman, Bourne pulled 'scam' on bank, contractor says

Commercial Appeal >> 'Flip' on land flops as windfall profit blows ill: Bourne, Hyneman buy acreage, sell to selves

Rusty's father, John Hyneman, is a Bellevue deacon, and Rusty is a Bellevue member although no one seems to recall seeing him there in years. Rusty's defense that the court couldn't touch his McMansion and other property because his daddy co-owned them didn't impress the court.

Commercial Appeal >> Memphis-area developer Rusty Hyneman's 'daddy defense' headed to court

Of course, this wasn't Rusty Hyneman's first brush with the law. He served time in federal prison for drug trafficking charges.

Memphis Flyer >> The art of the deal

Then there was this bizarre incident:

Commercial Appeal >> Hyneman goes to court over fight: Developer faces assault charge in incident outside Beale bar

So is this really the end of the road for Rusty Hyneman or will he prove to be Teflon-coated yet again?

I suppose the most important question to ask is if Hyneman tithed to Bellevue on all those millions. If he didn't he was living in a stolen house, driving a stolen Rolls and Bentley, flying in stolen jets, riding stolen horses... oh, wait.


soul food said...

Wasn't Rusty Hyneman the guy people saw Dr. Gaines with at Braden Station back when Gaines was new to Bellevue?

New BBC Open Forum said...

Is that the restaurant in Mason? If it is, I remember hearing about that. As I recall it wasn't long after SG came to Bellevue, and they were spotted out there on more than one occasion. Wonder what that was about?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...sounds like Steve being Steve and Rusty being Rusty.

Common denominator?


New BBC Open Forum said...

FBC Jax Watchdog >> Jacksonville Pastor Arrested for Living in a Stolen House!! Take THAT Steve Gaines!

You couldn't make this stuff up!

New BBC Open Forum said...

This either.

New BBC Open Forum said...

Commercial Appeal >> Developer Michael Bourne files for bankruptcy

New BBC Open Forum said...

Commercial Appeal >> Bankrupt developer Rusty Hyneman lives in $2.3 million home